Mexican Woman Resisting Abduction Gets Shot to Death

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Mexican Woman Resisting Abduction Gets Shot to Death

A well off Mexican woman was about to board her latest model, luxury Toyota SUV when she was abducted by two criminals on a motorcycle but since she resisted, the lowlifes shot her in the head. Random eye witness who saw the murder followed the fleeing killers in his car but lost them after the couple abandoned the motorcycle and boarded a taxi cab that waited for their arrival.

The woman was identified as Yesenia Arreola Vega – I tend to have my theory on where a woman whose name is Areola gets her riches from. She had just returned from an optometrist where she picked up a new pair of lenses. That’s what’s in that small black box next to her corpse in the photos.

The murder appears to have been an outcome of a botched robbery, but since there are leads suggesting that this was a coordinated operation, authorities keep their mind open.

The victim was a wife of a prominent Mexican businessman, one of the largest breeders of Mojarra Tilapia bait fish. Now he’s gonna need a new trophy wife cause this gold digger is dead.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Mexican Woman Resisting Abduction Gets Shot to Death”

  1. Isn’t Mexico great? You get two choices there: 1. Get shot in the head; 2. Agree to being abducted and get hauled off to who knows where to get shot in the head.

    I hate this planet.

    Btw, I’m a new BG member (go by the name of Rob) and this is my first post here. Greetings to all from England.

    1. when you drive to messyco. there is a big huge fucking sign that says in english “Guns are Illegal in Mexico” so the peon and civilians are not packing. very easy to either kidnap or rob. i’m from new jersey. guys like me don’t get kidnapped and don’t get robbed too often cuz the robber is gonna get blasted into bloody gristle by one angry gunsnackbarist.

      1. Until Obama and his legion of Liberal/Leftist/Marxist cohorts and puppet-masters take them from you.

        And sell them to Muslims in the Middle-East, who then funnel them into Europe so they can be used against native-Whites.

        Or shuffle them down south, so they can be used to keep fucking of Mexico, and then funneled back into the US and Canada in the hands of criminal Hispanics and Blacks, who will then use them against Whites in both Countries.

  2. Hola, soy nuevo aquí y les envió un saludo desde México df. La Vd. Es muy triste que mi país sea tan violento, por mi trabajo he viajado a todos los estados y municipios de México desde Tijuana hasta Yucatán y en todos lados es lo mismo, violencia, asesinatos…lo peor de todo es que el mismo gobierno y policía son cómplices de esto y no hacen nada. Yo nací, estudie y trabaje aquí, construyendo un patrimonio pero hay varias cosas que están destruyendo a México: religión, política, corrupción…y el mismo mexicano. Saludos y gracias por leerme, por cierto, a esta mujer la querían asaltar porque la policía dentro de su bolsa de mano, encontró 3000 usd. Pero se opuso al asalto, mientras su pequeña hija la esperaba dentro de la camioneta.

      1. Translation below:

        Hi, I am new here and I send my greetings from Mexico DF. It is very sad that my country is so violent, due to my job I have travelled to all the states y districts of Mexico from Tijuana to Yucatan and in all places is the same, violence, assassinations… the worse is that the police and the government are accomplices of this and do nothing. I was born, studied and worked here, building my wealth however there are so many things that are destroying Mexico: religion, politics, corruption… and even the mexican himself. Greetings and thanks for reading me, by the way, they wanted to rob that woman because she carried 3000 dollars in her purse, as police discovered. Nevertheless she resisted the robbers while her daughter was waiting her inside the van.

        Cheers Cabroncito

  3. Were do you get the idea she was “well-off”?
    No photo of said “her latest model, luxury Toyota SUV” which may have been stolen from the USA?
    And the name “Areola ” is breast tissue of a different color and the name “Arreola ” is from Cristobal Arreola (born March 5, 1981) is an American professional Heavyweight boxer.

  4. I aint kissin Marks ass & agreeing with him. This woman no matter her name was an innocent victim. Only pond scum would down her for anything imagined after her life was brutally & uhnhecessarily taken from her & hhehr husband.hhh

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