Latino Woman Cut in Half (photos)

Innards Oozing Out of the Body of a Woman Sliced in Half

Latino Woman Cut in Half (photos)

This aged Latino woman was found cut in half, covered in blankets. Her lower half body in a plastic bag, upper part with guts out in blankets. I don’t have reliable info on location, but it happened somewhere in South America, which could also mean Brazil or second favourite – Venezuela. No idea. The gallery is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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9 thoughts on “Latino Woman Cut in Half (photos)”

  1. Well, what’s to be surprising here? When you live in a crap hole country that sees no value in “living” human beings, have no trouble treating the dead ones as trash, thus the trash bag.

    Considerable trauma to face and head, perhaps a train accident? OR….. maybe another really good TRUCK, BICYCLE meeting.

    Third pic, (top right), One eye Open, One Eye Closed…. OH CRAP… another dead person winking at me. I’m so hot, they even flirt with me in death. 😉 hahahahaha

  2. GOT THE BETTER HALF. BWAHAHAHAH. That’s a good’n Nefarious.

    “LATINO” woman… wouldn’t that be “Latina?”

    Also… what kind of circumstance would this OLD LADY find herself in that would cause her to be HALVED, then discarded and found later on? She doesn’t fit the profile for drug gang violence unless they were giving payback for her son or such. VERY STRANGE. Sad when OLD people have to live a long life, probably destitute, only to go out like this.

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