Man on Leash Shot in Head After Begging His Captors to Kill Him

Man on Leash Shot in Head After Begging His Captors to Kill Him

My understanding is that this happened in Brazil. According to the information I got, the victim begs for the captors to kill him, apparently because he’d been tortured.

The video shows him being held on a leash in form of a rope around his neck. It’s possible that he was being dragged and/or choked with the rope. Either way, the captors granted him the wish and killed him execution style by shooting him in the head at close range.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Agreed, the value of life worldwide is dropping dramatically, in fact I would say it has a negative value in some parts of the world, presently.

      The most valuable thing is a human soul, yet who treasures it? Who even believes in it anymore?

      1. And when they realized they forgot their poop-bag they freaked the fuck out and decided to murder the only witness. Some apartment complexes’ll evict you for letting a steamer stay on the lawn. The guys really had no choice.

    1. Rio’s fine – it’s the rural areas that are fucked.
      Pernambuco, Bahia, etc. Whatever you do though, leave the flip-flops at home, never point at anything – ever – and if you meet someone named Da Silva RUN.

  1. Wow! How did they know that this is a giant fantasy of mine〜⁈
    Well.. At least being put on a leash and beat up by aggressive men.
    Getting fatally shot twice..? I do not think that would really do it for me, at least not right now…
    BG is just pandering right to me today, boys! Hehe. ♡

  2. I knew the world was bad but I didn’t know how bad. I watch the videos on here I guess for a reality check.. Unlike most of you I actually have compassion for people. I wish death on no one but a lot of you I wish bad on… Pretty much all the bad shit on earth should happen to you asswipes . For you twisted ass mfs to make jokes about someone’s suffering is morbid and goes to show you’re fucked in the head. Death is reality but it shouldn’t be desensitized. Watching someone beg to be killed isn’t funny at all… Especially when you go on to joke about. You’re all probably adopted or raised by ratchet crackhead sluts..bastards. Make sure you have the camera rolling and you’re cracking jokes when someone takes it upon themselves to devalue your life. I legit hate you all.

    1. Why don’t you fuck off to another website then? I was an medic for years, people are animals, and many deserve to die. I know this, because I have seen what people do to each other. I have seen it and smelled it first hand. Death smells like……victory. I don’t have sympathy anymore. Actually, I changed careers when I started hoping that the assholes I was going to save would just die. People are fucked, deal with it. Anyhoo….rambling a bit.

    2. I agree with your first couple sentences, and then your comment devolves into nonsense. You claim to have compassion for “people,” presumably even people in the cycle of violence that ends with videos like this, and yet you wish bad on the people on this site. Despite the subject matter, I’m going to guess that a large majority of the people on here are decent human beings. What does your comment say about you?

      Some people may make jokes about BG content because they’re uncomfortable with it. Others may joke because the people in the videos are at fault for what’s happening to them. Others may be laughing because they’re sociopaths. But regardless, it’s funny that basically state that you’re above them by starting your comment with “Unlike most of you I actually have compassion for people.” And then you show no compassion for people whose motives you couldn’t possibly understand because they made comment on the internet that you judge to be bad.

      If you truly want to have compassion for people and your words aren’t just a way to make yourself feel better about being an asshole, I hope you take a long, hard look at yourself. You may not like what you find, but acknowledging the truth of what you see in the mirror is the first step toward genuine compassion (IMO of course).

    3. Don’t read the comments then… Simple as that.. Bestgore comment section is renowned for being brutal as fuck!! You did read the warning before you logged in.

      If you don’t like it then go to YouTube…

    4. @fuckyouall88 You are obviously new here. Fuck off. Or keep dumb shit like that to yourself. Who the fuck do you think you are to judge anyone else’s reaction to tragedy or having the fleeting nature of life so ubiquitously and acerbically displayed? Worry ’bout your own shit, mate – that’s all you can control and the only motherfucker you can judge anyway. I have compassion. Too fucking much actually, and I can still laugh my ass off with all of the witty, brilliant, in-fuckin’-sane members here. This site’s actually made me appreciate life all the more. So jog on Susie.

  3. Jesus Fucking Christ! It’s sick what we do to each other on this little ball of dirt we called Earth. If we’re the only intelligent beings in the universe…. That would make us pathetic bags of mostly water.

  4. Not a notable video except the death request that is a first from what I know. This was not a man but still a child in my opinion. Probably in his 20s. However, think on all the death you have witnessed on this website and just think for moment. Parents raised many of the dead, they survived usually until their 20-30 year range yet they died in an instant. 20-30 years of work to build a life, an identity, a soul. Then its taken away like a potato chip in a bag. This website devalues human life in a way we all get blinded to the idea these dead people had friends, families, children, and no matter how horrible, many of these people did some good in the world and could have done more good if given the chance. I’m not talking about Zetas or ISIS fucks who are pure evil but the other 99% we see die on this website. I post a simlar message every 3-4 months in hopes to remind everyone that the dead we see are somebody that meant something to someone. RIP.

    1. I’ve often pondered over what you say @bertdanger , you make an interesting point.
      About the victim’s families and friends and how, in Brazil for instance, they react to a loved one being murdered, more often than not in an awful way.
      Is it like water off a duck’s back due to their lifestyle and surroundings, or do they mourn their dead in the same way as more civilised people?. Does the shock factor wear thin for these families after experiencing carnage first hand on multiple occasions?.

  5. EVIL SUB HUMANS don’t you know you WILL face GOD one of these days and I’d be petrified to see what will happen when GOD says it time to go to HELL for ALL ETERNITY BABY trust me this is REAL TALK.

  6. After being shot twice, does this guy when lifted to face the camera open his eyes and attempt to focus? To me it looked like his eyes rolled back so we could only see the whites of his eyes then as the camera zooms in his eyes appear in an attempt to focus!
    Maybe someone with a medical background could tell me what’s going on there?!

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