Man Cut in Half and Dismembered with a Chainsaw in Chile

Man Cut in Half and Dismembered with a Chainsaw in Chile

All I was told about these photos is that the victim was cut in half and dismembered with a chainsaw and that it allegedly happened in Chile. The photos were taken in a morgue as the corpse was being readied for an autopsy. I don’t have any further info beyond that, if correct at all. The people in the photos don’t strike me as your typical south Americans but I’ve never been to Chile so what do I know what types of flaites they have there.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. cremation is almost as old as time itself. altho i’m not sure i’d be able to ever aford something like this; i’ve been playing around with the notion of having my body shot into space , just on the off chance i might eventually scare the shit out of some extraterrestrials. even in death i’ll still want to be a dick.

          1. Better yet, the aliens find Oblit’s body floating around and bring it back to their planet to try and decipher his tat’s.And then they come to Earth to make their presents known and they all look like Oblit, tats and all!!!

  1. Looks like the dead guy complied when told to hold still while being cut in half. Very nice clean even cut indicates he was either dead already or he held his breath and didn’t move as the chain saw ripped into his flesh.

  2. I bet this shit happened in southern Chile.

    Mapuches usually kill each other with the help of any thing they have on hand. in this case it was a chainsaw. such a tasty lovely detail.

    flaites usually stab or shoot at you.

    flaites meelee attacks are coward/pussy kicks and bitch slaps

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