Members of Ukrainian Neo Nazi Group Right Sector Slice Throat of Traitor

Members of Ukrainian Neo Nazi Group Right Sector Slice Throat of Traitor

Right Sector (Пра́вий се́ктор) is the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist, slash neo-nazi group that came to existence during the Euromaidan – anti Russia, pro Jew protests in Kiev. They make themselves look far right, and even mimic the Nazis, but have little to do with values of Adolf Hitler or National Socialists.

Unlike their hard core pro Jew counterparts Svoboda, Right Sector appears to be a little more sane in their nationalist views. On their website, Right Sector claims to oppose both Russia and the West. They also claim they oppose multiculturalism for the sake of preservation of the nation, but went to kiss Israeli ambassador’s ass and told him they will always worship the Jews. Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Right Sector personally met with Israeli ambassador Reuven El Din and together the two established a “hot line” to for coordination on issues of common interest.

Despite seemingly pro Ukrainian focus, Right Sector could still be controlled opposition that lures well meaning young Ukrainians with pro Ukrainian rhetoric, only to sway them off the right path – kind of like the English Defence League does in England. Those are all well meaning young people who love their country that side with EDL, but they’ve been hoodwinked to stay blind and further agendas of the very group that got England into the mess they mean to fight. Thus, their actions only dig England deeper into the hole.

The video below claims to show members of Right Sector slicing a throat of a man to whom they refer as a traitor. The victim has tape over his mouth and his supposed girlfriend is forced to watch him bleed.

I honestly don’t know if this is real or fake. In my opinion, it has all the prerequisites of a perfectly fake video. It also looks all kinds of staged.

But it must be said that Right Sector does identify itself as paramilitary organization which is lead by a trained paramilitary serviceman Dmytro Yarosh under whose lead the group overran a barrack in Western Ukraine and seized military weaponry from there. Thus, it would be incorrect to assume that Right Sector members would draw the line at murdering another human being, although what purpose such propagandist video would serve is question I do not have an answer for. Likewise – are the masked men in the video really members of Right Sector or is someone simply trying to paint them with evil brush? Also, keep in mind that it’s not that unusual for Ukrainians to turn ultra violent.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you guys think this is all about?

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    1. Stormfront I read is under investigation. They say the site is responsible for over a hundred deaths. I presume the members are responsible not the site itself. That fag that killed 77 kids in Norway was part of the site too.

      1. stop lying troll, stormfront is a site of racial advocacy as any.

        breiveik is an anti racist, Zionist and pro multiracialism that focuses exclusively on Islam. he has nothing in common with the stormfront

      2. stop lying . stormfront is a site of racial advocacy as any.

        breiveik is an anti racist, Zionist and pro multiracialism that focuses exclusively on Islam. he has nothing in common with the stormfront

    1. ethnic Russian is a people on the verge of extinction and big part of it is the fault of your beloved Putin.

      _ You knew that only 40% of the Russian population is white / Slavic?
      _ You know that majoritary ethnic Russian women are married out of your (40% of Muscovites for example) race?
      _ You knew that in Russia have 2 million abortions every year and the vast majority are of ethnic Russian women married with ethnic Russian man ?
      _ You knew during the Putin government in less than 10 years 15 million illegal immigrants settled around Moscow?
      – You knew Putin created laws that criminalize criticism of the immigration and because of this more than 2000 Russian nationalists today live in penitentiaries?
      you knew Putin banned the existence of political parties and nationalist movements so that many existing parties were extinguished by operation of law?

      1. But in Putins defense he did let those Cossacks kick the shit outta that no talent bunch of bitches pussy riot at Sochi Don’t condone hitting women but man they suck. Sounds like Yoko Ono after being gut shot.

    1. I have nose bleeds quite frequently, especially when I’m sleeping. I always end up ruining pillows and sheets when I wake up in a pool of blood. One thing that struck me in this video was how the blood looked on the sheet. It looked watered down, not like real blood at all. Also the blood flowing out of the throat looked weird…

    1. It’s so obviously a fake guys. Look at the colour of his skin above the tape on his upper face, and compare it to the colour of his skin below the tape on his chin and neck. The colours don’t match. He is wearing a fake rubber neck right out of a hollywood set. DEBUNKED!!! Thank you thank you?takes a bow…

  1. This is so fake it’s funny…they haven’t even gone to the trouble of blending the colour of the ‘mask’ neck with his face , the cut doesn’t alter when his head is bent back , they cant act worth shit , and to be honest if my hands were free and my life depended on it , it would take 20 of them fuckers to hold me down not 3 , back to the drawing board boys !

  2. Optical conclusions` are seldom correct or TRUE. !
    Sometimes even an Iwitness` account of a crime or ID. of alledged perp. of said crime is false.
    and not intentionally so.

    my humble `guess is that it is part fake and part `REAL -LEEEE fake. and all propaganda`!… up to u to decide ?

  3. They are just another terror group with selfish values. They think they are doing is right, but in reality they just murder people for the sake of killing.

    Anyone who seeks out violence is a terrorist. That’s what Neo Nazi’s do. Just like the KKK here(which is a dying breed).

    Call it what you want, but killing people because they are different is not the way to go about it. If Hitler got his way, all crippled, old, sick, black, brown, orange, yellow, and funny looking would have been killed.

    1. Basically by the way his head is held back an artery would have been severed and the trachea would have been too. So in the position that they have him once slicing into his neck a quick squirt of blood would have gushed out quickly with the blood flow eventually slowing down. He would have made no noise once that trachea was sliced. So assuming the position and actions that took place here, I say completely fake.

  4. oh my..bad SFX on BestGore ha,ha..
    SFX MakeUp department in a experimental stage..
    Just watch the dissimilarity of colour of the neck and head
    look at it or if you afraid just watch the still/screenshot.
    obvious there to see..
    I would expect any group intending slitting someones throat to pull up together so WHY is the person holding the camera so far away from the act taking place??
    Why??..exactly..MOVIE MAGIC!!It’s so we don’t get to see the actual cut ..Why.. because the cut was already in the prosthetic and behind that a tubing for the blood..
    dam’ n keep watching it’s hilarious you can even see the prosthetic not being in place in all it ‘s glory just at the opening of his blouse .. then about the cut , the cut should be higher in place ..if your intent is killing someone by to slitting his/her throat then the cut is way to low in my opinion.. guess it wasn’t even a casting of his own neck but a prefab horror prop from a online Helloween webstore… I think it’s fake..otherwise R.I.P

    1. the server was attacked yesterday, comments and profiles disapeared. everyone has been reverted back to their original gravatar.
      check out today’s first post(the one with that beast of a black bitch) for information on how to get it back if you really want to.

  5. Totally fake. Fake as a gay calling itself a man. The color of the blood on the sheet is just the first clue. Anyone who ever shagged a chic on the rag would know that. Anyway, it was a rather entertaining production. Just a partial fail. Music sucked, should put some Deicide on that shit…

  6. The Ukraine’s puppet Zionist prime minister said “find these bastards” in regard to the Jewish registration hoax. The Zionist Prime Minister of the Ukraine is promoting the hoax that the “Donetsk Republic” sent out a document calling for the registration of Khazars, even though it was a hoax. The Zionist EU puppet wants to arrest people for a hoax document

    I’m not a fan of jewish liberals from present government of Kiev which is as far from national interests of white people there as EU or Moscow.
    But I don’t understand, do you support the neo-communist crap called “donetsk republic”?

  7. I vote for fake. We all have seen how sliced throat looks like. Also the blood doesn’t look all that bloody to me. Especially on the bedsheet. I’d say it’s an op to discredit Pravyi sektor…

  8. I’m skeptical. The blood looks like cranberry juice or wine. It’s not viscous or vibrant enough. Observe his shirt as it becomes soaked. The liquid appears to be transparent. I’ll bet that one of those guys is squeezing a pump rigged to the slit throat and creating a gushing visual effect. Also, the depth of the primary incision seems shallow. If it turns out this is real, disregard my comment.

  9. Long time lurker, registered because I couldn’t resist saying how incredibly fake this video looks.

    Apart from comments already about fake blood etc:
    ? the guy’s neck/chest is a completely different colour from his forehead/face;
    ? His ‘larynx’ doesn’t move despite him breathing/screaming – you’d expect to see at least some bobbing up and down with all that heavy breathing and muffled screaming;
    ? The fact he is screaming is a giveaway alone – if your throat is cut below your larynx as in this video, then no voice would come through, just the sound of blood gargling;
    ? Maybe the incision isn’t deep enough to penetrate the trachea so that’s how he’s still voicing? If so, then it wouldn’t have killed him;

    But that’s going a bit too deep. Very amateur looking in general, and the stupid looking blood oozing out like juice and crap acting make it pretty obvious.

    Anyway, looks like I can type my random thoughts on videos now that I’ve made the effort to give myself a name.

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