Mexico – Dismembered Trafficante Fished Out of the River

Mexico - Dismembered Trafficante Fished Out of the River

Low level Mexican trafficante – drug dealer got in the way of a drug cartel and that sealed his fate. He was kidnapped, tortured, partially dismembered and dumped in the river. By the time he was fished out, his body started to decompose. With hands and feet cut off, his stubby limbs started to turn into bare bones (fishes may have had a munch). He was probably also subjected to torture by burning, but at least his tormentors did not decapitate him (not sure of that’s any consolence). Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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78 thoughts on “Mexico – Dismembered Trafficante Fished Out of the River”

    1. Cartels don’t care about god, they pray to La Santisima Muerte (The Holy Death) they k.ow they’re beyond salvation god isn’t going to help them and they know this, the only thing that can help them is “the darkside”, satanic death cults, black magic, la santisima, witches and what not, they know they’re doing bad so they wanna be the best at it, the worst of the bad, after all who you gunna pray to when your selling drugs and killing enemies? Not JC that’s for sure. They know they might die at any moment so they worship death its self this makes them fearless and makes the bold it gives them an edge over others who might fear god…they don’t have this fear to be good or else god will punish you, they sold their souls for fortunes, no matter how short their lives are at the top, they know it won’t last…theirs a saying amongst dealers that goes “id rather live a moment of wealth than live a life in poverty”

      1. @SuicideKing some of the cartels have they’re very own ‘black wizard’ type priests, you know, like a top black magic warlock!? Anyway some of them have a ‘nganga’ cauldron constantly cooking/boiling and they add stuff to it all the time. animal sacrifices, herbs and of course human sacrifice ‘bits ‘n’ pieces’! Its used for casting spells on rival cartels, i heard the best spells can be made if the human sacrifice died an extremely violent death, fuck that!

        1. It’s all true tiger I mentioned in a post a while back that their are even reports going around that some cartel hitman are starting to cannibalize their enemies by drinking their blood, ripping out and biting their hearts etc. This is nothing new either have you ever heard of Mark Killroy you should check it out if you haven’t read about it. It happend in matamoros not to far from where they found this poor sap (reynosa) I live a couple miles away from both these fucked cities any given night you can hear the fire fights raging across the river somtimes its cartel on cartel other times its cartel on military and a couple of times its been co on cop, the wild west has nothing on these towns, while the rest of the nation is in shock to what’s going on we’ve grown use to it

          1. @SK – If you live that close to this shit, why don’t you catch some of it on video? I’m sure we would all love to see more blood and gutts!! 😛

          2. @stuby I don’t get any videos for the same reason I don’t wanna become one of their videos media on cartels in this section of Mexico is almost non existent people only speak about it in blogs and chat rooms and even that has come under threat, they’re beginning to kill anyone who’s talking about them on the internet…so maybe i should shut up now

      2. thx for the explnation SK. i am not religious. organized religions are fucked up and only used to control people and raise cash. i do believe in God tho and i fear his wrath. that puts me at a disadvantage against these monsters who don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. i could not do these things to a living soul, man or animal because it just is not right.

        1. I’m with you their Hung, it wasn’t always like this tho their use to be honor and respect between these cartels they would operate in the shadows quietly only killing their own and never in front of their families they would never involve loved ones but now shit you’d be lucky if they didn’t massacre your whole family and after they’ve already killed what’s the purpose of that? The newest tactic these animals are using is to kidnap you, torture you, tie you to a rope throw you over a bridge alive (if you survived the torturing) they let you hang there by your feet they jump in their SUVs take off down the road, get off and then everyone in the SUVs starts shooting at you till the bullets completely rip you to pieces and theirs only chunks of you left, could you imagine dozens of guys with fully automatics using you for Target practice while your hanging upside down from a bridge, its h

          1. I know what your sayin’ dude, my first line was at 17, my first hit at 20 and my last time, about a year and a half ago, and I really can’t say that I miss it, I think I had my fill !!!

    2. Wizards and black magic, comm’n people. Cartels are mexican. Most of them are catholic. The ones who aren’t usually are of some christian derivation. Oh whats that? Christians dont commit genocide? Read a book, preferably El narco ny Ioan Grillo. lol. But in all seriousness yes they are mostly christian.

    1. @Plasmapool, did you see the young girl on the post ‘Female Two Face, Necrotizing Fasciitis Eats Half Girls Face Off’ (March 2nd) its on about page 5(?) at the moment, SHE looks a little like this guy and she’s ALIVE!

  1. He definitely wasn’t a drug dealer since he still had his head and his ID, Unless the ones who killed him were complete idiots [which most beaners are by the way].”Hey “ese” cut his hands off so they wont be able to identify him by his prints…Simon” and he doesn’t look much different than when he was alive.either kind of reminds me of Swamp thing…lol

    1. Yeah were are them Gooks??? the muslims ones though they do all the killing or did they became monks all of the sudden??? bring back the savage, aggresive to compensate for small stature, christian killing Gooks!!!!!…

  2. I was long-rangeking s that man place the gad on the turkey and I was half expecting it to fall of the body. Afterward, my eyes went to his feet. I caught my self laughing that his tibia are his feet.

  3. I once saw a homeless man who had been beaten to death and left to rot near the shore. He looked similar to this guy. The lower half of his arms and legs were missing due to predation and decomposition. Birds had eaten away his face, leaving a skeletal grin. The police had already arrived so I couldn’t get close enough to take pictures. Google “body found at Richmond shoreline” for the story. BTW – if you’re looking for a corpse, look for the birds.

  4. That’s how they roll in Mexico. Seriously, what a shithole country. The only area shittier than Latin America, is the Middle East and, well, can’t forget Africa… and parts of Asia… and even North America and Europe these days… the whole damn world’s a shithole.

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