Man Killed in Cold Blood After Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia

Man Killed in Cold Blood After Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia

CCTV cameras at a gas station in northern Barranquilla, Colombia filmed cold blooded assassination carried out amidst the crowd of people that hung around after attending the famous Barranquilla Carnival.

In the video, a man wearing white top pulls out a hand gun and approaches a man in black who is engaged in a conversation with friends. Upon noticing the gun, the victim attempted to fight the attacker back with kicks, but stood no chance against the fire arm.

The victim was identified as 24 year old Nestor Diaz Granados, a car audio salesman from northern Barranquilla. Later on (not included in the news clip), the Barranquilla Municipal Judge issued a warrant for arrest of 24 year old Jhonatan Galvis nicknamed “The Yellow” (how the hell do you get that nickname?). Witnesses testified that Jhonatan had gotten into an argument with Nestor Diaz so to square up with him after the argument was over, he fetched his .38 caliber revolver and shot the man in cold blood in front of everyone. Damn snackbarist!

Props to Best Gore member rubialan07 for the translation from Spanish:

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  1. i wonder if ‘yellow’ left his car with this guy to fit a new mp3 player and a boom box in his boot for a lot of money…i bet he installed a goodmans tape deck with a michael bolton tape inside it….i’d kill some twat for a insult like that!…just a thought

    1. Too right. He could have.just tried to beat that ass with fists, but…no. he was a coward. I.feel bad for the dead guy.
      Oh well…
      Yeah my wifey, time to clean it up as BB said. 😉

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