Late Term Fetus Ripped Out of Pregnant Woman Killed in Explosion

Late Term Fetus Ripped Out of Pregnant Woman Killed in Explosion

This video claims to show aftermath of an explosion in Jasem, Daraa, Syria. A woman in her late term pregnancy was allegedly torn up by the blast and her near full term fetus ripped out of her uterus. What you see in the second half of the video is allegedly that.

I’m having a hard time commenting on the video. The baby shown looks like a normal baby dressed in clothes, but Sunnis allege that it’s a fetus that had been ripped out of his mother’s womb by an air raid blast. What looks like clothes they allege is a placenta sack covered in dirt.

None of us has been there so it’s impossible to know what that poor thing really is. The one thing we will never know for sure is what caused the explosion. Let’s not forget that ever since Arab Spring started, the rebels have released one propaganda video after another, most manned by hired actors and proped with fake blood.

The baby allegedy survived and this second video shows it with another wounded child in a field hospital receiving treatment. What do you think? Is this a fetus or a normally born baby used with a story that has a better potential to stir outrage:

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  1. I guess it’s possible, but personally I don’t believe it. I see a baby in a dirty blanket but I’m no expert on it (though I can’t imagine anyone is).
    To me it looks like if it was a real child then it didn’t survive. I dunno, this one’s weird.

    1. The baby is alive in the video – it’s head moves around the 16~18 seconds mark.

      It’s definitely not just been torn out of a woman. I’m struggling to see anything resembling blood, and it looks like baby is wearing typical Syrian clothing, aka rags.

      1. @skeletor

        yeah I agree with you…I would think it would have some slimey mucous on it or that white stuff (vernix) somewhere on the child

        …plus the placenta is more of a big membrane so it would have a different texture I would think…even if covered in dirt

        ..but perhaps im talking out my ass again…lol

          1. @juicy I think it was just ripped out you know the picture they use up above as the thumb nail. Right click it and click view picture look closely at the next you can see the belly cord wrappedaaroundIits neck and it follows up the tummy around the back you can see it bulging through the Sac. On its back that is so sad this makes me cry because people like me who can not have my own I only have step children its heart breakingtto see them hurt.

          2. After reading @Nexties comment a littler further down about “Lotus birthing” I decided to google image search it as I hadn’t heard of this before. While reading the comments and watching the 2 videos I had very high doubts that this was real and that this baby was in the placenta or the amniotic sack until read the comments stating that the umbilical cord would still be inside said sack, when I realize I could slightly see what could be the umbilical cord wrapped around the infants neck on closer inspection of the photo above and when I accidentally stumbled upon this photo in google images:

            Lotus birthing has only recently become more common in western culture and are mostly done in third world countries. That being said, the infant in this picture that is still attached to it’s umbilical cord and placenta (or amniotic sack?) has dirt all over it just like in the photo and video we have here on this page. The dirt covered sack looks almost identical to that of this one here in regards to how the dirt makes it look like something other than what it really is. After viewing this photo I know believe it is highly plausible that this could very well be what they are saying it is.
            Copy an paste the link in your search bar and you shall see exactly what I’m talking about.

    2. It does look like a newborn, I’ve had three babies and if it is, in fact, still in the amniotic sac, the umbilical cord and placenta are still inside it ( in the second video you can see the man discard the placenta with cord still attached. I’m not sure how it got there but it is a newborn that’s for sure, and the sac could very well be covered with dirt.

      1. Dang! Im glad you posted! totally answered my question…

        Is that what it would look like charred?

        Seriously, I want to bow to your wisdom and for answer my question as I have never had children. Upon further observation, I 100% agree with you. But I still wanna know if there were any remains of the mothers uterus or something else to show to impact of the fetus bursting forth.

  2. I’m not an expert either, but I’ve watched many, many babies being delivered and had one come out of my own vajayjay.. So I know enough to say that is not placenta or an amniotic sac. That’s a nasty ass blanket. So I highly doubt the baby was “ripped out of his mother”.

    1. I dunno. It doesn’t look like sac, but roll it through the dirt, and maybe it will pick up a bit gunk?

      I would have thought though that there would be a bigger wet patch where it came to rest. any leftover amniotic fluid would have oozed out.

      Another thing, the chord is really tough. not only can’t I see one, I find it hard to believe it could separate from the mother through violence without killing the baby. Any shockwave would have passed through the baby and, I would have thought, turned it inside out.

      How is it the cord was broken and not the baby?

      If the story is true, it is a great story. I’d love to believe it just from that angle alone. However, being sceptical of the reliability of anything these whack jobs say, I think I have to vote fake too.

      1. Roll it through the dirt a million times it still won’t look like an amniotic sac. Not to me anyway. And the placenta is attached to the umbilical cord and I don’t see an umbilical cord at all. The baby is wrapped in something. Not to say that an explosion couldn’t do this.. But this baby doesn’t look as if it was blown out of its mother.

        Speaking of umbilical cords.. You know mothers in the US are now starting to leave their baby’s umbilical cord along with the placenta attached until it naturally falls off. It’s called “lotus birthing”. It’s a such a bad idea. It’s like asking for your child to get an infection at only a few days old. Sorry.. Ignore me. I can’t sleep, haven’t in days, I’m missing working in the ER and I’m just rambling.

          1. I hadn’t heard of that yet Nextie. Thanks for the info because had someone just told me about ‘lotus birthing’ I probably would’veaassumed it must be safe, since I don’t have children I don’t know about what’s better or worse when it comes to that stuff.

          2. Haha, I ramble when I’m exhausted. And I’m full of useless crap.

            Is the second video working for you guys? It won’t work for me. Dunno if it’s my phone or what.

          3. No the 2nd vid isn’t working on my phone either…but off topic (cause I’m so pumpedbut no one’s awake by me) I just scored tix to see Against Me! on January 4th!!! Sorry guys, I’m just goin’ nuts alone here ๐Ÿ˜€

          4. @Mikey…
            It takes a very brave person to undergo a sex change while leading a public life in the punk/metal music scene.
            That takes balls ๐Ÿ™‚ (Sorry, it was there and I had to use it).
            Bravo Laura!

        1. I don’t want to get too far into this with you @yneg, given I agree with you that it doesn’t seem real. But…with my very limited experience, having seen only two, the membrane of the sac is rather thin and looks a bit like transparent cabbage leaf and feels a little like cabbage leaf too. Except where it thickens into the placenta. There, it has the same feel on the baby side, but on the side that faces the uterus is a revolting, meaty, sponge like glop of tissue.

          You can’t see any of that in the video, but it could be directly against the ground.

          What I can’t recall is if the membrane is different either side. It is smoothish on the baby side, but what about the uterus side? This video looks like the thing around the baby is textured. It reminds me of the under side of cheap leather.

          The real question though is why are people still getting pregnant over there for? Stop bringing more people into that cesspool!

  3. I’ve had a baby, but it wasn’t blown out of me in a war zone, so I can’t say if it’s possible. What it actually does look like, to my medically untrained eye, is a newborn baby jammed into the corner of a burlap bag, covered with dirt and mud. My vote would be fugazi, either way.

  4. I commented before watching both videos, I think that’s some set up shit though. Either way, I can truthfully say that it would be horrible to live in that shithole of a place. Definitely have it good in the States!!! Fuck!!!

    1. I’ve seen something similar to this except it was from an mva some drunk driver hit a pregnant lady the impact caused massive abdominal lacerations which then caused the fetus to be expelled and hit the dashboard the kid went on to live for two years after that but had a deformed skull that couldn’t grow as the child grew :-/

  5. The only fact I see in these videos is that this war is destroying Syria’s next generation. If these people do not value the lives of their children anymore than to use them for propaganda, then the future of their country is going to be just as cheap and tawdry as the lies they told today.

    1. I know this is almost completely off topic….. But you know the immigrants who drowned off of Italy a while ago.
      When the recovered a female body off of the ocean floor , they later upon examination discovered that she had given birth while drowning and her son had been born while in the sea. He was held inside her leggings and was still attached by the cord.
      When I heard this it struck me.
      born to die…never drew a breathe. Sad.

  6. Seems a bit scripted with the action shots of the three children lined up ready to pass the camera not to mention the direct route to the fetus afterwards. Two of the children went in one direction and the other crossed directly past the camera into another direction. Wouldn’t the wounded all be taken to the same place for treatment?

    1. @zion I don’t believe it was blown out eaither but it was just born that is a new born fresh out the womb and I believe that is the Sac that it is in. Look at the very top picture the thumb nail for this story. Click view image you can clearly see the umbilical cord wrapped around its throat. And the cord comes around the back look at the bulky cord sticking out the back and the axons video shows the placenta and cord. Wonder where they would get it just to make there story. Don’t get me wrong they are dam liars and capable of making up the story but this one is true.

    1. My last baby was 10lb I’m done with kids is all I’m saying ouch just fucking ouch ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I call bullshit on that being a foetus that’s defo in a bit of a bloody burlap sack or something lol. It should be a thin membrane not looking like a bit of cloth haha

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  7. That Baby is wrapped in a blanket out a towel out something..sorry that looks like material not human flesh…nice try though you fucking dunecunts..I’m not falling for your lies….poor children though..breaks my heart when the TRUE innocents are hurt and or killed..sigh..Allah fuckbar strikes again i see..

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      1. Oh how i know ammo…i think this all is bullshit…stupid propaganda vids…the killing of innocents..even though i can’t stand dakka dakkas of any kind i still feel for the kids and the elderly…they can’t fucking defend themselves….i just sick of this bullshit in general…ugh!!

  8. Whaaaaaaat………… No more comments on this story are acceptable………… in my opinion………..

    Yep, I said it………..

    There are some things that don’t need to be shown and here it is.

    Check this one shit rivets……… I cannot watch that chainsaw beheading again.

    Not to mention many more of fleshy viruses being barbaric.

    Yes……….. I think everyone has a ‘limit’ or do they ?

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        Fuck’n oath I talk shit on BG and it’s still the only site I havn’t been banned once for talking suchshit ๐Ÿ˜†

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  9. I have a lil one an i can tell you that babys dont wear clothes that wrap their whole bodys up…they would freak….its amniotic sac that holds the baby an placentaclose togther in the womb. Thats why it looks as weird as it does.

  10. This is so hard to watch. This site is full of hard to watch. But I keep watching because I want the truth of what is happening in this world. I wonder of the people who make cold or sarcastic remarks. Is it really funny to you? Is that your way of handling pain and tragedy, to laugh and make light of it? Is it that some people have decided FUCK IT. ? Children OR adults, I am deeply saddened that humans are doing this to themselves and each other. We are all guilty of feeding the beast. We are all guilty of supporting DEATH worldwide. We can places blame on this culture or that culture, we can blame the ruling elite in all of their sociopathic neurosis, but the truth still remains that we are all guilty either through apathy, indulgence, ignorance, or through our abdication. At least people are entertained, right? RIGHT.

  11. I have two children and i can honestly say that , that baby is a full term and still in the amniotic sac in the first video you can see his little mouth move …. its so sad i just wanna reach in my comp screen and take him in my arms n comfort him ….. i have a problem with pics n videos of children and babies just because i feel this overwhelming emotion of pain and worry … scared just imagining how these poor innocent beings feel in these moments … how the first experience they feel is so horrid … idk it just breaks my heart

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