Kurdish Militants Make Bombs and Try to Ambush Turkish Military

Kurdish Militants Make Bombs and Try to Ambush Turkish Military

Kurdish Militants Make Bombs and Try to Ambush Turkish Military

This video is all in Turkish jibberish but I’m guessing it’s meant to show the Kurdish militants making bombs and then trying to use them in an ambush on Turkish military. The latter didn’t quite work out. What could be derived from the video is that the Kurds are really good at making bombs, but useless at efficiently using them against the enemy.

The Kurds may be portrayed by the media as terrorists but between them and the Turks, I choose the Kurds as the lesser of two evils. Turkey is an instrumental part of the axis of evil, an avid supporter of terrorism, a country with long history of genocide many of which are very recent and has been behind centuries of attacks on Europe, carried out in an effort to force the religion of people upon the people who lived there. Wherever they succeeded, the area turned into complete shit and remains a complete shit to this day. But then again, name one country with Islam as the most prominent religion that wouldn’t be pure shit… Yeah! Fuck Turkey!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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24 thoughts on “Kurdish Militants Make Bombs and Try to Ambush Turkish Military”

  1. You sure this is in Turkey and nor England, or Germany?

    You’d never know the difference with the amount of Muslims in those two Countries.

    It’s pretty shocking how docile White people have become. To watch their Country and city be invaded by city-loads of Muslims from every corner of the globe and not do a single thing about it.. Wow.

    All it takes is one.. And the rest will be history.

    I guess, when the USA crumbles and Belgium gets sacrificed to Allah (it is now up-to 35% Islamic iirc) people might start paying attention, because lord knows the destruction of London didn’t do it, the uptick in rape and violent crime in Sweden, Denmark, Norway didn’t do it, the destruction of the Netherlands haven’t done it..

    There is only one Religion on this entire planet that pretty much every corner of the globe has a problem with it: Islam. Rather than fight it, and protect itself against it, the EU and European leaders have instead bent the knee to it, and allowed it to congeal within their Countries.

    1. What do this have to do with religion? Where did you get muslims from? It is a video showing kurds making bombs, do you even know why there is a conflict between kurds and the turkish government? Yet you still write like this is a video of islamist group planning to bomb innocent people. These people are fighting for their rights as kurds, it has nothing to do with religion. And sorry for my bad writing in english, but I guess you get my point anyways.

      1. The majority of Kurds are Sunni Islamist (The worst of the lot) and these people are coming into our Country by the city-load.

        Ergo, when I see a video of a Muslim making a bomb I wonder if it’s in a European Country, given European leaders propensity of bringing in city-loads of these people.

        It won’t be long before it’s a London based Muslim making a bo… Oh, wait. That already happened, didn’t it?

        Along with these people comes upticks in violent crime, rape etc.

        Calling for changes to our National identity (Already called for the changing of the Swedish/Danish/Finnish/Norwegian flags due to the cross) the outlawing of Christmas, the establishment of Sharia law, and the audacity of planning on erecting a Mosque at the site of the 9/11 Terrorist attack.

        These people are incapable of integrating into a civilized society because they come from none. Their Religion is backwards (more than most). It swallowed whatever civilization existed in the Middle-East and plunged it into the stagnant, inhumane, backwards place it is today.

        When every place on earth (with the exception of South and Central America maybe) has a problem with you, then it’s time to think it’s you and not them. And:

        Russia has a problem with Islam.
        China has a problem with Islam.
        India has a problem with Islam.
        Asia has a problem with Islam.
        USA has a problem with Islam.
        Canada has a problem with Islam.
        Europe has a problem with Islam.
        Africa has a problem with Islam.

        I, most definitely have a big problem with Islam, and I most definitely have a big problem with our Governments bringing such a backward Religion and people into my Country and cities by the city-load.

        The fact that Turkey is trying so hard to become an EU member (Which means open borders) is reason enough to get the chills. Add in Albania and such to that list, and the thought offends.

        1. 80% are sunni, and 50% of all the sunnis aint even practicing muslims. PKK has militants from every religion, and they are not fighting for Islam. As you can see, even women can join the PKK, that would not be the case if they were extreme sunnis.

          I am a muslim, and I can say i am agree with the most part of your comment, the problem is that you connect this one problem to the kurdish and turkish conflict, that has nothing to do with each other. And you obviously dont have any information of this conflict, you just say “muslims bla bla, muslims do this, muslims do that in europe”, it is completely irrelevant. But you have to take your muslimhate out some place right 😉

          1. It is not completely irrelevant! Muslims and Islam regardless of what they used to be to the world are currently a shitstain on it!
            I challenge you to find an article written within the last 3-5 years in which ANYTHING good came from Muslim pieces of shit.

        2. @Silenced
          I agree completely!
          You should also read my comments on the latest Open Post #20.

          Muslims and Niggers… fucking kill them all before they do just that to us!
          (And for all of you pussy liberals who think that is extreme: I assure you they are planning to take us out already!) Just as soon as they’re done integrating/taking over Europe.

          1. The way you think is not different from the way islamists think about western people. Hate does not make it any easier.

            And yeah, it is irrelevant. Kurdish and turkish conflict does not have anything to do with religion, yes they may be muslims but the conflict aint nothing about Islam. I am not going to say more about this, can’t take you serious at all.

          2. The reason for this conflict is as irrelevant to me as the color of Mohammad’s skin.

            Islam is a detestable Religion that creates problems wherever it goes.

            It’s a Religion of intolerance, butchery, violence and rape.

            That the Kurds are fighting for their own State is also irrelevant to me.

            What is relevant, is these people come into our Countries and take their conflicts with them, their training as soldiers with them, the ability to make bombs, with them.

            And then they proceed to attack the people of our Countries, and rape our women because their Islamic holy-book says it is right, a justified to rape and beat Kafir’s.

            You know – Blacks have a name for whites. They call us ‘Devils’. But they’ve never seen us in that form.

            You keep pushing us, Muslim, and you’ll see the devil side of the White race.. The last time you saw it, we pushed your Religion to the brink of extinction.

          3. rammfan: Why would I accept your challenge? For me, this is not a contest about who better and who is not. I am not defending anyone, I am not defending rapists, or any terrorist. All I am saying is that this kurdish conflict does not have anything to do with religion. Yet you two still use hundreds of words to express your hate against muslims. I dont care really, I have heard it all many times its nothing new. People can hate what they want to hate, and like what they want to like, I cant changed that. But I can inform you that islam talk is irrelevant here, thats the true.

        3. All these comments are irrelevant. You do not know my geographic neighborhood, nor do you know anything about my history, yet you make comments as if you have a PhD. on the topic. My country has a population of 97% Muslims, that is true, however my country was set out to be a secular state so not all of the 97% is a hardcore Muslim. In fact the fact that we set out to be a secular state enraged rest of the Muslim countries around the world. I myself am a Kemalist, secular Turk, like countless others, I believe that religion is a big joke, whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam or any other because religion is a big fine control mechanism. So by remaining secular and keeping religion to bare minimum (personal) a society will be able to move further. BUT thanks to the American pragmatism and European meddling, today the AKP (The current religious party in control) is holding reigns over the Republic of Turkey. Everyday that passes they (AKP) are breaking each and every modernization that Ataturk had brought. The West always likes to point the fingers and yet it?s the West that comes and fucks things up, and like always, when shit hits the fan they show up to “save the day”! The article on this post is so blurred beyond reality that it takes couple of minutes for someone like myself to even put things in perspective. When we are accused of supporting terrorism and pinned on issues of “genocide” by those who thoroughly fucked more than half the world, I find it hard to take it seriously. Know what you’re talking about, before you start to fling your shit around. PKK is a Kurdish terrorist organization, which have killed thousands of innocent civilians, elderly, women and children (including Kurds who chose to remain peaceful). Europe and the States support them, of course “under the table”. So I wonder who supports terrorism, especially when the USA herself is a Zionist puppet.

  2. Turkey, country where I work/live and have to live 2 years more, certainly the best muslim country if you hve to choose one, at least you can sip your wine watching the beautiful Bosphorous. I was suprised when I realized most of the people whom I thought Turk was Kurd in fact, you have to know that Kurds are invading Europe more than Turks, its not shit but stool 🙂 maybe this is Stockholm Syndrome but I love this god damn Istanbul city.

  3. They shouldn’t have the access to such facilities, transport and knowledge. These people (PKK) are terrorists not freedom fighters. Just because Kurds are 15% of my population (breeding non stop) doesn’t mean I have to give them autonomy, they already have free electricity, free health care, free water all of which are paid by tax payers’ money. They are free to get educated where ever they please, in what ever major they please, get jobs and get paid well what else do they need? Also @Silenced WTF? White people? Devils? Show Muslims true face? What kind of a high do you got? I don’t agree with what Tupac123 says, but I agree on one thing that this has nothing to do with religion. I say, forget religions, all of it. Its one of the greatest reasons what makes human fight against human. Things like religions are for the weak who are afraid of death, and are in need of comfort of the “Heavens”. What you do in this reality shall remain in this reality, for there is no other.

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