London Bridge Attack Vertical Aftermath Video

London Bridge Attack Vertical Aftermath Video

On June 3, 2017, a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge in London, England. After that, three attackers from the van proceeded to stab multiple people at nearby Borough Market.

As of this post, six people have been confirmed dead, and at least 30 were wounded. London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the incident a “horrific terrorist attack“.

Three suspects have been shot and killed by police. Authorities believe no other attackers were involved.


With the snap general election only a few days away, and with the Tories numbers slipping in the polls, suddenly there’s the terror attack in central London by a group of men dressed up as evil islamists, with no known links to terror groups, wearing fake bomb vests.

Theresa May responded to the attack by stating that the internet must be regulated. She got her wish to use the military for policing of the British public, now it’s time to go after the internet, so people can’t expose what her cronies are up to.

Of course, the sheeple now call for the UK election to be suspended in the interests of “national security“.

Educate yourself on Operation Gladio and the use of secret Islamic terrorist proxes for false flag attacks. What we see here in Gladio B, just like the previous one.

Here’s the vertical video of the attacks aftermath. Props to Best Gore member @slicer for this one:

Here’s a YouTube video of eye witness reporting at least two sets of gunfire, even though the official story contains only vehicular manslaughter and stabbings:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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186 thoughts on “London Bridge Attack Vertical Aftermath Video”

        1. @stevebollox.
          You and all others in favor of internment and subsequent expulsion of Muslims are correct. Sure, the initial backlash from our own terrorist loving left and the Muslim community will be swift and ugly. Vigilance, however, is key.
          The “good and peaceful” Muslim community has yet to show an ounce of concern over the radicals within their own community. An internment policy would be a very useful tool in forcing the Muslim community to take action and weed out thier own troublemakers. If nothing else, that will expose the lot of them (Peaceful Muslims) as the violent threat that they are.
          Obviously internment alone is not the answer but it is an effective measure. Another effective tool would be more and more Western leaders who are not afraid to use their middle fingers at liberal law makers that insist on blocking any measures to secure borders.

          1. You guys forget that the majority of british citizens are asian muslims. Trying to do such a thing would cause a civil war. Calm the fuck down. It is just another terror attack on earth.

          2. “You guys forget that the majority of british citizens are asian muslims”
            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Just because Muslimdon is full of these people, nowhere else in the country is. Except maybe Birmingham I guess..

      1. I want to see martial law taken into effect and then they go door to door grab every Mudlim out of their house and fly them to the Middle East and dropped off … cleansing their country once and for all!!!
        Where is Adolf Hitler when you need him more than ever to start the war machine, exterminating Mudlims like he did the Jews. Just fucking erase these people from existence.
        The world would be so much better without their peaceful asses.
        If they continue to do these acts the world will eventually turn there backs on them and do this in real life. No country will want these pieces of shit in their lands!!

        1. most muslims are not from the “Middle East” and not everyone in the Middle East is muslim. lots of christians and jews in the “Middle East” also. I’m opposed to Islam and think it’s a stupid religion but I don’t like reading this misconception. largest population of muslims are from south/ Southeast Asia and africa. Also European muslims too and central asian muslims (khazakstan, Uzbekistan, krygstan non of which are considered the Middle East_or Western Asia). Chechnyans, Albanians, and l think some Bosnians are examples of euro muslims. Christianity is also a “middle eastern” religion but obviously today it exists worldwide with probably the biggest population being South Americans.

          1. It’s like saying send all the christians back to europe (or Middle East), when there are millions of black African, asian (filipinos etc), an latino (aboriginal ones), Christians. Islam right now is the second biggest religion I the world after christianity and is spreading.

        2. How about deporting all muslims and taking them to Israel? After all, isn’t it the Jews who have been pushing this forced acceptance of muslim immigrants? Let the Jews have full dose of their own medicine. Send all muslims to Israel.

          1. I think it has more to do with the U.S and Nato countries like the UK getting involved in muslim majority countries and bombing them etc. And also the U.S funding Saudis who build mosques all over the world (including in the states) where they train new terrorists, and also Saudis take U.S/UK weapons and give them to terror groups.

          2. That would interfere with plans for Eretz Israel. Jews want to empty Middle East of its native people so they can take over and create their satanic state. That’s why they carry out these false flag attacks and start wars in the Middle East.

          3. The Jews have a master plan even if its evil you gotta give them credit for getting away with it so far and if they get rid of the Palestinian people to expand there territories that would be crazy and would cause other nations to get involved, the USA needs to unpluck them from the U.S. nipple supplying money and weapons!!!!

          4. If I’m not mistaken the middle east has been a perpetual war zone ever since the dawn of civilization.
            I don’t believe that America or NATO start shit in the middle east.
            They interfere and make shit worst maybe but start war I don’t think so.

        3. Martial law is not something I would want to see. What I want to see is everybody that isn’t Islamist to take survival measures and come together and arm ourselves and be ready and as soon as an attack like this one happens we mob it and if there’s no more suspects cause they were suicide bombers then we go for their families and get rid of them by shipping them out of in between our masses and societies.
          And if they don’t want to cooperate for a peaceful removal well then we will be ready to do to them as they have done unto us.
          The point is that we the nonmuslim people cannot be safe having this muzzies living amongst us.
          @dan-a-conda very true
          And right, let’s say that 3/4 muslims are the peaceful ones that 1/4 in my books is way more than enough to condemn the 3 outta 4.

          The final war is not going to be fighting of nations vs nations the final war is going to be fought by muslims vs nonmuslims.

    1. your right but what we seem to be doing is holding pop concerts, changing our Facebook profile pic, tweeting a few hashtags and my favourite getting tattoos, The British dont need anymore reasons to get a tattoo, next it will be getting our nails done to fight the terrorists, ISIS must be quaking in their pants

    2. But heh someone already lay the base for us 70 years ago now we can kill 100times faster, cleaner and experiment more than my old friend Dolf could do. So I am in for some new mega camps! Maybe after this experiment, we learn more about genes/mutations etc etc.

      1. I still say the idea of feeding muslims to the hogs is the ultimate. Hogs have to eat something, and turning muslims into pork and pigshit is the ideal way of terriorizing them. Their allah will be eternally impressed with each muslim turned into bacon and porkchops.

    3. But heh someone already lay the base for us 70 years ago now we can kill 100times faster, cleaner and experiment more than my old friend Dolf could do. So I am in for some new mega camps! Maybe after this experiment, we learn more about genes/mutations etc etc.

    4. It’s politicians fault this happens.

      Politicians don’t do shit about muslims or islam extremists, nor do they care. They let them in our countries so they can faceslap every one of us White faces.

      Here’s exactly what we need to do

      You can bet these politician fuckers know exactly who are the terrorists, they knew months Before about the guy who bombed Ariana Grande arena, they track everyone but don’t do shit about it. Maybe they just put on their happy grin face and hope for the best.

      So here’s what Europe must do.
      In every migration office where every muslim fuck go when they enter a european country they are being registered. Now go through every fucking muslim in that database that have any Connection at all to terrorism, extremist Islam, or other suspicious information and tag him with #isis or something.

      Then when you are done with this shit load of work, yes it will require shit load of time, you do a search for #isis in the database and every suspicious goat fucker will come up in the screen. Then the police gotta deport these fuckers to their home country or some desert Island or whatever, away from Europe and never let them enter again. Or build a #isis prison where you put all terrorists in where they get no care whatsoever, can starve to Death. Set laws and prison sentences to even being suspicous for terrorism and get 1000 more times balls of steels against these goat fuckers Before they will fuck with us forever. This ain’t stopping

    5. You can tell by the accent the fuck filming is a third world Asian. They come to my country and film people dying on the streets because those disrespectful fucks are so used to doing it in their own third world shithole. If i saw that i would immediately smash his camera /phone to bits then punch the cunt.

    6. As if rounding up all Muslims would get rid of terrorism. All the terrorism in the UK is sponsored by the British government to attack its own people in the UK. It’s a twisted way to “keep up appearances” like we see terrorism and terrorist fighters (and the “moderate” jihadists) destroying Syria and Iraq and Libya. The UK government supports those terrorists. The terrorist attacks and terrorism in the UK and the US and other places in Europe are ways those governments “govern” their people. It’s a form of administering government.
      Terrorism in the US usually has FBI prints all over it.

      The psychopaths in power want “terrorism” to go on for another 30 or years or so. You have to understand that “ISIS” and Al-Qaeda and all the other flavors of terrorism and terrorists will NOT do the same damage they are causing “over there” in the Middle East, the Phillipines, where ever the Powers that Be in Washington need those terrorists to be. But unfortunately, the psychopaths in power also need to use terrorism against it’s own people here in the west. Here is the 30 year estimate by former CIA director Leon Panetta.

      They (the ones that control it) could end terrorism and the terrorist groups sooner, but not by the way that you’re suggesting.

      1. I lost down the countdown to edit.

        terrorist groups are destroying the countries of Syria, Iraq, Libya. In Libya they had NATO support airpower, weapons, etc. The terrorists are now in the Philippines ever since the the Phillipino president started talking bad about the US. From my earlier comment: the terrorists won’t cause the same destruction here in the US and UK the same way those terrorists are doing over in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where hundreds of thousands of people have to pack up and leave those war zones where the terrorists operate. Or where genocide is occuring.
        But unfortunately the UK and US government need terrorist attacks here in their own countries every now and then.
        It’s all geopolitics if you understand it. The good thing, my minor optimism is that eventually, more and more governments will start speaking up (especially the governments in Europe and those allied with the US, because, what is the difference if Syria or Iran start identifying the US, Saudi Arabia, for instance, as actually financing and supporting ISIS? See)
        Speaking out at first so countries can’t hide their terroristic activities, and later, more stronger measures can be taken against those countries.
        Here is one example: (Dec. 2015) “Saudi Arabia ‘funding Islamic extremism in the West’, German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel claims”

        It’s just gonna take some time.

    7. You know what people NEVER ask.

      They NEVER ask why THIS footage is not shown to EVERYONE is the UK.

      But when some fucking muslims get killed by Assad (he didnt do it) then the pictures are plastered all over MSM for weeks and it usually is in time for another wave of fresh immigration!

        1. They noticed that the Manchester bombing didn’t do anything to Corbyn’s numbers so they needed a 2nd one.
          Look at the reaction, Theresa May exploiting the attack to look strong and powerful and make the population feel like she’s the only one who’s ready to take a stance, whereas Corbyn will continue to be smeared as a friend of the terrorists because he opposes shoot-to-kill …
          Cui bono is quite obvious in this case.
          The establishment is terrified out of their wits that someone like Corbyn might win, in the US’s “lieutenant” country, as Chomsky called it.
          It’s a shame your comment section is so filthy at this point Mark, not enough people are awake.

          1. Smeared as a friend of terrorists. He’s backed every tom dick and fucking harry terrorist organisation opposed to his own country that’s ever existed. Plus he’s a faux, false, leftist bullshitter, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s a full weight Marxist prick.
            May needs not one single excuse to defeat that utter tosser.

          2. can’t stand May but Corbyn is a complete and utter pillock!
            “Of course we should get rid of our nukes” it’s not like we’re the closest we’ve ever been to nuclear war or anything!!!!

  1. Result of opening the borders for muslim refugees. Not all the muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists are muslims. These extremists are not following the true Islam and they are responsible for Islamophobia. Pakistan, Syria & Iraq is the womb giving birth to these terrorists. May there be peace on earth.

    1. There are over 1.8 billion Muslims. Sure, only an estimated 15-30% are ‘radicalized’ and want to blow shit up and kill people who don’t conform to their ideologies. Thing is that’s MILLIONS of people.

      And we are supposed to know which ones are which I guess.

      Oh well.

      Know how I know? If they are gay, have gay friends, don’t wear hijabs, respect the liberty of others openly. Otherwise fuck em.

    2. “muslim refugees.” You forget that 90%+ of them were illegal immigrants from pakistan/afghanistan and not syria. Syrians are getting blamed for running away from death? That is bullshit. I want you to try something please google “syrian faces” Look how white they are , you might never recognise them as arabs…
      It is all of these pakistanis/afghanis/indian who are trying to take advantage of the syrian refugees who are looking like south asians..

        1. No they wouldn’t. Jews love Muslims. Jews describe Muslims as their “brothers” fighting against Europe. The only time Jews kill Muslims is when they want their land. Jews are the root cause of this invasion. Who do you think let the Moors into Europe? Jews did. Jews want to see the white race genocided out of existence so that they can achieve their Kalergi plan and Jew World Order. What, you think it’s a coincidence that Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history? “Human rights activists” aren’t responsible for this, Jews are because Jews are the “activists” and control the goyim who they brainwash to be “activists”.

          1. It’s always this Jew’s fault from you, are Jew’s telling them to do this!
            “Terrorists masterminds.
            Mastermind is sort of a lofty way to describe what these guys do, don’t you think?
            They’re not masterminds.
            “OK, you take bomb, right? And you put in your backpack. And you get on bus and you blow yourself up. Alright?”
            “Why do I have to blow myself up? Why can’t I just:”
            “Who’s the fucking mastermind here? Me or you?”

          2. @n1ne That’s where you’re wrong. You see, Jews get shabbos goyim to carry out their dirty work. A Jew wouldn’t do it themselves because it would not only blow their cover, but Jews are pathetically scrawny and weak. That’s why they create bogeymen like ISIS etc. and these “extremists” and fund them to do their dirty work. By the way, I look at the root cause, not the symptom. Jews are the only reason that there are Muslims in Europe today. Muslims didn’t let themselves in. Realize that.

    1. London Ambulance‏: “Over 80 of our medics responded to the incident in London Bridge”

      Statement on the incident at London Bridge:

      London Mayor Sadiq Khan Statement:

      Metropolitan Police:

      “You must:

      RUN – to a place of safety. This is a better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go, then…

      Hide – Turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate. Barricade yourself in if you can.

      TELL – the police by calling 999 when it is safe to do so.”

      How many killed innocent civilians in the world:

        1. Bingo. But not before the Jews can use them to weaken and destroy Europe to the point of no return. You see, the Jew plays ALL sides. It pretends to be your friend or ally, but is actually stabbing you in the back in the process. It uses you to do the Jews’ dirty work while you weaken yourself so that it can kill you off once you’ve dealt with the bigger threat. That’s why Jews have always welcomed invaders into nations (particularly into Europe, e.g. the Moors into Spain).

  2. Islam is a peaceful religion. It allows you to marry 4 girls at once. It even allows you to marry 6yo. And remember the 72 virgin promise..What more do you want from f Ollah

  3. when would those brainwashed freaks stop killing innocents in the name of allah in order to get 72 virgins
    fuck them, only way to stop terror attack now is to kick every muslim out from non islamic states and wipe out islam state from the map
    innocent people do not deserve to die, i can not trust any muslim now, not even the good ones

  4. 3 major attacks in 3 months, how the fuck do we stop this? The IRA were eventually stopped but took decades and after many deaths on both sides. We could talk with the IRA to do deals, set up ceasefires etc, I think these people are so far away from our own ideals there is negotiating this time no talking, but can we go to war with potentially millions of extreme muslims?

      1. Really tell us how you really feel about the Jewish people cause that’s all your saying, it’s the Jews or it’s the Jews over and over!!!
        Get off this Jews kick and really look at the person doing it –Mudlims–.
        – Even if the Jews were telling them to do it that does not mean they have to they have brains too choose to or not so ultimately Mudlims own reasoning is behind these horrible acts of terrorism!!!

        Here’s another example: I could tell my dog to fetch it has its own brain to choose either do so or lay back down and sleep

        1. Then you’re more worried about the effect rather than the cause?…

          If I unleashed a bunch of rabid dogs into the streets of a large city… would you be more mad at the dogs or me?…

  5. Sick fucking Miserable Muslims Is it what’s indoctrinated by their religion in to their evil minds and hearts to hate all others and accept only theirs
    This is the price Europe has to pay for giving them refuge unconditionally.
    Flush them out before its too late .

  6. Imo, the “normal” muslim man isnt responsible for this. The state is. Here in germany we do also have MANY radical wahabis and the “normal” muslim people are very well aware of them and avoid them. The state however doesnt seem to give shit about them and doesnt take action against them as it should. I can imagine in UK its not much different.

  7. Here in the UK were all Paki and nigg noggs are protected by the fucking huge race card they keep playing every time they are confronted with anything politically incorrect smelly clone like greedy greasy baaaastards

  8. More cultural enrichment brought to you by the religion of peace. We are so fucked it’s now borderline comedic.

    Fatalaties confirmed and 50 casualties reported, and left wingers immediately jump on the ‘not all Muslims’ boat. Like sheep being lead to slaughter.

    The average man in the UK thinks they know what the problem is. More normies are waking up. But they refuse to acknowledge (((who))) really pulls the strings.

  9. I’m sorry, UK, but you reap what you sow. This is what you get when you import people from war zones: you import the war with them. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same old shit after each terrorist attack: the media hesitating ‘whether it’s a terrorist attack or something else’, world leaders condemning it and offering their help, some leftist mongoloids walking the streets shouting crap like ‘Together we stand united’ or ‘#idiedalittletoo’ and then the real crazies who start barfing up asinine crap like ‘what’s even worse than all those white people dying is the backlash this is going to have against muslim minorities all over the world’. How many more of these attacks are we supposed to accept ‘because our forefathers were crusaders who fought the muslim invaders’? This shit is starting to really piss me off because no one is doing what should be done: send those goatfucking sandniggers and their wives and spawn back to the hellhole they came from. The world should be glad I’m not one of those world leaders because I would have already nuked the shit out of the middle east.

    1. It’s liberals and their addiction to uncontrolled immigration that’s the problem.

      If you allow lots of Muslims in from God knows where you will get extremists in number. If you allow lots of Niggers in from the deepest jungles of Africa your women will get raped and murdered in large numbers and your educational standards will drop over night due to their naturally low IQ and if you allow lots of Romanians in you will get tons and tons of their Roma Gypsies as well.

      A border with controls and a immigration process that keeps out the shit whilst allowing in the decent ones would easily rectify the above.

      Liberals however tend to be from rich/middle class families and because of their wealth and connections they never get to experience the ramifications of their own actions such as over population causing higher unemployment levels and lower wages for everyone else and also homelessness as a result of the diminishing availability of housing and rising costs.

      Liberals are a sick bunch because they have tricked themselves into believing that their own actions are “good” because foreigners have benefited when in fact their actions are bad and they are in fact cruel and despicable because their own people have been made to suffer and lose their own lot in life in exchange for it all. Liberals are psychological masturbators, that’s all they are, because all they are doing is satisfying themselves without concern for their own partners(their fellow countrymen).

      It needs to be appreciated though that it was our own governments who empowered and instilled this nonsense into peoples heads over the years so much so that a large percentage of the population are now part of a brainwashed, retarded lefty cult and it was also our own governments who opened the gates wide to begin with and welcomed the entire world and it’s mistress in with open arms.

      If you want to stop the poison start at the snakes head.

      1. When did any of the people dead here, bomb, have a say on bombing, or even harm anybody in a muslim country?

        Cowards, go attack the army or politicians if you dislike their policies, even better do as normal people do and vote for change, campaign for change.

        Blowing up a little girls concert and attacking pub goers wont get you anywhere, the UK government keep you safe, if you piss of the people you will be back on your boats pretty sharpish.

  10. Thank god I live out in the sticks it’s pretty safe here unless the goat fuckers decide to start Snackbaring sheep and cows. Three people to blame for this Jews (Mossad) and the Muzzies. And not to mention that fucking granny Teresa May who’s been cutting police and intelligence agency numbers. Manchester shocked me but I feel London is no Longer English we’ve lost it its now Londonistan. But really English people can only take so much before the take measures themselves I feel a revolution in the making and cleansing this land of these Muzzies pricks.

  11. Europe is really going down if we keep on inviting these animals in. There should be a permanent ban for them! It is really surprising to me that there has not been a terrorist attack in my country yet.

  12. The increase in the frequency of jihadist attacks is linked to the imminent collapse of ISIS. They lost Mosul, and the campaign for Raqqa begins in the coming days and, even if it will take some good months, the result is inevitable. ISIS needs positive publicity in its own network to counterbalance the negative news on the front, so it has stepped up two attack lines. The first consists in the successive attacks placed in Europe, the second in increasing the visibility of activities in the Muslim territories outside the Levant (Philippines, Afghanistan, etc.).

    In a certain sense the attacks in the West are the cost of the western sucessful csmpaigns in Syria and Iraq.

  13. I think more Western nations need to start bombing more countries in the Middle East… but bring all the “refugees” back to the Western nations that did said bombing…

    Wouldn’t that be great?… 😕

    I’m sure they’d have no problem at all at singing us the song of their people…

  14. This is supposed to be the fucking “normal” now… because some pacifist retards still calls for “tolerance”. Their pacifism will be their deaths, and blood will be in their own hands! How much blood does it need to be shed untill they realise the world is not made of fucking “rainbows and poneis”? Peace, love and tolerance will not solve SHIT! No civilization was created based on that, but by brute force, courage and conquest, remember that… Go try to hug a fucking terrorist to see what happens…

  15. Enoch Powell predicted all of this. Contrary to what was levelled at him at the time, he was far from racist, in fact he loved everything about India and its people.

    As for the election. The very last thing May wants is for it not to go ahead. And her calls for internet regulation are primarily targeted at social media outlets, Facebook, twitter et la, who promote Islamic Terrorism unchecked. These fuckers are a law unto themselves and ought to be brought to book.

    Face it. These so called Islamic extremists are fuck all of the sort, they are about as devout as my arse hole. But they’ve cottoned on to a bandwagon which gives some meaning to their useless, pathetic lives.
    And as far as martial law here being a goal of the government. That’s laughable. We have the oldest police force on the planet and still they vote overwhelmingly against being armed, every constabulary in the country has done so recently.

    These culprits are useful idiots to some, but they serve no purpose to chairman May.

    Also. Proxy this, proxy that, means shit. It’s happening and must be stopped.

    1. i get what you are saying buddy but you seem abit black and white with that statement, our police force do seem to be changing. they are seeming alot more US style of approach and the groups of them stood around with the balaclavas seemed all abit false flag fear card to me. and i honestly think if the powers that stand well above our governments want martial law then they will bribe the teleprompters like teresa may to implement that shit anyway they can.

      1. There’s been plenty of shit gone on in this country previously that could have lead, or so some may have thought, to martial law. Not gunna happen. Main reason being that it is a massive show of weakness.

  16. muslims are pushing there luck in the uk [and other places] all they need to do is push little harder like hitting schools and there be real shit on the streets then like in ww2 all the italians and german homes and shops were burnt to the ground sorry to say this but it will be a fact if i had my way i would start up the templars again and give the bastards a real war

    1. Sorry, but that won’t work. Muslims are too numerous. With their big families, attempts to attack their homes would be met with strong resistance. Should have thought twice before letting Asians settle in UK 60 yrs ago. In my dad’s time there were only a few hundred Asians nation wide (late 1930’s).

  17. The family of the Canadian killed apparently are well known in the area near me…Reality really smacks you in the face when this shit hits so ‘close’ and definately gives another perspective of what it’s like back east for the innocents.

  18. I live in London and just knew it was a Mozzie terror attack (again).
    The ramming people in the street thing, isn’t new, we’ve had it before. The stabbing thing is new-ish. Shooting by police inside 16 mins is pretty fast response.

    Good job the terrorists got killed so quickly. It’s very lucky they didn’t have guns.

    To the Terrorists: Enjoy the 72 year old virgin! Hope she was worth it.

  19. Listening to that woman cry and beg her daughter to keep fighting was horrific. That’s the only shit that effects me- when there’s real, raw emotion involved. Not that there isn’t in every other death video here, but we rarely see someone dying and a loved one *right there* with them while it’s happening.

  20. Thanks for the video…..but why the fuck is it so hard for an Iphone user to turn it sideways…..takes 2 seconds and we dont have to watch it through a doorway. With as many updates as Apple shoves down their throats, one of them should make the camera non functional unless its turned sideways. Dumb fuckers.

  21. Hope you all like to live in Fascism. Remember what happened to Mussolini and his whore. As well as the French Revolution. That went well. Especially the Reign of Terror. No doubt another Maximilien Robespierre will rise from the ashes of the UK.

    1. mate do your research jihad is the meaning for struggle and that’s all it means struggling for survival struggling for one another and don’t read into the media too much they make simplest things into a complex meaning and out of context,rememeber hitlers mein kamf named book that means my struggle but in a wrong way.

    1. BEST COMMENT this far!
      Desilu made it through Manchester !
      9-11 was such an event, but the movie set included 3000 + real casualties. Oklahoma City was staged as well, and the dude who drove his truck in front of the Oklahoma City Building – and the building was rigged with pre-emplemented explosives – is just walking around. Casualties are rael!
      Columbine is a hoax, dummies were used to prep up the reality of the drama,…
      Boston bombings is a hoax as well,..

      1. Just commeth into my mind, but 3000+ people on 9-11 “just died of a financial joke”…
        Research that footage of Larry Silverstein,…
        Wait! Maybe TONS of footage was JUST destroyed, like numerous 2-inch films – in the TONS of it – who showed us “Real footage from men who went to the moon,….”

  22. Nobody bombed Ariana grande arena, that’s a fake false flag and i can say the same thing about this attack, nobody died on this bridge nor the so called 3 suspects were shot dead, it’s just a mind game where the authorities orchestrates these fake events using secret agents or crisis actors knowing the sheeple will believe anything they see or hear without them doing an appropriate research about the matter which is (muslim refugees are committing crimes against european nations), do you know that most of the refugees in europe aren’t even Muslims? Do you know that most muslim refugees aren’t middle eastern? Do you know that most middle eastern refugees aren’t from Syria or Iraq? It’s just a media manipulation of the facts for the greater good of the elite, mainly Jews, khazarian Jews hiding in plain sight considering that people find the fact of (Jews controlling every major business) very hard to accept, why? because they’re few
    When you see a Muslim committing a crime point your fingers at him not his religion, since he only represent himself only like those khazarian Jews, they’re evil by blood not religion
    Anyway, same shit different day, Nazis were bad guys number 1, followed by the russians and now it’s Islam, guess who’s gonna follow next?

    1. I know personally a victim of the Manchester attack. And as I’ve said before, she is not a fucking crisis actor.

      People like you believe every single attack/incident is a false flag, which is utter bollocks.
      You fuckers cry wolf way too often. We all know false flags exist for fucks sake, it ain’t anything new.

    2. Anything that involves muslims and attacks cannot be fake events, false flags.
      Take the San Bernardino Dec. 2, 2015 regional center shooting. Lots of fuckers were saying the same shit that it was a fake attack and that there was really no deaths that happened and some claims like those could be very convincing, some people like @somebody up here actually believe that this are staged events with government actors but to their luck there’s always somebody that is actually from the city attacked that knows a victim personally.
      In the San Bernardino attack my across the street neighbor’s autistic son’s tutor was one of the 14 victims and she had just visited my neighbors house couple of days before the shooting.
      Let’s say that the perpetrators are chosen to carry out their attack that still don’t make the attacks staged or not real.
      The victims are always real.
      The loss of life is actual.

      1. Yep, from time to time the victims are real and we all know that, but not in Manchester’s case no, if yes then they kept all the details secret so they can take any credibility from those conspiracy theorists later by releasing contradicting facts to their theories, i can’t say the same thing about the attacker, they can Carry out their false attacks on real people, and then place some illegal immigrant’s body which no one gives a worm shit about on the scene and say “here’s the perp everyone, we got him good, oh look what we found? his passport, a Quran and an Isis flag, he’s a goddamn Muslim”
        Maybe i am wrong who knows? but we all agree that those attacks are planned and carried out by the government of the victimized nation, just to further advance the Jew World Order plan, hence the name since most idiots believe the Jews will only achieve The Greater Israhell project, their greed has no limits, not in this life anyway

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