Leaked Phone Conversation Between FSA Terrorists Planning Chemical Attacks

Leaked Phone Conversation Between FSA Terrorists Planning Chemical Attacks

A leaked audio recording of a phone conversation between two alleged members of the Fake Syrian Army – one within Syria where he executes killings and one operating outside as a go to man for military supplies – contains details of a plan to use chemical weapons by the FSA on Syrian targets. Abu Hassan, the militant inside Syria specifically asks for the chemicals to have one kilometer impact radius.

The evidence that the West supported terrorists used weapons of mass destruction in Syria is overwhelming, but west chooses to either turn a blind eye to it, or more laughably – still blame Syrian government for it.

Video below contains a lot of information about the recent chemical attack in Aleppo, including interviews with victims, announcements that the jihadists intend to carry out chemical weapons attacks, footage of supplied substances (Nitric Acid, etc.), tests of chemical effectiveness of rabbits and the actual leaked phone conversation with the message to Sheikh Suleiman which is included at the end of the video.

Best thing about this all is that Kenyan war criminal and international arms dealer in the white house really wanted for this chemical attack to happen, as that was to be his cue to sent in his army of ZOG mercenaries, but the terrorists fucked up so much, he’s left with nothing but denying that any chemical attack happened in the first place. Even Israeli sources confirmed that chemical agents were used in the attack on Aleppo yet Kenyan refuses to acknowledge it. Did FSA terrorists completely fuck up the Kenyan’s plan to intervene militarily at last? Will he have to drop the “chemical weapons” excuse and have his propaganda team work out a new “red line” for the Syrian government?

As for the tools in Europe – the attack, now proven beyond reasonable doubt to have been carried out by the terrorists was still a good enough excuse for the UK and France to push for relaxation of the ban on arming the militants. What the Frenchies and Brits are saying is basically this:

We know that it was the FSA that used WMDs against civilians in Syria, but we’re a bunch of hypocrites so we’re still gonna blame Syrian government for it and send more weapons to terrorists whom we know target innocent women and children but hey… that’ what Zionists want and we’re their puppets so…

Jihadists Kenyan is supporting and wants to desperately back up with his mercenaries are unstable Sunni extremists. Sure they are a group of degenerates suitable for crimes against humanity, but they are still extremists who ransack Christian churches, conduct suicide bombings with civilians as their primary targets and burn US and Israeli flags. As unstable degenerates, Sunnis are backstabbers in one’s own bed.

Props to Best Gore member xxXmisfitsXxx for the video:

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    1. You have got to be kidding posting this Jew propaganda on BG. Are Zionists brainwashing the sheep with new strategy for the imminent attack on Syria? If they can’t legitimately attack Assad, maybe they can pretend they’re attacking the rebels under some pretext of “protecting their territory”?

      1. it’s not propaganda. all Muslims know the prophecy of the prophet, that the end of the world war is the war against the Jews. and Jews know this. all the Mujahideen in iraq, afghanistan, Hamas and others together and support the Mujahideen syria. until the “Messiah’ that the Jews waiting for has come, that’s when a massive war between the Mujahideen and the messianic savior of the nation israel ….

  1. good job mark on exposing the truth!!! was it cast for the mass who burn and toil,or for the vultures that thust for blood and oil.Yes a specticale monopolised.they hold the reins,stole your eyes! (word from RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE)

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