Machete Murder Victim Unearthed in Chiapas, Mexico

Machete Murder Victim Unearthed in Chiapas, Mexico

Property dispute lead to a murder of a farmer by two friends. It happened in Tuxtla Chico, state of Chiapas, Mexico. The farmer was killed with a machete and then buried in dirt.

58 year old Eleazin González Gómez reportedly bought a piece of land for $70,000 and was waiting for the papers from former owner. Former owner however delayed the paperwork so not to wait any longer, the victim brought in building supplies and started building a cabin. That was the last time the victim’s son – Arturo González Blanco saw his father. Suspecting that something went afoul, Arturo alarmed the authorities.

Police learned that before his disappearance, the farmer went to have a few drinks with the man who sold him the land – identified as Mr. Eleazín and his friend Ricardo Garay. During the questioning of the two, they confessed to killing the farmer. One had a machete and hacked him up, the other didn’t and used stones to smash his head with. Ricardo returned to the murder scene the following morning with a shovel and a pick to bury the victim they had left in the cornfield.

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  1. Has anyone seen Ross Kemp in Juarez? Great episode where you see residents accept murder as a daily happening and have grown numb to it. Something like 6 to 12 murders a day. Fucked up shit to say the least.

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  2. When I see things like this, part of me wants Mexicans to escape to the US for a better life. But the bigger part of me wants them to stay beneath the border and keep their drug carteling, farmer murdering, dismembering to themselves.

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  3. This sucks. A man works hard all his life and saves enough money to buy a farm and the cowardly seller and a friend murder him. Did they really think they’d get away with it? I hope they die in jail. I feel bad for his family. RIP primo!

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