Man and Girl Shot by Four Assassins on two Motorcycles

Man and Girl Shot by Four Assassins on two Motorcycles

This is a deviation from your typical Brazilian assassination because instead of two hitmen on one motorcycle, it involved four hitmen on two motorcycles. They doubled their count for a double score but one of their victims survived.

The crime happened on late Thursday, December 27, 2012 in the Salgado area of Caruaru, Brazil. 47 year old popsicle vendor Severino Ramos Batista was at home and was visited by 16 year old Larissa Mirele Cordeiro when the assassins stormed in. The killers opened fire, mortally wounding the man but the girl, in spite of taking several shots, survived. Cleverly, she lay on the floor playing dead until the killers left.

Wonder what her chances to stay alive are now that the killers know she’d survived. Best never wear flip flops in her life again, just in case.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Man and Girl Shot by Four Assassins on two Motorcycles”

  1. I hope that there is a scientist out there who can perform tests based upon statistical probabilities that looks at the death rate in Brazil and Mexico of those who met an untimely end with emphases on footwear.

    I am sure that flip flops far outnumber any other footwear when it comes to the above therefore I have to conclude that there is a greater power out there, one that obviously has it in for flip flop wearers.

    Some of the ancient Gods of Greece were often depicted wearing flip flops, these very same Gods were often described as being at war with each other, is it therefore possible that all these flip flop related deaths are collateral damage as a result of a war that has span for over a hundred thousand years.

    If the above is true then the modern trainer might be our saviour for trainers were not around in the days of the Gods and therefore would not evoke their wrath.

  2. WOW! Really? Murder attempt in northeastern Brazil and none of the victims is a “da Silva”?

    By the way, she was probably a young prostitute who owed money to the drug dealers, and while she was on her way to ‘please’ another ‘customer’, the thugs came in to gave her the punishment reserved for those who don’t pay them in time.

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