Little Girl Brutally Killed by Evil Kidnappers – WARNING!

Easily One of the Most Horrific Murders on Best Gore to Date

This girl was kidnapped while she was on her way to school. The kidnappers contacted her family and demanded a ransom. Because the money was not received at an appointed time, the girl was brutally killed and abandoned in a vacant lot. The kidnappers did not mess around, but what an evil bunch.

This girl looks very young. She must have been scared shitless yet kidnappers mummified her in a green duct tape (EB Green Tape, perhaps) as if she had any chance and mental/physical capability to escape. I did not get any further info as to where exactly this took place and whether the duct-tape suffocation was the cause of death. I also don’t know whether her family simply could not afford to pay the ransom or could, but wanted to try something else to get their daughter back. This is however easily one of the most horrific crimes we’ve had on Best Gore to date.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “Little Girl Brutally Killed by Evil Kidnappers – WARNING!”

  1. The little girl may be 10 yr old Naga Vaishavi, who was kidnapped on her way to school in February this year.

    she and her family lived in the central north of India, and her father was a successful businessman. The family didn’t get the ransom together quickly enough, and as a result of her death, her father suffered a heart-attack and died.

    A remarkably sad and unhappy event 🙁

  2. Paying the ransom does no good anyway. Since the captives have seen or at least heard the ruffians, in most cases they are killed the same, whether the money is paid or not.

    Except that if you take long to pay they get tortured. In Colombia you’d get an ear after 48 hours, a hand after 4 days and the head after a week.

    The green tape was probably to prevent her from seeing and hearing the guys well.

  3. I don’t think it’s Naga Vaishnavi…her body was found charred and this body is not burned. By the looks of the little girl’s uniform, looks like it may be from Mexico. Sad…very sad…I can’t even imagine the fear she must have felt.

  4. I think suffocation/strangulation would be a terrifying way to die, little kids scream for they’re mums/fathers when they are scared, imagine this happening, its horrible, poor little girl, they took her LIFE

  5. this one has seriously upset me, I cant believe some cowardly bastards could do something so mean and awful to a small child, just about the most innocent of all human-kind are little school girls

  6. @redwolf get your facts straight. this happend in SRILANKA in the eastern province. i cant remember the name of the girl but think it was ‘warsha’. she was kidnapped and killed for ransom. the culprits were a part of a government supportin malitia group (also known as the ‘karuna faction’ or formally TMVP) and ( therefor ) they were shot and killed while trying to apprehend.

  7. This happened in Sri Lanka in March 2009.
    She was a 6 years old girl from Trincomalee kidnapped by her computer instructor who was well known to her family. Three days later she found killed after rape and later five suspects arrested (all linked to a breakaway group of the LTTE terrorists).
    The suspect (all between 18-22 years of age) wanted to find money to start a local radio station and later all of them were killed by police in various incidents.
    Read more info at

  8. Looking close at the first photo, it looks like she has a plastic bag over her head and then the green duct taps was added on top of it.
    Notice how shinny her hair looks at the back of her head as if its in a bag.

  9. Confirmed: she was 6-year old Varsha Jude Reggie, kidnapped by a friend of the family (“Computer Uncle”), raped, tortured (cigar burns), asphyxiated, and throat slit post-mortem.

    Looks like the initial intention was to ask for ransom, but that may be a story crafted so the sickos look less like perverts in a society that despises pervs.

    A lot of confusion with the story, some say the cops arrested the wrong people and killed two of them, some say it was a paramilitary group working for the government, some say it was a fraction of the Tamil Tigers.

    I bet it was just the pervert “Uncle Computer” and the rest is politics. Had it been any group truly asking for ransom, they wouldn’t have raped, tortured and killed the little one right away. Bastards.

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