Man Stabbed to Death in Nagpur, India for Rs 50,000

Man Stabbed to Death in Nagpur, India for Rs 50,000

50,000 Indian Rupees – that’s less than a grand of American money. Apparently that’s all one needs to get a person with whom they have a dispute over land killed in India.

Jitendra Ganwde was a builder from Nagpur, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. Nagpur is ranked the cleanest and the second greenest city in the country. I’m not sure if that’s saying much as anyone who’s been to India can attest to how dirty it is. Rivers of garbage and human waste are a constant occurrence wherever in the country one goes.

On January 10, 2013 Jitendra Ganwde was stabbed to death at the Seven Hill Bar in the Sakardara area over a property dispute by contract killers hired to get rid of him for Rs 50k. The stabbing was caught on the bar’s CCTV camera.

If India keeps it up, it will soon be like Thailand where one can find contract killer willing to take a hit job for a few bucks. You could get two dozen people offed for a grand in Thailand. Apparently, life is more expensive in India.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Man Stabbed to Death in Nagpur, India for Rs 50,000”

  1. Idiots. Well lit, public place with CCTV. Good thinking, great plan. For a thousand dollars split four ways it looks like. Maybe the criminal mastermind that came up with this idea can also plan their escape from prison. RIP Jitendra

    1. Contract Killer: “So which death would you like us to kill him by sir?”

      Mr. Patel: “How much is the ‘death by a silencer’?”

      Contract Killer: “That would be 75,000 rupees sir”

      Mr. Patel: “(thinks about it) nah I’ll just go with the knife for 50,000”

    1. My thought’s as well 1girl1cup. It’s as if they’re only gonna smack him around so who care’s if anyone see’s us. They must either be complete morons or they have no fear of being caught. Big knife to the stomach has to suck a bag of dicks. Ouch..

    1. No shit, if my sums are correct you can be a millionaire there with under $20k! I’m gonna borrow some money off of my mum and live in a big mansion made from mud bricks with a moat around the grounds full of curry and litter and dead cats!

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