Man Gets Chopped to Death with Machete in Medellin, Colombia

Man Gets Chopped to Death with Machete in Medellin, Colombia

Violent machete attack was caught on CCTV cameras in Medellín, Colombia. A man receives at least 20 chops with a machete in a minute long attack and dies from sustained wounds. The killer is so casual about slashing the victim, it’s rather scary. Some of the blows delivered jammed the machete so deep inside the victim’s flesh, the attacker had to yank hard at the tool to get it out. And when the victim have clearly had enough, that’s when the killer started to deliver the really nasty cuts. Horrible.

Colombia is another one of those “safe” places that leftists claim get bad press, but are not really dangerous. You just need to respect the locals. Good luck respecting the locals when you’re being chopped up like a slab of meat on a chopping board. Leftists give me a fucking headache. I just wish they’d all move to Thailand and get thrown to death already.

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53 thoughts on “Man Gets Chopped to Death with Machete in Medellin, Colombia

  1. I got a hardon watching that newscaster, even though I didn’t understand a word she said

    was that a military guy or a police officer who confronted the attacker as he walked away?

    If that was some military guy, I am wondering why he didn’t just shoot the guy with the machete

  2. Very good is the gore content on free to air television in central and south america, very hot is the presenter. Very naughty is the machete man. The dead guy must have deserved such a fowl exit

    • Now I am only guessing here but I reckon she(the fit one) was talking about the up coming weather forecast, the cop was telling people not to bother going out because weather was going to be really bad and the other bird(the fucking god ugly one) was feeling sorry for herself cos she knows how damn ugly she is. Like I said, just guessing, I might be wrong due to the fact that I don’t speak Spanish.

      • Thank god, I thought I was the only one rolling on the floor at the fact that this bitch makes a living with that fucking bowl cut on live television.

  3. Someone help! This is fucked up, I got a comment through the other day, but over the last month I haven’t been able to comment! They just dissapear!

  4. If you don’t have a weapon and you’re too slow too out run the guy don’t stand still so he has space to chop you up, bear huge the fucker and he won’t be able to swing his sword.

  5. That screenshot is actually the most amazing thing i’ve seen in a long time. I’m using it for my next album cover… I’m not even joking by the way.

  6. in medellin is normal the people have a machete like “arrieros” they have a machete into the “vaina”, i live in the coast caribean of colombia, cartagena, here we have rocks :D hahaha (bad english)

  7. [email protected] on said:

    Its hard to tell how much damage the machete is actually doing

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