Man Shot in Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun While Napping In Hammock

Epic Head Openage

Man Shot in Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun While Napping In Hammock

A man known only as a Deputado (Deputy), was killed in the early hours of Saturday March 18, 2017 in the community of Poço Novo in the rural zone of Baraúna, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

He reportedly napped in a hammock in the backyard and was killed with a 12 gauge shotgun blast to his head. His killer can no longer sing Bob Marley’s “…but I didn’t shoot the deputy” song.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Man Shot in Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun While Napping In Hammock”

    1. Nope,,, he continued dreaming the Supertramp Song, and can you put your hand in your head,,, oh no! Allllright, what a Day,,, A Year,,, A Life it is. You know, cause you know, you have it coming to YOU. And now, there,s not, a lot i can do. Dreamer, you silly little Dreamer. lol.

          1. “I haven’t forgotten about you.
            I have been kinda busy too.
            Getting drunk and binge watching Netflix.
            So I ain’t been around much either.
            You be careful out there and take care.”

  1. Safe to say the legendary indestructible eye did not survive this time. He still somehow looks quite peaceful despite the space between his face and the back of his head looking like ground beef.

      1. True. Looks like a clean split other than the mess in the middle.

        What did the face say to the back of the head?

        “Our relationship has gotten too messy.”
        “I think it’s time for us to part ways.”

        I don’t think this end result is what he had in mind when he said he wanted to have a mind blowing dream.

  2. Diz lazy ass, if Me fond one of my workers sleeping I would blast da maafackas brain out too nigga.

    Thanks mark for this post, ill print this brazilians pic and place it next to the workers comp posters we are required by law to post in the office for employees to read. It’ll serve as an example to lazy ass niggas workers we are forced to hire in order to avoid fines with a script written in it:
    “Avoid sleeping at the job and avoid getting your brains blown out niggers” look at this Brazilian, he thought sleeping at the job was a good idea.”baaaang nigga” you’ve been warned!

    That dead Brazilian I loveee…

    1. An employee I now work with, who worked at a manufacturing plant I used to work at told me about this worthless nigger that never did shit and when he did it was always fucked up and everyone had to fix all his shoddy work or throw things away, so basically worse than useless. Anyways this nigger used to take half hour naps every 15 minute break outside and an hour on half hour lunches. He asked the employee to warn him if he slept too long. Well he would warn him from time to time, but there was this supervisor who was notorious for firing people on the spot and everytime that supervisor was on shift he wouldn’t warn him to wake up. Stupid nigger got fired by that shift supervisor after getting busted three times.

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