Kenyan Orders US Tools to Bomb US Tools in Iraq

War Makes People Sponsoring Both Sides of the Conflict Richer

As insatiably blood-thirsty as he is, Kenyan could not wait resume his aggression against Iraq. The Lockheed-Martin stock must have needed a boost so Kenyan obliged.

What is essentially happening in Iraq is Kenyan ordering the US tools (thank you for your service) to use the US tools, in order to destroy the US tools used by the US sponsored tools. The US tools used by the US sponsored tools were given to the Iraqis to make them feel safe, after the US used their tools to turn Iraq into one of the most unsafe places on Earth. So now because the US sponsored tools got a hold of the US tools, Kenyan had to order his tools to bomb the tools in order to make Iraqis feel oh so safer again. Cause it worked out so great the first time around.

In other words: weapons used by the Islamic State were bought on tax dollars, sent over to Iraq on tax dollars, and now destroyed on tax dollars, and will be used to justify spending more tax dollars. We all paid the military industrial complex to make the weapons and now we’re paying them to make the weapons to destroy the weapons.

I actually had to look up this post on which states that “Kenyan Has Ended the War in Iraq”. I suppose saying that Kenyan temporarily suspended the war in Iraq with intentions to soon return doesn’t have the same PR appeal. Got to feed those sheeple a good dose of propaganda to keep their rosy shades firmly on. Expectedly, Kenyan’s present rhetoric matches exactly what one would expect from a war criminal: Iraq situation “Is A Long-Term Project… Won’t Be Solved In Weeks“. No shit?

And it only gets more absurd by the day. The US officials stated they ordered the airstrike on Iraq to “prevent genocide”, but just next door in Palestine, Israel has been committing open genocide, but they’re doing nothing about it. The irony is so thick, you can actually see it.

Similarly, Kenyan provided “prevention of a humanitarian crisis” as the reason to bomb Libya. Just look at Libya now as opposed to what it had been before Kenyan sent his tools to “prevent a humanitarian crisis”.

And definitely don’t Google the Africa-US conference going on right now. It’s a “Who’s Who” of war criminals and tyrants.

Video of US “thank you for your service” tools using F-18F Super Hornet to air-strike US weapons in Iraq on August 8, 2014 is below:

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  1. I seriously cannot fathom for the life of me, why the fucking fuck people…good, intelligent people, still do not see what’s happening. My own parents, who raised me to question things around you, still look at me funny when I bring the truth to light.
    The truth we here on best gore are fortunate/cursed to have become enlightened by.
    I for one think the best and only thing we can do is keep introducing the site to anyone and everyone who will give it more than an ill face.
    Fuck those assholes trying to intimidate us into shutting down and giving into censorship.

      1. These Jihadis are the Stupidest Group on the Planet I mean who else is stupid enough to get paid to repeatably kill themselves and at the same time shit on their own floor and wipe out their own race is it Muslim mentality or Middle East mentality who else allows their enemy to consistently use a group to kill their own group and knowing your Bonus is That enemy wiping you out! Truth is that’s exactly why it’s being done this way cause it’s Cost effective and it works. From the Inside> learn from the mistakes 10 years of War and little public support why? When you can do it this way and look charitable and accomplish your Ends. Ever wonder why isil is Mum on Israel and the West!

    1. The reason your parents don’t believe it is because they’ve been brainwashed over a whole lifetime, right from birth. Every movie, television channel, magazine, book, newspaper, and school textbook have always told the same consistent story their whole life. It just so happens that they were not aware that Jews have owned all of those things the whole time. So you are basically smashing their reality and understanding of the world. I believe it takes a few years for some folks to let it all sink in. Tell them everything, prove it to them, and just wait a few years.

      1. I said it months ago, these idiot rag heads keep posting videos of mass murders, guess what you got some ones attention . Those camel jockey will have to walk town to town now cuz they will lose every vehicle they have

  2. Conflict is a very profitable venture and not only can you make money from selling weapons you can also make money from the post-conflict rebuilding as well.

    How do you make even more money?, you sell weapons to both sides and give out aid in order to prolong the conflict and increase immediate weapon sales whilst the prolonged conflict causes even more damage to infrastructure and increases the profit to be made from rebuilding.

    Sadly however, large scale conflicts don’t always happen and this can dampen ones mood if one were a psychotic, money obsessed, war mongering evil bastard and that is why conflict is often created through such tactics as financed uprisings and coups.

    My conclusion, former presidents aren’t the only dead people going into the printed money.

    1. If one were to gaurantee victory in an endeavour, as san tsui suggests one should before ever starting, then the first logicol choice in a world of media and “free thought” would be to own all sides of the conflict. Money is a useful tool but not the point!! Elitism is the paper money is printed on, power and illusion of control the point of money but debt is far more powerful than either. Lend lease act ww2 kept america out of the war till victory was gauranteed. Debt incrued by britian during the first 3/4 of the war helped them bounce back and to this day is the foundation for providing arms to foreign nations. America or whichever un country, can lend or lease weapons for no money down till the end of said conflict, as long as it is to be payed back, so starting wars in small broke countries can be percieved as a good way too land grab. But thats not happening here. What were seeing is not actually about countries and money and scarcely about religion save for those sheeple foolish enough to believe that god wishes every other man dead and have been tormented for their lifetime by a war they knew nothing about till they heard the lies. What we are seeing is an incredibly elaborate AGENDA. MISDIRECTION: What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind is prone to belive. So whats bigger than religion money power debt countries race. According to some religions nothing. And yet they all use it against their followers 100% across the board. Every society government empire religion and organized peer supported belief system uses fear. And since people project themselves onto others we can safely assume the agenda has fear as its catalyst. So fear of what??? That is the answer we should be seeking. I see math as the imagined context of the universe and everything. Useful for some, completely imagined, or made up and not actually necessary for existing as a human being. I can observe the laws of physics and our universe without math and derive truth from them. Society government and religions were good theories but i dont need them to be human. And i sure the fuck dont need them to tell me who or how to love. Your country is history your religions as well its time to trade useless gold for iron resolve! Armys countries and power to be opressed are lies weve accepted time to return them to their rightful owners and walk. Ignore the holidays, buy local and hand made! you want the right to stand as a person and love freely exist without oppression. It takes all of us.

    2. While Switzerland hasn’t been in any military conflict for over 200 years and has the highest income and the highest life expectancy with the best quality of life In the world….but than they didn’t have German jew Henry Kissinger as a former Sect of State that has also advised all the presidents since…Nobel Peace Prize winner Kissinger private remarks about military men says it all….dumb, stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy….

  3. The tale of the tools is brilliant, sums the silly fiasco up perfectly.

    And yes, women and children, not forgetting the men, are being chased into the mountains in Iraq , fleeing for their lives, which has indeed become a humanitarian disaster. Yet, as Acneska stated, this is no different to the situation in Palestine, well, apart from the cosy relationship between the aggressors that is.

    I’m willing to bet a certain ex PM of the UK is at the conference, war monger that he is, he’ll be in his element.

    1. @Stomper.
      And by coincidence there was a “cobra” meeting today? Talking about dropping humanitarian aid? Hmm, how long before they’re dropping bombs? You don’t have cobra meetings about dropping water and food, you just do it. Maybe they can throw some crisps and plasters as they fly past Gaza!

    1. Me too @it was me. Yeah, we all know that these twisted thugs would not be here were it not for the West’s meddling, but, IS need wiping out , especially that pig leader of theirs, he is one sick monster.

          1. @Stomper.
            In one alleged photo he is seen wearing a rolex? And I’ve seen at least 2 different pictures of men who claim to be him. Bit like old Osama? This guy will probably disappear in similar dubious circumstances. Just sayin.

          2. @bobcat.
            Hypocritical twat he is, as are the rest of those morons.
            Maybe the missile earmarked to take him out, can be emblazoned with the words ” Dubious Circumstances ” , just for fun ! 😀

  4. umm…i think youre missing out some of the story…such as the fact that the US tools in iraq were surrounding a mountain with 40000 trapped and starving civilians on top, the bombings were supposed to give them an opening to escape…just incase you didnt know that was the reason he ordered it

    1. Umm… I think you’re missing out the fact that 1.8 Million Gazans are surrounded on all sides, with no opening to escape, and are being slaughtered by the thousands – realistically, not hypothetically, yet the US tools do nothing. Just because you fell for their PR propaganda, it doesn’t mean everyone should.

    2. @ragnarian

      Are you for real? US mercenaries spent 10 years massacring the Iraqi civilians, raping their little children and pillaging villages. None of them gives slightest shit about civilians. Not rapists on the ground, not murderers in aircraft, not their commanders, not White House. None of them.

      If you fell for their rhetoric that you’re a fool extraordinaire. If Obama sent his mercenaries to bomb more Iraqis, it’s only and solely because there was something to gain for Israel. They tricked you by talking about poor civilians trapped on a hill, but that’s just because you have wool over your eyes and refuse to see what really is going on. Not a penny would be spent on helping the civilians if it wasn’t of benefit to Israel.

  5. There are not many puppets who love their puppet master. The US has the best toys. the rest of the puppets on the playground are so jealous. With the exception of Israel. Those puppet masters have some pretty good toys, and why shouldn’t they? Look who supplied them. (This post is directed to The BG newbies. So don’t start calling me a shill and all that bullshit. I’m fully aware of how “self aware” and “world reality aware” the BG “I must post repeatedly on every post” click is). Have a great gore filled day! And help make the planet better, kill a dog.

  6. Excuses excuses excuses.

    American should be banned from any military activity outside its own country for 100 years.

    Im sure if these 40,000 starving children in their chitty chitty bang bang prison compund could have been saved by far humbler measures. if it were so wanting im sure the Russians, Iranians, Suadis, Isrealis, Turks, Ukranians, Japanes, Candain, Indian, Austrialin of Mxicans could have flown over a small bard and droped a big bag of dicks on it or something.

    It wouldnt suprise me if the Americans are researching ways to fire bullets from their dicks, so misguided is their sense of love. i hope they suceed and then go and fuck themselves to death.

    My take is that humanity has evolved over about 5000 years with Syrai being near one of the cradles of life and they will evolve again. america has no right considering its failing society, high crime rate and gun crime etc to moralise.

    Maybe, if they hadnt blown the artillery up the 40,000 boo hoo strving children that just want to play I-Pads would have surrendered and absolute peace would have ensued (after all the Android users were beheaded im guessing)

    Let them sort it all all!!! FFS.

    American!!! Go Home!!! Have You Got No Fucking Homes Of Your Own!!!

      1. Yes, but if we let them evolve their society would stabailse. Like the Phenesion or Persion or ancient eygitpian.

        They all created peaceful socierty through military dominiom. Nothing new there. For American to dissalow that is hypocrytical. Their Freedom as defined by the constitution of which i have an annoted hard coppy here was the result of military conquest over what was a ruling force. It was not a peaceful change over power, it was achieved through sanctioned murder in the same way IS are doing now.

        Its their land as they live there, let them do what the United States did themselves and all other nations did.

        I was trying to think of any countries that didnt start without military might and i can only think of Canada. I might be wrong.

        I run a global war website so I might be wrong.

      1. As Free Thinker I like IRA songs AND Isreally heavy artillery barrages. Its the privelidge of being a free thinker and not a rhetorical mouthpiece for a tired and worn hatred formed along partisan lines.

        Your blinkered outlook suggests a far more limited cognitive ability thank your screen persona appears to relish in presenting.

        I would guess in the Gaza Isreal pantomine you would be Ernie rather than Bert? But still they are both puppets.

        1. Wow you must be very wise as a self proclaimed “Free Thinker” but yet repeats words which have been used in songs for decades and not expect anyone to know them except counterparts who may have a little bit more intelligence you give them credit for.

          Half sentences filled with new words you have learnt over the past couple of weeks do not impress me. Going back to saying how much your like to see children slaughtered buy the Zionists is much more your style and definitely suits you a lot better.

          As we would say around here… Stick the day job!! 😉

          1. Thanks but as a self made person with three houses around around world and ample fianance i’ll stick with being a free thinker without national allegiance.

            I cant quite imagine how referencing existing cultural items reduces my claim to thinking freely. Pehaps I should stop using words as they too presumably, according to your garguntun intellect predicate a compromise on my claim to free thinking?

            Maybe you’d be happier if i wrote to you in Punjabi?

            At 50 years of age, there is nothing I have learnt over the last few weeks. My accomplishments are broad and my pedigree second to none. Not only are my accolades set in stone but my accomplishments grow seemingly by the day.

            this all reaserves me the write to really express my self as I want.

            Its a shame that sad people like you would want to compromise that for me but sad shallow people are everywhere, especially on lowest common denominator sites like Best Gore where the base instinct is the sole requirement for a qualifying interest.

            Enjoy culture torn england.

          2. Cultural items? LOL

            And thanks for telling us all about your accomplishments you couldn’t sound more jewish if you tried. Yet coming from someone like you it’s probably complete bullshit anyway. You sound like you have jewish blood running through every vein in your body with that kind of statement. Maybe you could work your way up to owning a news channel one day?

            All I take from that is you better be careful where you leave your keys or it could be pretty costly!

            on August 1, 2014 at 7:47 pm said:
            Children are a huge threat as they grow up to be terrorists. Best to shoot them when they are young as it gets them used to being dead which is what they?ll be one day anyway.”

            I thought I would let everyone who doesn’t know how much of a prick you actually are read one of your previous comments before trying to convey yourself in a different light.

            Weren’t you getting enough attention as a Jew lover??

            And you have the audacity to call me sad?? HAHA!!

            Serious issues in your delusional head are confusing your way of thinking… I suggest you get some sleep!!

  7. I would like to say that I am a Texan, first- American, second. My beliefs, morals, and principles are vastly different than the current administration and most people.
    In my beliefs, ‘live and let live’, ‘to each their own’, ‘bend over backwards to help someone- but STOP right before you kiss their ass’, and IF you try to harm me or mine…you will never see me coming.
    Not all of us americans and/or texans are total dipshits and pricks.

  8. America is broke, and they are still blowing money and going into further debt to wage more wars for Israel. It’s sad, America has become Israel’s bitch. Not just America, but all white European countries. I wonder what the breaking point of white people will be? When is enough …..enough?

    1. totally agree…. its hard to imagine there is a breaking point after all our eyes have seen. most countries are living hosts infested by these ruthless crooks and controled by them as they further supressing its own citizens against any action. it takes great organisation to break them down and what little countries are healthy to come together. i see it as the only way.

      1. Look at the names on the donor list of any American Politician and it is sure to have a massive infestation of Jews. This is why we continue to be the puppets of Zion. If you can buy a politician for a few thousand dollars then there ain’t much hope. Things have changed recently to hide the Jew infiltration as the Supreme Court has now ruled that corporations can donate unlimited amounts of money to campaigns under the guise of Freedom of Speech. Money does in fact talk and it is saying Fuck You Goyim Pigs!

        1. unfortunetly we live in a totally corrupted zion controlled world where the US along with many other countries are mear puppets of these scoundrels. hopefully there will be some future heroes left in this world to bring them down once and for all for peace to eventually come to the world.

  9. They can do evil here and now but when their soul lost bodies…What will do then?
    This life is not the only one and WE are NOT our bodies!
    Everything is consequential and their destiny is sealed.
    It’s all free will here but after, ONLY consequences awaits. We can do nothing about it.

    Kenyan Antichrist along with his transsexual husband Michael have their special place afterlife.

  10. I know very well that the US armed, funded, and trained these SSB’s (sunni savage barbarians)…but now they’re coming to kill them?

    Of course the US is involved in another shiesty scheme but to be honest, I’m sick of these ISIS subhuman savages and I truly hope the US would up their efforts. Fuck 3 or 4 bombs, fucking nuke these cunts back to the stone age where they so desperately wish to be.

  11. While i do think that it is likely alot of ISIS members were trained by the CIA,Mossad and other intelligence services just like the CIA trained people to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan who then years later were fighting against the people who trained them, i
    don’t believe in the “ISIS is a Zionist controlled organization” theory. Because this might very well be Zionist disinformation in order to discourage Muslims from joining or helping them.

    ISIS is a jihadist group controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, NOT by Israel. The main goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the eradication of the illegal state of Israel.

    One of the reasons i think this is because when ISIS was in Syria there was a time when they fought side by side by the Zionists controlled Free Syrian Army but once Morsi of Egypt was deposed in Egypt the two groups turned on themselves, and ISIS concentrated on fighting the FSA as their main enemies instead of the Syrian government.

    I do think that Morsi of Egypt had reached an agreement with the Zionists. When he was elected there was a crisis because the West did not want him because he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary Clinton flew to Cairo and i believe they concocted an agreement where they would accept Morsi as president if he promised to keep the Peace
    Treaty agreement with Israel and in order to cement the deal Morsi would help the CIA/Mossad’s war against Assad of Egypt.

    The Muslim brotherhood and the Ba’athist Party of Syria had been enemies from long before, as Assad’s father had to put down a rebellion by the Muslim Brotherhood and killed 30,000-40,000 of them at the Massacre of Hama in 1982. Because of this Morsi had no problem joining in funding an army to fight against Syria’s Assad.

    However while the CIA/Zionist were hoping that Morsi would encourage thousand of his volunteers to join the Free Syrian Army he did not do that. Instead he encouraged them to join Al-Nusra and ISIS. He did this so that way the “volunteers” would not be directly under the control of the CIA. Yes they were allies but they still had their own anti-zionist Muslim brotherhood people in charge of their own groups. During these couple of years both FSA and ISIS and other groups helped each other,they trained each other and they even supported and armed each other.

    This agreement however ended when the CIA gave their puppets in the Egyptian military the go-ahead to overthrow Morsi. They did this because they tried to fool Morsi. They accepted him as president of Egypt but before they did, they made sure to strip away all the powers of the president. The office of President could no longer control the military,the courts the parliment, he could not control anything but was just a president in name only with no actual power.

    In time Morsi slowly started to curb these restraints and was close to having actual powers of a president.
    That is when they decided to depose him. Almost immediately ISIS and other Islamist groups controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood started to fight the FSA. l at the time i predicted that ISIS and the Jihadist groups would leave Syria and fight against the Zionist
    puppets in Egypt because they were no longer willing to fight for a cause that would benefit the FSA,the CIA and Israel when the last two had just deposed “their president” in Egypt.

    Instead they decided to concentrate on Iraq, i guess they saw it as a more easier target,it kind of makes sense because the government in Iraq is alot weaker than Egypt. But part of my prediction was right because even though the media doesn’t say it, i do believe the majority of the Jihadist left the war in Syria leaving only the FSA to fight alone. This is why Assad has practically won the war, which is why the USA was desperately trying to get approval for airstrikes on Syria last year which Putin vetoed at the UN.

    Assad has now almost completely won the war which is why you no longer hear about it in the media. Putin saved Assad and saved many Syrians from dying from US airstrikes. This is why the Zionist decided to punished Putin by overthrowing the Ukrainian president that he controlled and they decided to do this while Putin was hosting the Olympics to embarrass him LOL but that is another story.

    The biggest reason i do not believe in the “ISIS is a Zionist controlled group” theory is because i have seen this tactic used before. It is a common Zionist disinformation tactic. They have done it with the Nazi’s.

    Today every day people wake up and see the truth about the Zionist and connect the dots with the illuminati. They are then tempted to say omg then what Hitler said about them was right back in the 30’s and 40’s. This would cause a Nazi or National Socialist renewal to happen in America and the West. The reason this has not happened is because the Zionist use disinformation to stop this from happening.

    They did this by creating the Zeitgeist movement and video which has been highly promoted on Youtube. Millions of peoples eyes have been opened but only to see what they want you to see. In it they tell you a little truth mixed with disinformation in order to thwart people
    from joining some National Socialist renewal. So they put a little disinformation by saying that Hitler was working for the Zionists. Just because he made an agreement with them at one point they lie and tell people that Hitler was controlled by the Zionists. They also add lies that his grandmother was jewish to imply that he was a Zionist agent.

    These are all just plain lies but it serves it’s purpose, because all the people who were awakened to the connection between Zionist,Freemasons and illuminati will want to join a movement to fight against Zionism, and they were on their way to becoming Nazi’s or sympathetic to them. They see that these are the people that the Nazi’s fought against in World war two, and that will show them that perhaps the Nazi’s were not the bad guys after all.

    But if the Zionist release the information themselves and mix it with lies and disinformation like those two little lies, then that is all that is needed to stop a National Socialist renewal from going mainstream. The people do not go in that direction and they end up going in no direction at all and end up doing nothing to fight Zionism. They think that there really is no real movement or ideology to resist Zionism with. This stagnants them and squashes any resistance from being formed right from the beginning and they do nothing.

    I believe this might be the exact same thing they are doing today with ISIS. All they have to do is say that ISIS is Zionist controlled and this will discourage tens of thousands of Muslims from joining them. Remember Muslims are not all united, we have religious ones and secular ones they hate each other. You have Sunni’s and Shia’s they also hate each other.

    Today all over the internet we hear that ISIS is a fake Zionist controlled army to me it smells like Zionist disinformation. So why is the internet flooded with this “disinformation”? I believe it is because ISIS has soo many enemies. Who is saying that ISIS are Zionists? 1- you have the Zionist Israel saying it because obviously they don’t want Muslims to join ISIS because ISIS wants to destroy Israel. 2- Assad’s Syria is saying it because he is a Ba’athist and a Shia. ISIS are Sunnis,they hate both Ba’athists and Shia’s. 3-Iran which is Shia so they hate Sunni ISIS. 4-Egypt which is under the control of a REAL Zionist dictator General Sisi he works for Israel so obviously he hates ISIS. 5-America which is under Zionist control and they just do whatever their Zionist master tell them to do.

    It doesn’t make sense to me for Israel to create a rebel group to overthrow a government that they already control to begin with. Basically what i am saying is that the Zionists have stopped millions of people from supporting National Socialism by simply saying “Hitler was a Rothchild agent,he was a Zionist himself” and now we are seeing the very exact same thing again today with ISIS wants to fight Zionism but don’t join them because they are a fake Zionist invention. Yeaaaa right…
    see how history repeats itself? It happens because the Jews keep using the same tricks.

  12. The only reason the US is intervening is to protect it’s embassy on Kurdistan so they wont look like a bunch of fools in front of the world (again). Were things otherwise they would just watch Iraq burn (again) and laugh.

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