Kurdish Anti Terror Forces Respond to Hostage Situation in Kirkuk Mall, Iraq

Kurdish Anti Terror Forces Respond to Hostage Situation in Kirkuk Mall, Iraq

Chaotic combat footage from Iraq shows Kurdish anti-terror forces raiding Kirkuk Mall to put an end to a hostage situation. With violence escalating throughout Iraq, the attack on the Jawahir Mall in Kirkuk by gunmen and suicide bombers left many dead.

The attackers reportedly stormed the Jawahir Mall, took shoppers hostage and positioned themselves on the roof of the 5 storey complex to open fire on approaching security forces from there.

While one can’t deny the bravery of improperly trained Kurds who took on the hostage takers, they should start taking proper military training seriously cause from this video they seem to be a threat to one another. I mean – what exactly were those two shooters between 7:00 and 7:07 doing? At 9:16 guy barely escapes death by back blast. At 14:18 guy stumbles after stepping on his ammunition belt while firing. At 14:22, mustache guy brings up his gun and his magazine falls out. WTF?

At 16:30 – I believe those are the remains of a suicide bomber who set his bombs off.

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  1. You see the guy in charge at 11:40 doing a Facebook status update:

    Kharm El Faqir has checked into the Kirkuk Mall

    Hey everybody!

    By Mighty Allah, the Merciful, the Benevolent, I am enjoying Jihad against the Jihadists. May my randomly pointed assault rifle shoot true and strike down my foe. And let my assault rifle not jam even though I haven’t cleaned it since celebrating my cousin’s seventh wedding last week.

    By the Grace of Allah, may my cousin’s beautiful new bride achieve puberty early so she can start popping out soldiers to protect us when we are old.

    Allah u Akbar!!

          1. All they need is a few Special Forces or Navy Seals to come and take control and the problem is solved. All that scirmishing around shouting and wasting time and ammo is rediculas.

  2. Holy Shiite, that was 20 minutes of pure clusterfuckedness. My alcoholic diabetic uncle shows more coordination making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during one of his “episodes”, and he only has six workable fingers.

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  3. I imagine Iraq before the 2003 invasion of a sovereign nation by the ‘worlds police’ under the guise of spreading democracy, justifying it with a false pretext and going forward without the authorisation of the UN which subsequently cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians *breathes* was a beautiful, inspiring place where people could go about their lives and not worry about a car bomb ending their life.

    The puppets of the West under supervision from the Zio’s sure did a great job of creating hell on Earth for the Iraqi’s. And you know what? They couldn’t care less. Sick psychopaths.

    1. I was actually just wondering that as I was watching the video. My mom’s best friend when i was little, was born in Iraq, and she used to tell us how ‘amazing’ her country was when she was a teenager. I can imagine this would not be considered amazing.

        1. @senor piggy
          never know what you’ll see in middle east..
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    1. thats what a lot of people think. it does require skill to hit at distances you must consider weight of rifle, terrain, caliber, trigger pull poundage and windage. practice. that’s what pisses me off most about Americant police. they act like they’ve never fucking fired their guns before. there is no fucking reason to empty 14+1 rounds into a suspect thats ten feet away. fucking asses….give me 15 rounds i’ll incapacitate 15 people. well, with a glock19….which is ideal for carry. a lot of people sniff at the nine mil but if i’m in a situation where i draw, my target is going to be less than ten feet away from me so…
      home defense is another topic altogether. although i will not kill my target. in the states self-defense laws are finnicky to say the least and despite the fact that PA has a stand-your-ground law along with FL. each situation is handled differently. however, if it does come down to saving my life or a family member i would rather be judged by nine than carried by six…

      1. 9 mill glocks are the shizzle with some good youtube vids on them……… Standard police issue here downunder.

        When I was a spiderling I had a 15 shot semi auto sterling rifle with a great scope and a coupla shot guns…….. Good fun.

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  5. does anyone know what kind of training these men actually recieve? something’s off about this. i mean although the Americant soldiers seem to enjoy beating rams to death with bats and blowing up stray dogs, when it comes to actually combat, i don’t see nearly this degree of…unpreparedness.

    1. I imagine their training to resemble something on the order of what the natives of Kafiristan (modern day Nuristan) did in the 1975 John Huston film, “The Man Who Would Be King”, only with weaponry from the last half of the last century instead of Martini-Henry rifles from the late 1800’s or Khyber Pass Copies. Oddly enough, U.S. troops have found Martini-Henry rifles in Taliban weapon caches as recently as 2010 and 2011.

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  6. I think they were doing a pretty decent job considering most of these guys probably never wanted to be in this line of work. They stepped up because their country was invaded and everything after got messy. I respect that.

    I have never been in a hostage situation, but if I ever am, I’ll definitely be appreciative knowing that there are people who are willing to risk their own lives to save others. Inadequately trained, or not, at least they’re out there.

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