Man Wearing a Rosary Around His Neck Got Stoned to Death

Man Wearing a Rosary Around His Neck Got Stoned to Death

A man known only as Gilmar, approximately 35 years old, was brutally murdered by stoning in the early hours of Friday April 12, 2013. The crime happened in front of a house known as Big Brother on Rua In谩cio de Melo in the Oitizeiro area of Jo茫o Pessoa, the capital of Para铆ba, Brazil. Gilmar had his skull cracked and face disfigured by the blows with the stone that was larger than his head. A rosary he wore around his neck did not save him from sheer rage he was subjected to.

Authorities don’t know the motive nor who could have killed the man in such a brutal manner. Heck, they don’t even know his full identity – other than his nickname. I don’t think anyone can go wrong guessing Da Silva as his last name…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Man Wearing a Rosary Around His Neck Got Stoned to Death”

          1. That guy took a chip off of the old rock. And if he was a rock star then he was probably smoking some rock too. He really hit rock bottom.. Sticks and stones will break your bones.

  1. “The crime happened in front of a house known as Big Brother”

    I really wish the Z list celebrity assholes who occupy our Big Brother house here in the UK could receive such treatment, I might actually watch the fucking dismal, psychosis inducing piece of shit show then.

      1. @LaneUK,

        A lot of these celebrity dung merchants would probably bash their own brains out if they were told that they would gain publicity from it, its just a shame that the ejected brain matter would be of such low quantity that a magnifying lens would be needed.

        Therein lies a new reality tv show, get one Z list celebrity fuck-wit to examine several plates of ejected brain matter belonging to other Z list celebrity slop buckets with the target to figure out which cerebral leftovers belong to who.

        on a side note, I replied to your last question on the previous post but regretfully it is still in transit.

        1. I look forward to your reply, I do believe that asking these ‘people’ to decipher brain matter would definitely be a step too far for them? Maybe it would be better, and funnier, to just fill a paddling pool with ejected matter and get the sweet darlings to frolick around in it, oblivious to what it is? Say its jelly or something? Watch them eat it…step too far maybe…

          1. @Empty soul,Your recent post above just about did me in,laughing so damn hard I nearly soiled myself! “dung merchant” that’s gold there! Lmfao!!!

        1. Nope they would be rich not so useless shits. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them because they are rich. (maybe a little but who doesn’t?). Anyway I particularly hate celebrities because they get paid millions to do useless shit because people are zombies. Recently I heard beyonce was paid 50mil to be in a commercial for Pepsi… I have to work by ass for maybe 500years to get those kind of money and she goes there shows her big ass and gets 50 mil? How am I not gonna hate them. I just can’t lie to you and say I don’t care because its pissing me off.

          1. Money doesn’t buy happiness. You can’t measure quality of life on how fat your wallet is and a life was not lived in vain just because the person died poor. Yea, having some green helps but only up to a certain point. We all end up worm food in the end, can’t bring wealth with you after death. Money, fame its all an illusion. Don’t be tempted by it. Don’t bother.

          2. @JB- I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said! Money can make certain areas of your life a little less stressful, but it in no way, shape or form can buy happiness or love! I’d rather be happy and in love than to be rich and without happiness and love! I supposeit’d be nice to have all 3 though..

          3. Well, l think people who say money cant buy happiness are either a bunch of hypocrites or just conformistic. I only know that some people are born rich, others work and earn their own money, and then come the ones that work and earn just the neccesary to subsist, this includesme. I personally dont feel the neccesity of being a rich person, mainly becausel would feel the need of helping the poor. l could not spend my life like those rockstars that show what they have in MTV cribs, or the thounsand of dollars they spend in diamonds and Bentleys, wich is very respectful since anyone can do whatever they want with their money, they earned it or in most cases inherit it. If l were rich and helped the poor, they would probablynever be satisfied, at the end everybody would want to be as rich or richer than me, mainly becauseour human nature is that way, always asking for more and more, even when we dont need those fancy cars and super expensive life styles. Thats why l think l would be a complete hypocrite if l said money cant buy happiness, l just try to live with what l can get and with what l diserve.

          4. Yes you can have lots of money and still be very depressed. But is hard to be happy with very little money. And in the world we live in its almost impossible. So I bust my ass everyday and some useless sacks of shit do nothing but get paid because someone covered their face in make up and autotuned their song. And look I wouldn’t really care if they got paid as much as I do, but they get 100+ times what I get for doing nothing. All because people eat up what the tv shoves down their throat.

          5. @asinya I said that money buys happiness “up to a certain point”. Hell yea I’d take those millions if I could. I just wouldn’t rely on them to make me feel complete. I have respect too for those who have earned their millions, its there cash. I periodically volunteer at soup kitchens and I’ve found that there are happy people even amongst the homeless. I guess it all comes down to your mindset.

  2. Don’t think the rosary had anything to do with that guy getting done in. Given that he only had shorts on, doubtful it was robbery. Most likely pissed off someone, owed them money or somehow wronged them & the killer did not have access to a gun or machete.

    Gotta love Brazil for the shit people do to each other there.

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