Man Murders Wife and Kids with an Axe (WARNING – Dead Children)

Man Murders Wife and Kids with an Axe

In a sleepy Ukrainian town of Poltava, a man hacked his wife, his wife’s sister and their newborn twin sons to death with an axe in what became known as “Poltava Infanticide”. The boys just turned one month old. The corpses were discovered by a neighbor from whom the family used to buy fresh milk.

The police learned that tensions existed between “The Butcher” Vitali and his wife Zoe right from the start of their relationship. Vitali was a convict with long police record. His first brush with law took place 15 years prior to the murder when he was sentenced to prison time for theft.

Vitali met with Zoe shortly after his latest release from jail. She was married to a different man but did not live with him. Vitali did not mind that Zoe was previously married and started a relationship with her. From the relationship, the twins were born.

Since Zoe was still officially married to her previous husband and didn’t want to rush with the divorce, tensions between her and Vitaly grew. After their twin sons were born, Vitali threatened that unless she divorces her first husband, he was gonna kill their sons. And to make it clear that he means business, he beat Zoe up several times and applied electric shocks to faces of infants.

During one of the disputes, Vitali tore all Zoe’s Ids, including her passport to shreds. Because she had no Ids, when time for her came to register her children and get their birth certificates, she put her first husband down as father of the twins and gave them his last name. That ticked Vitali off beyond control and blood was drawn with an axe.

Not only did Vitaly axe Zoe and their two sons to death, he also butchered Zoe’s sister who helped them to look after their children.

After his arrest, Vitali showed no signs of remorse. Instead, he repeatedly told the investigators what kind of whore Zoe was and how much he hated her. For his crime, Vitali was handed a life sentence.

Many thanks to 0D1N for leads to the story.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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151 thoughts on “Man Murders Wife and Kids with an Axe (WARNING – Dead Children)”

  1. The only thing I can think of, is maybe she cheated and the kids weren’t his? Or maybe she is married to someone else and this is the act of a jealous former lover? Killing babies is something that I don’t think anybody can do and not be really messed up in the head!

    1. Well I for one am a daily reader on this site, but I almost always skip by animal cruelty posts and dead children. I enjoy good gore, but I can’t do those. Looked at this one for a reason I don’t really know and wished I hadn’t.

      1. yes I agree. Like yourself, I can never go into stories that includes animals and kids.I am an animal lover and I can’t stand to see one being abused.I can’t imagine how people can do these things to each other, but somehow I am drawn to this site. I’m mostly interested in the stories more than anything. I seriously learn alot at this site.

        1. Agreed, I do learn from these peoples deaths featured on thus site, yes there is a strange lure to the gore of it but everyone has that in them to some degree, everyone wonders about their mortality we have to its what makes us human, death is like a bad car accident everyone has to stop and look. Like the infamous quote Rev. Jim Jones left behind for the world to read before he massacred hundreds of innocent men, women, and children “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”…and that’s lesson I try to take from all these peoples deaths, I like to belive they didn’t die for the sake of humor or entertainment but for a morbid lesson in life they could never teach us alive but only in death…and so I say from the bottom of my pitch black heart, thank you dead people of best gore

          1. Make no mistake, we (I, at least. I can’t speak for anyone else) come here for an education and for entertainment. I enjoy watching and seeing death, and the people that know me know this to be the way I am. I like talking about the spicifics of reality, that others squrm away from.
            But most of all, I harden my heart to death, very much on purpose, and I don’t think I stand alone by doing this.
            But I sure do like raw cookie dough!

          2. Yeah i enjoy it everyone does human love violence gore is the ultimate, but just cause view someone’s death as entertainment doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from it

        1. I hate some of the animal vids, like the gook boiling a cat that’s ALIVE in oil….wanted to find the nearest bug-eater and do the same to them. One reason I fucking hate asians that are super gookie.
          As far as children murdered, I have absoutly no problem with it.
          They are simply human larve. Nothing more.
          Yes. I understand that they are “innocent”. However. Time has just not had a chance to happen to demonstrate that they are just the same as the rest of us.
          There is no safe-haven from being a shit when you are a human.
          That is simply, just what we are.
          I like seeing dead children for this exact reason. It’s just prefered that they didn’t suffer, because my opinions, preffrences or vigor has no bearing on the fact that DEAD CHILDREN HAPPEN.

        1. Yha, you wouldn’t. You are the type who veiws human life supirior to all others, dispite the reality that contridicts that.
          It is also about fucking time you stop typing with your keyboard from work.
          When human infants and dismembered toddlers are show splattered across the street, I’ll make sure to comment on how happy I feel that you are crying over dead human larva.
          You go be who you are for the rest of your life. That is the greatest offense that could be spit at you.

      1. Think of it this way DooM, gore is like a feast of diffrent foods, it doesn’t mean your gunna eat everything, no your gunna pick and choose what you like to eat and leave what you don’t, its a matter of taste and and we all know people have diffrent tastes, what appeals to you may not appeal to another, its the same with music, movies, cars, women, and even gore

    2. I’m with you I don’t get it either considering people can laugh, joke, and insult pictures of adults dead but then everyone wants to vomit when it involves animals and children. I don’t get it, I hate to be frank but animals, children, and babies die too so I don’t get the hypocrisy of it all.

          1. Bogan is a unique blend. The American equivalent would be a hybrid of white trash and “wigger” Sorta like if you made Eminem a redneck. Bogan is the type of white trash in america that dresses “black” has 7 kids on welfare and try to sound and look stupid.

    1. His wife was probably being a smart ass like you and his kids being annoying just like you, go ahead go try shake his hand see if he dont cut it the fuck off…I would, then Id bitch slap you with your own severed hand cause I don’t hit girls 🙂

          1. I hope that came across as geuine concern for what others think. If it did, than my sarcastic, fiction writing skills are improving emensly. (immensly?? WORD MURDERER!!)

    1. Texas is the #1 state in the U.S. where mothers kill their own children…I would imagine they do it to get even with the father, this fucker might have done the same kill the kids to get even with the wife…or he might of killed them out of sympathy, think about it what kinda life would they live knowing their father killed their mother, he might of done out of sympathy for the children, what I really wanna know is why didn’t he kill himself? That’s the real mystery.

      1. I would have to say that he killed her first. If any Mother seen anyone take an axe to the kids she would have been all over him. Therefore she would have had a lot more wounds.
        It seems like she had one, and each kid had one.

  2. Damn i thought that the pics are from an axe murderer from Greenland for about two weeks ago…he killed an 82 year old lady her 32 year old daughter and finally 8 year old grandchild….and injured two more.

  3. i still don’t fully understand why people can kill defenceless, innocent children. i hope the murderer is haunted by the faces of the family he killed for the rest of his life and that life in prison is hell for him.

  4. strangely, they are in a better place now instead of growing up with a homicidal maniac who had no love for them. the murder was brutal but now they are resting for eternity. gone forever from the shithole that is life on planet Earth. why does everyone think life is so great when every day is a struggle to survive. there are 1000 ways to die every day. i suppose i look forward to my own demise.

    1. Here Fucking Here!
      People put WAY too much importance on the IDEA can CONCEPT that life is precious, even though the REALITY of life is a fat contridiction.
      It’s base is that this is all we have, and this is all we know.
      For what I know, and what all I have got (which is quite a bit, not a lot of money, but more so in valuables and in knowlage) this is very easily traded for whatever is behind door # 2.
      Fuck. This. Place.
      And fuck being human.

  5. i am actualy close to fucking tears now after seing the babies. i would never ever do anything like that to my son. plus i’m broody and trying for another child. how can people live with themselves when they do something so fucking sick and twisted

    1. You are making a horrible and common mistake.
      It certinly, does not.
      Especially YOUR understanding, Mommy.
      As for wanting to have more kids, well, the world is in desprate need of humans. What will happen if they run out!
      Especially if you are brown.

      1. If people don’t view the world the way you do then why should they? This woman is entitled to her beliefs and views as much anyone else is although its easy to make inflammatory statements when there are no consequences to yourself for doing so.

          1. It’s cool, sometimes I write shit to envoke. That, just happened to NOT be one of them.
            In my opinion, and I have these discussions from time to time (in person when the person I’m talking to needs to hear it) that if they are offended by what I say, it is their decision to veiw things in a narrow, or a more well rounded way, (more or less) Challanging people’s veiws, as I have challanged my own to come to my OWN conclusions, has used gore and death as a cornerstone of a better understanding of reality, to not veiw life as a fictional, imagionary world.
            It would be nice if people wern’t so asleep, but they are, and for the most part, that will never change.

            One thing I cam super greatful for, is here, on Best Gore, a very good number of people here seem to submerge themselves as I have. SOmething that, in day to day life, is pretty challanging to find.

            Excuse me if I jam my jaded mind into yours without apologizing aftarwards, because unless I am in the wrong, I won’t.

          2. If it’s thoughtsyou intend to evoke, then I commend you for speakingyour point of view. Whetheror not we agree on things is relative of course. However, I think most of us would agree that denial doesn’t do anyone justice, especially for the dead depictedon this site. Cheers bro, good talk!

      2. i’m a white british mum who can’t stand the fact that people have children then do away with them like they’re nothing. even if life is hard for the parent they should at least try and get the kids into a better enviroment.this world needs better parents and i intend to be one. everyone has a hard life but it’s no escuse to hurt children. i don’t care what the situation was here, it’s not a fucking good enuff reason for this to happen

        1. I do commend you for doing right by your children, by being an accountable mother.
          Seriously, good for you, it’s work that is worth the work, because they are a reality and you are taking them on.
          However, to group the rest of this INSANE virus known as humans, as being something that makes any sense at all, and being baffled by not understanding HOW it does what it does, on a CASE-By-CASE basis, let alone as a whole, is what I meen by making the mistake of looking at things as you would understand them as being.
          In other words, this is a nightmare that just gets worse and worse, and has always been that way.
          It always WILl be that way, untill that ONE FANTASTIC DAY that the very last human life is snuffed out.
          But, in the meen time, raise your kids (your white, so that’s kinda a plus, most woman having kids are brown and poping out 2-3 at a time)
          But, think for a second, is bring MORE into THIS world, anything more than a simple act of cruelity?

      1. I had seen that site before, they had described the mating habits of goth, that the goth are in danger of becoming extinct.
        Hillbillies aren’t restricted to skin color here, though there seems to be a dominance of white trash in hillbillies.

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t think Ukraine has the death penalty in their legal system. The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs went on a pretty nasty killing spree including, of course the video of them smashing that man’s face and the worst they got was life in prison.

  6. I really can’t handle looking to killed babies..Gosh!! imprisonment is not enough for him. I wish we still have that death penalty where a person will be hammered til death..or his internal organs being removed one by one while he’s alive.. mark posted those death penalties before…

  7. I’m actually feeling let down over the post title and the lack of ‘Graphic’. The word graphic should only be used to describe something graphic when there is actually something graphic needing some description.

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