Mexican Merchant Killed by La Empresa for Not Paying the Protection Racket

Second Victim of La Empresa in Two Days

Mexican Merchant Killed by La Empresa for Not Paying the Protection Racket

Man, this is beyond messed up. As if being plagued by drug cartel violence with tens of thousands of people falling victims was not bad enough for Mexico, now even honest workers and merchants who don’t meddle with drug trafficking in any way and bust their asses to support the crumbling economy need to fear for their lives because of the racketeers. This man was the second merchant killed by La Empresa in Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México in two days.

The 35 year old shopkeeper was riddled with bullets after a group of armed men opened fire at him from a moving vehicle as he was leaving his place of business in the colony of Benito Juarez in Nezahualcoyotl. The gunmen then left a narcomensaje type note with the corpse signed by La Empresa as a warning to other merchants. La Empresa sicarios should try what it’s like earning a living with honest work – like people they rip off and murder do.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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19 thoughts on “Mexican Merchant Killed by La Empresa for Not Paying the Protection Racket”

      1. No way I agree with sagemoon, its not worth the risk. If you look American or even light skinned you are a target. I knew a family that went to Mexico for a vaca, the youngest child was kidnapped murdered and body used to bring narcotics through the border. The perps got discovered when the supposed sleeping child in the back seat didnt bear resemblance to the driver and passenger. He was only six, and was gutted to be used as a human suitcase. Fuck that shit, I’m good.

        1. for the areas that are not at war and others that are peacfull and quite, they do have people they pay to keep a look out for anyone they think they can alot of money on like an american and the informant will then give them a spare key/Key Card to your room and wake you in your sleep with a sack on your face and then they torture you and cut off your finger and send or call a ransom for whoever they have but if your anywere else in mexico you just have to watch out or you will get shot at directly or inderictly ( Stray Slug ). I wasnt there but when my aunt went to go visit her other family a few shots from a near by shootout blew the side windows out.

          1. You must be Mexican lol. I think we’re the only mf’s that know this. THEY WILL KIDNAP YOU FOR RANSOM. They did it to my uncle that went to visit family, and he’s Mexican. You look like you got money, then they’ll take you and call your family for that cash.

    1. Who ever thought of it is genius…of course this is real big problem in Italy and especially Sicily where I think this type of thing was probably invented by the Mafia. Mexico city doesn’t really make any money selling or distributing drugs since all the drug shipments go around it so I think they got wise and started using their ruthlessness to tax the endless merchants of Mexico city which Is surely a dirty little trick they learned from the Zetas who are know to tax businesses in the areas they control to keep their operation a float

  1. Why the need to candy-coat bullshit like this by calling it “protection money”? How ’bout just saying, “Give me the money or I’ll kill you.”. I know…they probably do.


    So, if you’re paying “protection money” to some gang and someone else comes onto your business and robs or harms you, does that mean you get to stop paying said gang “protection money” for not protecting you?

  2. That shit is fucking ridiculous. This is beginning to make me, a Mexican, feel ashamed to BE Mexican. That’s petty. I mean I don’t give a fuck about them dealing drugs & making shipments; shit, it’s a hustle; but killing honest, hardworking people? WTF!? Smh. This is really, really sad.

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