Little Girl Killed in Aleppo Qadi Askar

Little Girl Killed in Aleppo Qadi Askar

Video which was filmed in Aleppo Qadi Askar on September 6, 2012 shows little girl after she was killed in an explosion. I think they used the ribbons to keep her hands together and mouth closed. One more video added showing several people dead and wounded in Aleppo.

First the video of dead girl:

…and the video of dead people in the street of Aleppo Tareeq al Bab:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @Katz -I’ve done that quite often over the years. Have you ever been so angry w/someone that you continued an argument -even though they (or you) left the house, just to get it all out of your system? I think it’s a little like that, but I wouldn’t hold anger against the dead -not even my worst enemy. My reasons were more about achieving a better understanding in myself. I was always open to the possibility that these conversations could be real, though, which kept it from being only about my existence. That helped me to achieve a better perspective of other peoples lives as they may have experienced it. Weird of me, huh? The trippiesr

      1. @Katz -(^whoops!) The trippiest part of all this -for years after I began my talks w/the deceased, I (occasionally) experienced the Intense aroma of roses in the air. I’m not into any religion but I’ve heard those types describe such phenomena. I was in a high rise & I walked out in the hall just to see if it was from another apartment or stick my head out the window -it was centered in the room w/me! No fear that I “opened a door” or reached too far to “the other side”, I just took it for what it was. I’m still not a religion based person, but it took me to another level in my consideration of “death”.

  1. Hey mark you should do an open post on a united Ireland and I can sing along too army of the people while cursing the Brits! Ps no hate towards the Brits intended. It seems fitting with hating people in your land who don’t belong!

  2. She was bound to be indoctrinated into the brainwashing hate cult of islam (yeah, that’s with a small “i”) so big whoop-de-doo. If she wasn’t going to be a future jihadist suicide bomber, she would’ve lived a horrid, punished life by her husband 30 years her senior. Now that’s what I call crime fighting.

  3. Don’t you just love the way they appear to have pulled down the trousers of the woman on the third truck to sneak a peek at her panties.

    Fucking animals.

    Actually, Mark’s term ‘fleshy virus’ is more apt; most animals only kill to eat.

  4. I wonder how much money the jews paid those “rebels” (those shabbos goys) to kill that little girl. 20 dollars a week ? Maybe 50 ?
    Who cares if half humanity is sacrificed as long as the jewish parasite can make a million ? As long as westerners can buy their Iphones, watch their jewish produced TV shows on jewish controlled media or watch jewish produced pornography while smoking jewish produced drugs, who cares ?
    No westerner will revolt against the jews, the jews bourgeois accomplices and their political flunkeys that control western governments.
    Too bad the holocaust is a lie and Hitler lost WWII.

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