Man Chokes to Death on Pot Baggie After Being Tasered by Cops

Man Chokes to Death on Pot Baggie After Being Tasered by Cops

Bay County deputies responded to a physical disturbance report in Panama City Beach, Florida and attempted to arrest 23 year old Andrew Grande who ran from them. Andrew Grande resisted the arrest so an officer deployed a stun gun on the offender. Immediately after being tasered, young man started to choke on pot baggie he stuffed in his mouth to hide it from the cops.

Seeing that the man was choking, deputies tried to clear his throat with the Heimlich maneuver but were not successful. Andrew Grande was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. The whole thing was captured on cameras of TV crew that accompanied the police to film footage for a reality show. This has got to be the first Marijuana related death on record ;)

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73 thoughts on “Man Chokes to Death on Pot Baggie After Being Tasered by Cops

    • He kinda brought it upon himself by resisting arrest. I doubt the cops even knew he had any weed since the original call was for a physical disturbance. Plus he should have chewed his weed and chased it with a brew.

          • Cops are pussies, it was probably like 20 cops against this one faggot and yet they have to use a taser. If one of our “proffesionalytrained” pigs cant catch up to and knock down a street pothead without using a gun or a taser than we shouldjust hire anorexic blondegirls to protectus.

        • He had the weed in his mouth and he didn`t want to swallow but when he got tasered that probably got him to swallow the entire thing and went to his lungs, so NO GUY, NOT A DEATH BECAUSE OF USING THE DRUG! we`re still at 0

  1. fuck the fucker, innocent men dont run, innocent men don’t resist arrest, they cooperate, fuck him…altho i might be slightly biased cause i can’t run for shit!

  2. I’ll bet in his attempt to swallow his shit the baggie got lodged. Only problem was, in the midst of tazing him, the cops had no way to know what he was trying to digest in hopes of poopin it out the next day. .. Joint anyone?

  3. I Heard this when I was younger but this is a serious question, when someone is choking just like how we seen in the video is there really a certain spot on the front of your neck or chest (Somewere around that general area) that you can puncture or slit a bit so that the person can breath?

  4. I’ve been told before that if nothing else works to help someone choking, you can use the outside of a pen or anything small and hollow and stab it in the soft spot over our rib cage and under our neck, and hoping you aim right and not to deep…not sure if that’s true, happy stabbing lol

    • Omg, lf our Da Silva fellows read this, they will probably start stabbing everyone with A machete. When l was 4 l choked with a coin, my parents were shocked and did shit about it, lf my granma hadn’t stucked her fingers and pulled that coin out, now l would probably be 3 feet under, and doing ghostly stuff like scaring the shit out of my neighbours xD

  5. A relative of mine had a pot related death. He had lung cancer and was smoking bud which caused him to cough horribly. He died while smoking a joint (Medical Marijuana Patient). He coughed so hard he must have ruptured something and coughed/vomited up atleast 2 gallons of blood/fluid. Yea he died high (every potheads finial wish) but damn that was scary shit!

  6. It’s a shame that he didn’t make it but it’s fault.

    He made 3 mistakes: One was enough to call the cops. Second was resisting arrest, third stuffing a bag in his mouth. Don’t blame the cops fool

  7. He was a genius. Let’s put a plastic object in our mouth! I mean why hasn’t anyone else done this? Oh yea, coz the majority of them are dead -.-

  8. Are we going to ignore the fact that he was a gay porn star? Just throwing that out there. His film name was Dustin Michaels.
    Poor fool… I have to say it looks like he was struggling to get up because he was choking, at the start of the video, there’s a look of desperation in his eyes and when he stands up he looks a little shaky, maybe the tasering just made it worse. What a shitty and stupid way to die.

  9. that’s one way of dying by Marijuana sorry for the guy that passed way because of it shouldn’t try and eat the bag common since played a great deal in this as well he didn’t have any.

  10. A simple early morning disturbance call ended with the death of a gay-porn actor.
    And it was all captured on video.
    Deputies with the Bay County Sheriff’s Department in Florida arrived at the Executive Inn after Andrew Grande (known professionally as Dustin Michaels), 23, allegedly got into a fight with a female friend, according to Panama City Beach’s WJHG.
    Police attempted to handcuff Grande, who had reportedly swallowed a bag of marijuana. When he resisted, police Tasered him.
    A camera crew from Zoo Productions was at the scene and captured the moments before the incident, as well as after.
    Once he was struck by the powerful electrical jolt, Grande yanked the wires from his chest but showed signs of choking. Police tried to help, with one performing the Heimlich maneuver.
    Every effort by police to remove the object from Grande’s throat failed. Paramedics later arrived and removed the bag, but it was too late.

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  11. Goddamn, why not just send him to Dune Coon land and cut his fucking head off next time. Holy shit Guatemala. Keep tasing his ass until he dies of cardiac arrest. Cock suckers.

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