Man with Metal Tube vs Man with Machete Street Fight

Man with Metal Tube vs Man with Machete Street Fight

The long range weapon has a distinct advantage over the short range one, despite notoriously destructive blade. What good is a deadly blade if you can’t get to your target without being first lethally clubbed over your head?

Video from Brazil shows a street fight between a man with a metal tube and a man with a machete. The man with the metal tube had support from another guy but that one didn’t do much damage.

Between 0:14 and 0:17, the metal tube guy delivered a few bone crushing blows, effectively breaking the opponent’s arm and shoulder, but his machete wielding arm was still OK. Realizing he was in deep shit, the machete guy tried to flee but the tube guy kept swinging and with one blow knocked the machete out of the hand of his opponent. The machete guy figured that without his machete he stood no chance and stopped to pick it up – that was his fatal mistake. Literally.

As he bent over to pick the machete up, the tube guy clubbed him over the head with the tube, a blow which proved fatal. Albeit effectively knocked out, the tube guy delivered one more hip crushing blow to the pelvis, but at that time, the machete guy was no longer a threat. As a matter of fact, he was no longer alive – or at least pretty close to it.

It was just another lazy afternoon in Brazil

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Man with Metal Tube vs Man with Machete Street Fight”

    1. I know right… the best part was the kid just waving his arms, and probably saying something like “Oh, don’t worry everyone… nothing to see here, just another fight like yesterday’s fight.”

      The more I see videos like these, the more I appreciate living in the USA (and soon moving to Canada… hopefully)

    1. i’m gonna say that machete guy started it. the tube is more of an improvised weapon so the machete guy, already possessing a deadly weapon, was confident to start some shit. untl tube guy picked up his chosen weapon and proved superior.

      1. You have to remember. also, to this day, carring a machete, or facao, in Brazil, is like carring a cell phone in America. It’s the Latin American lawnmower/ butcherknife/ fruit cutter. I have been on more than a few public buses, in which you had to check your matchete with the bus driver, or tie it to the roof of the bus. It’s also just part of traditional dress, silly bastards get drunk and have friendly machete sword fights all the time.It’s some sort of honner thing. Not kidding.

        1. Wow…traditionnal? A machete? Brazil is epic, for real, man…I need to go. Ha! Instead of keeping me away from Brazil, with all those horrors I’ve seen, it just made me wanna go more…I’m sooo twisted 馃檪
          I wanna go, to see free fights. We don’t get this here, as I read (who said this…I don’t remember, credits go to this person…), here people pay to see fights. A lot. In Brazil it’s just like: “this afternoon’s classic fight”, wow…And in case you miss it, there’s the good old “evening fight”, and even the “late night fight”…so epic…

    1. You do realize the guy with the pipe won right? I think it boils down to what kind of skill you have with the weapon you choose. Big strong guy could swing that pipe with a lot of force and do serious damage whenever he connected.
      Oh, and fight was over before the head shot. Take a closer look – he broke that guys arm with an early shot. It was flopping around. Now, the same pipe that was lethal in that huge dude’s hands would be worthless in the hands of some pencil thin guy. Smaller guy (or a woman) would be better served with a knife.

  1. Pretty good fight but I think that Tubby was the deciding factor. When he threw that piece of tile at the guy with the machete, it knocked him off balance and he never recovered. The lesson is: Use a shield. Find a garbage can lid or something if you ever find yourself fighting a big, strong guy with a 10′ iron pipe or run like hell.

    1. I wonder if he would have stood a chance if he had gotten a hand on that pipe so the guy couldn’t swing it and then with the other hand,swinging that machete like there’s no tomorrow!!! Of course there will be no tomorrow for that guy anyway!!!

  2. I really like how the victor smoothly walked away and melted into the street scene. Job done sort of thing. Sort of along the lines of the hero cowboy riding off into the sunset in the western movies.

  3. Theres days I wanna kill my neighbor but than I see shit like this, so not worth it, just lifeless…for what? Probably drunk too. Can’t believe after billions of years we still kill each other over the stupidest shit. rape and molestation and such should be the only reasons a person is put to death or killed.

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