Man Shot in the Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun – Aftermath Video

Man Shot in the Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun - Aftermath Video

Man Shot in the Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun - Aftermath Video

This man was shot in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun and also had a few 9mm rounds popped in him for good measure. He died with brain matter spilled over cobblestone walkway somewhere in Brazil. I did not have enough info on where exactly it happened or what lead to his brutal death.

I think this is the first 12 gauge shotgun to the head aftermath video with such close ups we’ve ever had on Best Gore. We have many pictures, but not videos so this will complement the collection well.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Man Shot in the Head with 12 Gauge Shotgun – Aftermath Video”

  1. the music the camera work just awesome kinda made me want to go get some popcorn turn lights down blast it on my 60inch plasma. was getting the vibe something big was going to happen. guess i get worked up with music like this

  2. They forgot to steal his watch? Another pointless waste of life, at least his mummy has a nice video of him available online to remember him by. She can show it at the funeral, and bust it out at the Easter party next week over a few eggs.
    That music is fucked though she might want to over dub it with something upbeat like Feel so Close by Calvin Harris, you don’t want to ruin a good party with crap tunes.

    1. Now I want a Babyruth, which now that I think about is a very good candy bar that I don’t eat very often…in fact before I got I clean i never really ate candy or sweets at all, but for some reason now I get crazy cravings for ice cream and chocolate bars, ice cream more than anything (getting up for ice cream now)

    1. Actually, I believe most of it is The Dark Knight… #8 – Like A Dog Chasing Cars. Inappropriate in my opinion. If we’re going to stick to Hans Zimmer, this would’ve worked better with the score from The Ring. Not as epic, but damn creepy…

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