Man Stabbed Multiple Times at a Party in South Texas

Man Stabbed Multiple Times at a Party in South Texas

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Gorilla Biscuit. I’m proud to welcome Gorilla Biscuit to the family and hope you join me in welcoming him too. As I was explained, Gorilla Biscuit used to work in public safety and accumulated pictures of murder victims, suicides, fatal wrecks, etc. that he’s willing to contribute exclusively to Best Gore.

As is a tradition, I’ll let the contributor explain the backstory behind the pictures:

The man in the photos is a stabbing victim who upset the wrong people at a party a couple years back. He was stabbed several times and didn’t stand a chance as you can tell. It occurred at a known drug house in South Texas and this possibly happened over a dispute over drugs.

He sure looks riddled with stab wounds. Thanks a lot Gorilla Biscuit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Aw Fiend, its not being too much of an attention whore. I only asked because I thought no one could see me and wanted to make sure there wasn’t something wrong with my profile ha!

            At the time, I had nothing better to do because of insomnia. @[email protected]

        1. I’ve been a fan of this site for like 3 yrs now and finally created an account in support of Mark. Naw, I’m a whore of attention. muwah! Mark, you are awesome. Nicole, you are hot. Jesus, you are jesus. Fiend, good job helping with the site. I don’t know what I’d do without this site.

          – Mr.Decay

        1. “Drugs are bad” What do you classify as “drugs”? Caffeine? Tylenol? Chocolate? Or just the stuff the government says is “bad”? Last time I checked they’d give a child meth if they felt like it talked to much in school but they put a fancy name on it. Same as cocaine and heroin.

      1. Meth addicts get sores all over their bodies from the drug.
        You can always tell a Meth addict by their messed up scabby faces.
        Meth addicts will pick the scabs and smoke them (as there is trace amounts of the drug in the scabs) – they will even go as far as picking other Meth addicts scabs and smoke them too!
        Oh yeah… chemicals are bad.

          1. Why does that not surprise me Spanky?
            No doubt you are a meth freak yourself.
            So, I am your latest stalking victim hey… and you call me sad.

      2. Sometimes drugs can actually alter the face, given the “right” constellation of factors; fluid/-macro-micro-nutrient deficiencies/malnutrition & related disorders or diseases/abnormal body and brain chemistry (the brain regulates secretion of all bodily hormones)/inflammation or shrinkage of blood vessels and other structures underlying skin tissue/abnormalities in proteins feeding and interacting with skin layers/abnormalities in collagen and cartilage synthesis and repair/emaciation resulting in the wasting and consumption of muscle tissue defining facial landscape and bone pitting and corrosion.

  1. Hey I’m from South Texas..where exactly did this happen I’m guessing the PSJA area maybe even Edinburg or Mcallen, there’s been a couple of stabbing around here lately..shit I even got my hand sliced open a couple weeks back, unfortunately there are to many parties that go wrong down here in south texas.

  2. They also bag the hands of murder victims to preserve any potential evidence on the hands/under the fingernails.

    The fact that his hands are bagged, along with the shot where they rolled his stiff body to photograph his back tattoos, indicates that this bloke was dead at the time these photos were taken.


      1. i can not spell to save my life, i would always be out first round in any spelling bee i was forced to participate in, i am more “street smart”.

        i guess that’s why i haven’t seen his name ina long time. when i would visit BG before i officially joined, i would always look for trauma’s comment on posts. he was very informative and knew his shit.

  3. Remember the video a few weeks back with the white guy getting deebo’d by all them monkeys at that street party? That’s should be an instructional video for any white person going to parties… I bet this guy was the only whitey, feel bad for him tho, he got dealt with!!

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