Man Stabbed to Death with Multiple Knives

Man Stabbed to Death with Multiple Knives

I have no background on this picture, but I can’t help suspect Brazil. With that many flip flops it is hard to attribute it to anywhere else. But I’m happy to be told otherwise. You will notice some rich snobs have turned up for the photo wearing shoes. What braggarts.

The other thing you will probably notice about this photo is that there is a guy laying on the road. No one likes a backstabber, so whomever decided this guy needed to die put all the knives in the front. I count 33, but there may be more.

I’m sure that knives in his mouth and eye have some significance, but the quantity of knives stuck into his crotch makes me grimace. Maybe it is just me, but it seems to take cruel a little too far.

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  1. I saw this on a Brazilian news channel, it is indeed in a Brazilian prison (yeah, they do carry knives and all sorts of guns in prisons there).

    Quite epic though, because one knife isn’t enough, maybe 20 will do it, just to make sure.

        1. It is quite humorous that almost every country has a stereotypical name that people refer to them by, the English John Smith, the Irish Paddy, the Scottish Jimmy, The Brazilian da Silva, the French Pierre, the list goes on.

          I can only think of one example that does hold true though, The Pakistani Mohammed because there are so many of them called Mohammad it is unbelievable and possibly the Indian Patel.

          1. They name their children Mohammed because of their prophet Mohamed. The same a lot of Roman Catholics in Spanish (and Portuguese) speaking countries name their children Jesus.

            I’ve never heard of those English, Irish and Scotish stereotypes, to be honest. I do however hear a lot that British people (and by this it implies the majority) have bad teeth.. Can’t confirm the validity of that though.

        1. Lol, l? isso ? verdade. Temos uns pol?ticos de merda, somos governados por saloios, temos uma cambada de burros e incompetentes na administra??o p?blica, mas ao menos n?o temos este tipo de viol?ncia. lol Mais que motivos para se ter orgulho em ser tuga!

          1. Portugal e um paraíso comparado com grande parte do mundo..Tirando a cova da moura e um ou outro bairro chunga, o resto do pais e super pacifico.

    1. Lol this thing is about this is he was littaraly stabbed.. everywhere it really looks like these guys just took the time to stab in certin places but then when just crazy stabing the rest of the knives everywhere in him….

  2. They missed a spot on his arm. Fuckin crazy Brazilians. No half measures from them guys. Merry Christmas to everyone, and if ya hate Christmas as some members do, have a good day anyway. Now, I’m off to stick a knife in a corpse.

  3. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my Gore family and I hope that those of you that celebrate and those of you that don’t have a great day today and keep those cameras ready! More peeps on the streets mean the chance of plentiful Gore content around the world!!!!! I only got coal in MY stocking but hopefully your Christmas was a little more plentiful! This Christmas is a reminder that I’ve been here for a whole year now! Quite a few changes since last year for both the site and for me but I’m STILL here nonetheless! Merry Xmas and I love you all!!!! <3

    1. Hey, @juicegirl, why don’t ya get rid of that twinkie for your avatar and give us guys an avatar of your titties as a christmas present for us guys (and some girls), I might like christmas a little bit again. All in favor, say FUCK YEAH!!!!

  4. If my memory serves me correctly, I think I have seem this on Best Gore before, around 2009 or 2010?

    For some reasons, I was thinking this is from Mexico–narco related, but it could very well be from Brazil, Caruaru or Bahia maybe, and he might just be Da Silva.

    I’d like to see what the flip flops wearing Da Silvas in Caruaru have been up to lately–we haven’t had Da Silva in a while.

  5. Yikes. Think one guy stabbed him with all those knives, or everybody had one and planted it in him? In any event, Merry Christmas, if you don’t believe in Christmas, Happy Wednesday. Best wishes for the New Year to all of you!

  6. Happy Free Shit Day to all of my long standing friends, The Students Of Best Gore who, unlike most of the virus, KNOW DAMN WELL the truest aspects of death scenes like the one above. NOT a rarity, NOT a tragedy, NOT ANYTHING but the results of the human monster just doing what it does.

    Best for us to enjoy the reality so when we are faced with it, we know how to hold our camera phones with a steady hand and provide WORLD CLASS commentary, for the suicide hoover dam video has some of the BEST words talked to date as a man took the rest of his life to reach the bottom.

    So, anyway, as I’ve said a few times now, I’ve missed many of you in the time I’ve been elsewhere in my Fleshy Virus Experience, and being back now is the one thing that makes me show SERIOUS AMOUNTS of fucking teeth!

    1. I’m new so you most certainly don’t know me but I recognize your username from old posts. Welcome back (: that head-smashing video was so good in slow motion, I’m sure the impact made up for all the cement burn he got on the way down.

  7. It’s reassuring to see when peoples’ Knife Throwing skills are improving. It means all the hard work paid off. Congratulations class! Next term after Christmas Break, we start Beginning Machetes!

        1. They all seem to follow the tired old cliches, like having a twist in the story you can see a mile off, and artsy abrupt endings that make zero fucking sense. It’s infuriating to get to the end of a movie and instantly regret wasting 2 odd hours of your life. And don’t get me started on re-makes. Unoriginal useless bastards.

  8. I remember seeing this photo a year or so back on another gore site when I was researching for a novel I’m working on (I like to be as realistic and as descriptive as possible because of reasons), but they didn’t have where it was from.

    Hmm, and now I know.

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