Lingzi Lu Boston Bombings Death Photo

Lingzi Lu Boston Bombings Death Photo

Lingzi Lu Boston Bombings Death Photo

Lingzi Lu is the Asian girl – one of the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings who doesn’t get any media coverage, unlike the other two victims. In this photo taken shortly after the explosions, Lingzi Lu is the girl in the bottom with large neck laceration, receiving CPR.

While families of other victims wanted to keep information about their affected family members private, Lingzi Lu’s family gave Boston University permission to release her information. Yet she hasn’t really received any attention in the media. I wonder why that is?

You may have noticed that other Boston Bombings pictures, many of which have been featured on Best Gore have appeared all over the internet, so by now you’ve probably seen each of them a million times, but I bet this is the first time you’ve seen this pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. The fact that they are from Chechnya, which is just crawling with Al Qaeda activity and that the older brother had Youtube playlists dedicated to Islamic holy wars had nothing to do with it, right…

      1. @srb and @daajaa
        Not sure why you guys are harshin Justiney.
        Islam IS a piece of shit religion. But i dont feel like she even said anything that makes her look ignorant or “sheepish.”
        And not to be a dick daajaa but the word gard is actually spelled with a u between the a and r. Like i said, not being a nazi but if you want to call someone out its good to spell simple words somewhat accurately.

          1. No problemo. Frankly i dont know you and it doesnt matter to me what you believe. I just didnt understand why everyone was callin you out for nothing:P

      1. In a way, I’m a little glad they captured the younger brother alive,only because he might tell why he and his older brother set off those bombs and murdered innocent people and the MIT police officer,,maybe authorities can get the answers they need to figure everything out and also to find out if someone or some other radical group was behind all this senseless slaughter….

    1. @Justiney, please, the fact that 2 crazy brothers made that shouldn’t made you blame this religion.
      It is as simple-minded as saying that Christianism is a bad religion because it prones pedophilia, since some priest do it, and it’s Jesus even prone it in the Bible:
      “let the children come to me”, this is the simple-minded method of DerSteppenwolf.

      1. Yea Daajaa because these two are the only Muslims in history to have ever done such a violent things? Please..don’t be blind. The Quran and Hadith are stuffed with violence and depravity. Not saying that religion in itself hasn’t caused so much havoc to humanity over the centuries but I’ve never seen a faith that has spilled so much blood like Islam. I’m Syrian by blood and I’ve heard too many stories from my relatives about the evil that goes on in Muslim ruled countries. I don’t hate Muslims I’m just not numb to the truth.

        1. @Justiney

          You know, I could easely take this part of the Bible where Jesus says ” Lets let the little children come to me”, to come here and claim that christians allow pedophily, the other proof being that many priests are pedophiles themselves.

          You’re a clever girl, always try to think by yourself first, don’t listen like a sheep the false predicators.

          One thing to know about the religious stuff. Always be VERY suspiscious whith people who call themselves “converts” or “repents” and use this “status” to prone or blame another religion. Because it’s the perfect cover.

          During the BB and Juicy’s Gate, I was one of the few ones to always claim telling it was obvious it was a joke, afucking entertaining one, but a joke, while others where walking straigut screaming or calling the hospitals.

          Don’t be naive, don’t believe everything you read, sheeps are cute animals, but you’re cuter than a sheep and you, you are an human.

          Will remember ?

        2. @Justiney

          I could easely take this extract of the Bible, when Jesus says ” Let the little children come to me”, to claim that christianism allows pedophilya, the proof being this extract and the fact that many priests are pedophiles themselves.

        3. @Justiney you seem to be a clever girl right ?
          So always try to think by yourself first.
          Don’t walk straight like a sheep.
          Sheeps are cute animals, but you’re cuter, and you’re an human, a FV, right.

          Always try to stay suspiscious about all what you can see or read.
          Be always on your gard.
          World and people are even much more pervert that what you could ever imagine.

          1. and each time it’s about the religion stuff, just be twice on your gard.
            Don’t listen to false predicators.
            The most dangerous ones are the ones who called themselves “convert” or “repent”, and use that status ( which is the perfect cover), to blame or promote a religion.
            In that case you have to be HIGHLY suspiscious.

          2. remember the BB and Juicy Gate ?

            I was one of the few ones to laugh and claim it was a joke, a fucking entertaining one, but only a joke, it was so obvious, while all the sheeps where walking straight, screaming or calling the hospitals…

            If I tell you to be very suspiscious with some people, listen to daddy, and don’t do the sheep.

          3. Wait, you hate Jews and you say you don’t like Islam on another page..your such a hypocrite! Come on, daajaa what the hell is going on..

          1. Thanks for the advice, daajaa. I’m not a spiteful person at all so I hope I don’t come across that way. I have a great interest in world cultures and religions. Sometimes I form opinions.

        4. @justine the thing about you say that Quran and Hadith is stuffed with violence and depravity, i would say that you are assuming, consider to make a research first, you should read Quran and Hadith yourself first then make the conclusion, then you can say from your finding by reading the book itself, that it is stuffed with violence, i show some my friend this BG website, mostly they would think BG is a violence website,Promoting violence, that it is nothing but stuffed with violence and depravity, an assumption before they even study the whole BG;), by the way , this is my first post:))

    2. We will never have our eyes open. Ever. The more attacks on american soil, the more stupid people will demand action against our “enemies” which means the more people like myself (people willing to kill for money) will be sent into battle. We fought more russian mercs and chechnians and mongolians and paki’s; than afghanis while we were in afghanistan, but do the gen. public know that? Of course not. It doesn’t matter who is attacking us, or why. We will always demand action against the brown people before we even care to look at who the actual enemies are. And that is how the world is. People die, and I get paid. They would die regardless of whether I was pulling the trigger, or the somebody else. Might as well be me.

    3. You JustineyBeanie are a profound example of how the media subconsciously shapes a persons view over time.

      And right now, hating Islam is number one priority. I’m at awe over how they do it.

      1. Numb the mind of the Americans and succumb them to any direction they want
      2. Pave the way for America for another *muslim* war

      I have to admit, they are damn good at it…

    1. @BB I don’t know if that was humour, but that made me laugh. Even being one of the 3 dreads she’ll never be a cover girl.
      More seriously, on the french news they always said that her family prefered to be the most anonymous possible, et not to tell her private life and all that stuff that the press asks.
      Maybe she was a shy and reserved.
      If I died that way I would also prefer that.
      From the few I’ve seen she was a lovely girl.

    1. @alicatt, she was near the second explosion, that’s probably one of the reasons why there has not been much media coverage about her as the focus was on the first explosion where the other 2 people died.

      1. 2 of the 3 fatalities were at the second bombing. I think it lacks so much media coverage because when the 1st blast happened, everyone zoomed their cameras in that direction. Not too many photos or video of the 2nd site.

        I don’t think it’s the reason she’s receiving less press. Her family was reluctant to give her name at first.. it took longer to learn who she was and by that time, the press were digging for all the info they could on Krystle.

  1. I saw a brief piece on her somewhere on the net. More of a bio sort of thing. She was learning to cook and always posted on Facebook what she had made for breakfast that day. The day she was killed, she had was branching out her cooking by making some sort of broccoli and egg dish for breakfast.

  2. @Highwayman lol, with my sometimes approximative english what I had understood at the beginning of your comment is that you had saw not a piece, but a part of her body on a picture somewhere on the net. That’s why you talked about bio. It may have had been a part of intestines where you had seen rests of brocoli and egg.
    I had to read it twice to understand the real meaning. :S

      1. So the size of my mans genitals discloses the type of person he is? That’s White female thinking.

        If we are following that stereotype logic: Asians have small penis, but are the smartest. Blacks have the biggest penis, and are the dumbest.

        Hey – maybe it makes sense. White women do seem to fancy Black guys more than White guys 😉

        Nah. I know many Asian males – Awesome people. I’d rather live, work, sleep, play etc. around Asians than Blacks any day of the week.

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  3. the chinks family didnt want her info released thats why she didnt get so much attention and by the time the family said ok we were too busy trying to catch these two muslim pieces of shit

  4. RIP Lingzi Lu. Losing a young, pretty Asian female is always the worst. I feel very bad about her death and the others as well. All those poor injured and dead people because of a couple of stupid muslim kids. Fuck Islam and fuck those two brothers. They should be killed and buried in pigskin bags.

  5. It was the was the government…no the jews… it was muslims…who gives a flying squirrel fuck!! if we wiped away religion mother fuckers would still be fighting over something, i believe this generation is just seeing the real dark side of the muslim faith, wait till
    Korea bombs us americans, then we’ll hate someone new, im just grateful I am american born and caucasian and native, fuck all you third world country fuckheads.

    1. ah yes the Caucasoid, their savagery has been chronicled in history as the race that has killed the most people. They are an evil bunch. The Indians of Paraguay taught that white laymen adored gold, had a devil in their bodies, were the enemies of the Indians, and of the images which they adored; that they would destroy their altars, and offer sacrifices of their women and infants; and they were consequently taught to kill white men wherever they could find them, and to be careful to cut off their heads, lest they should come to life again.? hence the origin of “white devils”

    1. He family wanted to keep her identity a secret for awhile so they could grieve and let her other family members know IIRC.

      Thus, the media was unable to give her any attention.

      Worst picture I saw of this was a .gif right after it happened. You see Krystal Campbell sitting up then look down (at her legs) and then she screams.. Knowing she passes away a few seconds later is incredibly sad.

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