Mexican Convert to Islam Murders Both His Parents

Mexican Convert to Islam Murders Both His Parents

I was sent these photos by Best Gore member GrngKllh with quite a heartbreaking story:

This happened on February 7, 2013. It was a double homicide that occurred in the city of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. Apparently the killer was the son of the two victims – his name is Gilberto Garcia Chavez.

From what I heard, he slit his parents’ throats because he was an Islamic fanatic and Allah told him to do it. Apparently, Allah appeared to him and told him his parents were infidels, but in reality, he also suffers from mental illness and is a heavy drug addict.

His parents were from Acapulco. Their names were Noemi Chavez Garcia and Aurelio Jacinto Vargas. They were returning from San Cristobal, Chiapas to visit their son and to help him out with money, but instead of being grateful, he grabbed a kitchen knife and slit his dad’s throat, killing him.

His mother tried to escape into the streets, but the killer caught up with her and slit her throat open too, dragging her lifeless body back to her dead husband where he tried to decapitate them.

Witnesses saw him murdering people and called the authorities. They promptly arrested the killer and found his dead parents in his room with a book of Koran next to them.

As of now, the authorities are deciding whether to send him to prison or to an asylum because of his mental illness.

The reason I know this is because the victims were my uncle and aunt, whom I’ve known since I was a child. Everyone in my family is taking it really hard. It’s a horrible tragedy for us all.

You all know what Chiapas is all about and you also know what Acapulco is all about. Combine the two, add the religion of peace in the mix and this is what you get. It simply had all the ingredients of an imminent disaster and that’s exactly what happened.

Islam is an incredibly dangerous thing. Prophet Muhammad was a master manipulator. There has never been another man. Not before him, nor after him who’d mastered the art of manipulating and controlling other people’s minds quite as well as him. He was so good at it, that even one and a half millennia after his death, people are still helplessly brainwashed by his propaganda. That should tell you how effective a manipulator he was.

Therefore, dipping into his reign bears an imminent risk of having one’s brain bleached and becoming a Muslim zombie. Muslims have their brains completely wiped out by the manipulative teachings of Prophet Muhammad and that makes this “religion” incredibly dangerous. You become entangled with it, you may not find a way out. Islam will make you quit being a person and become a slave. Don’t ever come anywhere near it or you’ll be next.

I’m truly sorry for your loss, GrngKllh. I wish your family strength in coping with this tragedy.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Mexican Convert to Islam Murders Both His Parents”

    1. Some people share intimate tragedy to alert others about various issues. The bereaved cope by turning something awful and senseless into a tragic but cautionary tell. I’m not sure; I think it was Mark who mentioned a good example of that awhile back… Bout a father who shared the carnage of his sons drunk driving (or something similar?) to pound the message home to other teens.

      Hiding the aftermath isn’t going to bring their loved ones back/an issue into the light. Understandably, it’s hard for most… A nightmare, feeling sick, crushed all over again, what have you…. But, for those who can stomach it and feel compelled to send a msg… Well, there it is.

      My condolences grrng. If you’re so inclined, please let us know what happens to the son.

    2. A tad bit rude there headshot. “Boo hoo”? ! Really? Didn’t sound to me like anyone was asking for anything. Pretty sure grrng doesn’t need some person being an ass to him. Maybe you should read surgtechgirls words….they might help you to understand maybe a reason as to why a family member wanted this story. If not maybe you could ask again but this time try to not be an ass.

      1. Hey sht happens! And reading all the crap on here about phucing corpses and all the other bullsht says to me no one gives a damm about anything or anyone and so when someone posts pictures of dead family members like now we should all be so caring! REALLY!~ your all here including myself because we all know were going to have our date with death and feel by looking at it we gain some understanding of it in its final moments and try to feel its cold grasp around our necks like its almost some weird high were on and feel like we danced with death and walked away! Dont ask me to feel anything you all beg for more of these phuced up mexican cartels to keep killing people in the most phuced up ways imaginable so you can get your little rush and dance with death and then you want to play this oh you poor boy how sad!

        1. You might have yourself pegged but don’t assume we are all the same as you. Don’t throw us all in the same ass bag that you live in. Obviouslysome of us do have compassion maybeeven empathy or else many of the comments wouldn’t have been made, more than likely they would have mirrored your rude comments.
          Sorry you are an ass, sorry you live in your own world of no compassion and don’t know how to be a decent human being. With that being said I hope you have a great day headshot!

          1. Yo Jizz why are you here then to feel sympathy??? No cuz your gettin off on lookin at GORE! I read the comments and theres a lot of phuced up sht on here but not YOU! If your lookin for unicorns and rainbows you’ve cum to the wrong place this SITE is about DEATH in all the insane ways it takes humans in the blink of a eye! I dont know what fantasy world you live in! But the real world is dying and if you live long enough your going to see DEATH like you never imagined !

          2. Wow! I had no idea! Thank you so very much for opening up myeyes! You areso awesome! (Rolling myeyes) I must excuse myself now so IS can go look at rainbows and unicorns!to~da~loo!

        2. There’s a big difference between some Allah Fuckbar or Los Zetas wanker getting fucked up when they deserved it. It’s another when someone is killed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or did nothing wrong. Even Mark shows sympathy in the articles he writes if someone he thinks didn’t deserve to die.

          You can feel whatever the fuck you wan’t to feel, but stop assuming you know everyone here better than they know themselves.

  1. it was clearly a case of drugs making a man lose his mind. they have a habit of doing that.

    there are millions of muslims who don’t do this.

    where does their prophet say, smoke crack and kill your infidel parents?

    1. Muslims slaughter non Muslims on a daily basis? Why? Because the Quran and mohameds sunnah commands them to. The vast majority of Muslims are willfully ignorant of true Islam. They use confirmation bias to try and rationalize Islam in their own minds. They accept what they like and dismiss what they dont. But there is no denying what Islam is! A fascist, bigoted, intolerant, violent, oppressive, misogynistic death cult bent on the subjugation or death of all non Muslims!

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

  2. Islam means “submission” in arabic.
    Islam is very much like a zombie pandemic.
    Muslim zombies have lost their abilities to think and reason, and cannot find a way out, no more than a dead can become alive again.
    An islamic zombie will try to turn others into islamic zombies. When the entire world is islamic, the zombies will no more feel frustrated to be the stupidest, more barbaric and most retrograde culture on Earth, they will lose their reason to be, that is conquest and war, the eternal state of Islam on Earth.
    Let us pray something changes before it is too late. Let us nuke them all, or our kids will be turned into zombies too… Let us deport them all out of Europe, for starters. These cockroaches invade every part of Europe, anywhere you look, you will see bearded rats, islamic veils, and shitloads of little muslims kids.

  3. My heart goes out to you hon, I’m not blonde and I’m not a sheep but I admit to not understanding alot of what is said.All I know is what my heart tells me and that is that these people didn’t deserve to die like that so sorry for your loss.

  4. Fuck Islam. Fuck all religion but Islam most of all. If only there was a way to travel back in time and strangle the Jesus and Mu?ammad before they had the chance to infect humanity with their insanity.

    1. obviously you are mean as your name tells.
      Actions of people doesn’t need to be blamed to their religion.
      The Norwegian terrorist (Anders Behring Breivik) who killed 70 teenagers was not considered a terrorist, and Christianity was not blamed because of his actions,
      This is a mentally ill guy, with drug addiction, why the only thing to blame is Islam?!!

      Read about the religion, not the people who belong to it.. and then you may judge it objectively.

  5. I thought the killer was gonna be a younger man, being that mom and dad had thought he needed financial help, so they drive to his place and get murdered. Turns out sonny boy is a middle-aged loser. RIP mom and dad!

  6. Mark thank you and I really appreciate you posting this, family is doing a bit better but the pain will never go away. it goes to show that anything bad can happen to anyone at the most unexpected time. so you guys take care and spend time with your loved ones because youll never know if youll see them again.

  7. He is mentally ill, and used to use drugs..if he were Muslim converted to Christianity , no body will say: Christine killed his parents., simply the title would be “Mentally ill killed his parents”
    When it comes to Islam and Muslims, it is always easy to blame actions of people (like this one who happened to be a mentally ill drug addict guy) on Islam!!

    1. Not all Muslims are following the true religion of Islam, A lot misunderstands it and act in the name of it. Muslims by heritage,
      Which is totally wrong,
      Again this murderer could be a Muslim, but this doesn’t mean that because of his religion he killed his parents,
      He is a mentally ill person, and he uses drugs.!!
      I would advise you not to judge the religion of over a billion person, because of the actions of few thousands!

      1. The Qur’an it self condones this type of violence. Him reading it, while high, probably have him the impression that it was ok. Monotheistic religions are violent by nature because they compete to convert people. Too bad “God” doesn’t allow peace to flourish until “the end of times”

        1. I am not trying to make people hate or be sympathetic for anything. I am just expressing my thoughts and using my rights to comment and share with the members of this site.
          I have respect to everyone, and I understand why this much hate is there, for the simple reason that you said.
          But I know that people here are not stupid, and I know that they can understand that a lot of times it’s the nature of human being that so much killing is happening.
          I have seen a lot of beheading and killing from Mexico in this site more than I saw from Muslims.
          Yet, no one says, kill all Mexicans, and no one hates all Mexicans.
          But when it comes to Islam, everybody blames Islam.
          And I am sure that a lot haven’t read about it to judge it.
          This is my point.

          1. Wow lol, no one is pointing at a single race; I am however, stating facts about a belief system that is flawed and dangerous; because people actually buy into the notion that others know what happens when your eyes widen and you die… I would say fuck cartels, not Mexicans… Just like I would say fuck Muslims not Arabs… Although Arabs do fuck their own family and have dumb ass kids…… idk why. but Whatever… I’m not speaking in terms of race. If you believe that anyone who doesn’t follow you is an infidel… then you my dear friend are a IDIOT… Just saying…

  8. @Predk I understand your point,
    and as I said, I have respect to every opinion, I am not saying that if you don’t follow me or my thoughts then you are an infidel, and I didn’t say you are one.
    thanks for calling me an idiot, this just shows from where you come from!
    BTW your words just show how much racist you are.

    1. You also do not need to call me an infidel for everyone to know that, that is what the Quran reads about other religions. I have no idea if you are or are not Muslim, all I can say is look at both Christianity and Islam… Nothing but fear, and pain to control the masses.

  9. Sorry for your lose GrngKllh. Thank you for sharing having the courage to share your story.Despite all the gore and murder stories on this site, this one truly made me sad to read. It amazes me how people have no problem killing in the name of their religion, even if it means killing their own family and friends.

  10. Why is it that no matter what race you are, white, mexican, black etc. that whenever someone coverts to muslim, they automatically look like Iraqi scum to me? And sorry for your loss, I know it sucks to lose someone, let alone lose them in such a brutal way. But honestly, I’m rather numb to this, it’s just one more in the collection of gore, and one more murder statistic to me.

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