Middlefield, Ohio Shootout Between Police and Driver with AK-47

Middlefield, Ohio Shootout Between Police and Driver with AK-47

Middlefield, Ohio Shootout Between Police and Driver with AK-47

Although this video proves my theory of gun snackbarism, it pales in comparison to what it really is used for by the mainstream media. It’s the evil white male – everybody fear him!

A police cruiser’s dashboard camera captured a fatal shootout between two Middlefield, Ohio police officers and a driver with an AK-47 style rifle. The shooting was sparked by a traffic stop whereas 42 year old James Gilkerson allegedly failed to stop at the intersection of East High Street and North State Avenue.

In the video dated March 10, 2013, James Gilkerson pulls over, gets out of his car and opens fire at the officers with his AK-47. Officers Erin Thomas and Brandon Savage returned fire and wounded James Gilkerson who, despite still having live rounds in his magazine, retracted back to his vehicle and yelled: “Kill me! Kill Me!

Officer Erin Thomas had been shot in the hand, but Brandon Savage wasn’t and since James Gilkerson was asking him so kindly, he obliged and killed him.

A report released by the Geauga County prosecutor’s office said that in his car, James Gilkerson had multiple loaded magazines, extra ammunition, ski masks, gloves, ammo cans, scoped .22 caliber rifle and instructional DVDs and books about gunfighting and explosives.

I wonder how much truth there is to the latest paragraph and how well it played with the media’s mission to picture white people as domestic terrorists to drive the sheelple’s focus away from the real threat.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Middlefield, Ohio Shootout Between Police and Driver with AK-47”

  1. He wasn’t trying to kill the cops, he wanted to get their attention. Yes, if he was serious about wanting them dead he had the drop on them with the AK47 and they would be dead. He merely wanted a cops bullet to end his life, which they obliged….

  2. not trying to be an ass…but he needed to be shot…I mean how the fuck do you get killed by some tards with hand guns and you have an AK47!?!?!?! holy shit…that makes me wanna go smoke some AK47 o well…assault rifle> hand gun

    1. I d,ont think this guy really wanted to kill them, cause like you said, fuck-man, he could have killed them both with relative ease. He shot low and mostly from the hip height. Most rounds hit lower than the hood of that cruiser. Had he wanted to, he would have takin that windsheild off along with their upper bodies & heads. My take is that he wanted to get killed. He had no balls to do it himself, so he chose suicide by cop.

          1. I have it reserved :p I just have to wait till septemember 17th to get it. This guy must have had some mental issues because it sounds like he had been planning his death for some time

  3. Come on people, he shot at them with a fucking AK-47. If someone shoots at me I won’t be thinking: “Gee does that guy really trying to kill me or is he just being a little cranky today and wants to scare me”

    Of course he needed to be shot, while he posed a threat…

    1. Absoloutly,
      If I was being shot at and I had a gun I hope that I would shoot to kill without thinking about the consequences. If you stop to think you might be dead. Trust me I would hate to have to kill someone but hopefully I would be able to. Also, thank god we see a professional female cop on her, shot but still doing her job.

    1. You think the criminals are going to comply? Yeah let’s pass those stupid laws so only the scumbags have guns. I’ll bet this guy had a criminal record and probably should not have had access to a firearm.

      1. It works in the UK and I feel completely safe. I never have to ever think… Oh what if some lunatic opens fire in the cinema, when I’m shopping or when I’m studying. I also have no need to protect my property with a gun. I like it that way thank you 🙂
        Oh and can I just say, if that guy could use that weapon properly he’d have blown those cops away way before they’d even got their hands on their gun!

        1. You may not have to worry about guns. But what about people getting their heads cut off in the middleof a street? If they want to kill. They will kill. Either with guns, bombs, knives or whatever they can find. Takeing away the right for normal people to bare arms makes us more vulnerable.

    2. Highly unlikely that this was an automatic weapon. It was most likely a legal semi-automatic AK-47. A fully automatic AK-47 has a rate of fire of 10 rounds per second, which means a 30 round magazine could be emptied in 3 seconds.

      Contrary to what the rest of the world (and many U.S. citizens) think, fully automatic weapons are difficult and extremely expensive to legally obtain in the U.S.A. (Tens of thousands of dollars, plus Federal license and transfer fees)

      Fully automatic can be useful in certain situations, but it usually is just a quick (albeit COOL) way to waste ammo.

  4. What the goverment should do is pass a bill banning ALL assaualt rifles across the WHOLE U.S. (that way only the bad guys could still get them) meanwhile the rest of us that make up the “general public” could live in our utopian society where guns are no longer needed.

  5. I see stuff from all over the world on this crazy website. This is one of the few times this has actually happened really close to home from me. it’s a scary thought that this stuff can happen anywhere.

  6. I don’t believe there’s a person on here that wouldn’t have returned fire, whether you were a cop or just a citizen with a permit to carry a gun. They had no idea what his intent was, until it was over. Who’s going to sit there with live rounds hitting all around you and think, ‘Well, maybe he’s not trying to kill us…’ It doesn’t matter to me if he had additional guns / ammo in his car or not, he got out with one and opened fire. If suicide by cop was his goal, mission accomplished. RIP troubled guy.

  7. I’m no pro or anti Jew or anything, just a stupid sheep, but I think Israel is a force to reckon with. If the Jews are the scums of the earth, the “lesser race”, how come they are so powerful?

  8. Why do you Western guys call all the Kalashnikov rifles AK-47? AK-47 was the ancestor created in 1949. The main valid Soviet/Russian rifles based on this one are AKM and AK74.

    1. Its not just a western thing its world wide thing. Everyone knows what an AK-47 is. You can kill a cop with an SKS and the idiots in the media will call it an AK-47.”AK47″ is just a generalized term used to describe any AK variant. There are so many variants based off the original AK47 like AKM and AK74 that only someone who is familiar with all of them would be able to tell them apart. In this case it almost impossible to tell what kind of AK he’s shooting due to the shitty video. Also the AK47 was designed in 45 and created in 46, it was tested and revised in 47-48 and adopted in 49.

  9. Total pussy. If you’re going to precipitate a suicide by cop situation, make it worthwhile. Track down your enemy or political foes or whatever and go down in a blaze of glory. Otherwise, you may as well hang yourself and stop bothering people.

  10. “… in his car, James Gilkerson had … instructional DVDs and books about gunfighting and explosives.”

    NOW we know why it took him about 45 seconds to get out of the car after he stopped!

    He was studying! (Did he pass the test?)

  11. fuck, man. I signed up just to send this video in lol. Oh well, im in now. Hello BG community, been lurking since the forum days, look forward to viewing this thing called civilization with you all.

  12. I can be the first, as a cop myself, to admit that there are corrupt, immoral, type-A personality dickheads that wear the badge….. but try to keep an open mind and an objective viewpoint when criticizing the job we do. I would have blasted this guy about 10 seconds before the cop in the clip did. While his female partner was screaming and freezing in the life or death split second decision to “man” up or be a pussy, what was her partner waiting for??? Maybe he froze too. Who knows. But we’re not all ZOGs, dude. Love the site, by the way.

  13. i personally believe guns are a neutral tool, a bad guy will do bad things with a gun, but a good guy its just as good! there are just as many videos of responsible gun owners using their firearm for good as there is dicks holding up a store. Laws need to be made to help prevent people with mental illnesses or a history of violence from getting guns and more people need to be educated with guns.

  14. We have some kind of happy end after all

    “A police officer injured in a Sunday shooting in Middlefield Village has been released from the hospital.

    Officer Erin Thomas suffered serious damage to the fingers on her left hand, a gunshot wound to her left thigh and shrapnel embedded into her right wrist after a man pulled over in a traffic stop opened fire on her cruiser. She was flown by medical helicopter to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland where she underwent surgery.”

  15. Ahhh… exactly how I want to go. What a last rush it would be!! I’m not afraid of suicide by my own hands, but doing it with by method would be so much more exhilarating! Plus I hate cops.

  16. clearly he was a wanna-be poser with his fancy weapons. if he knew how to shoot he could’ve knocked those cops down. Luckily he just hit the girl cop in the hand and nothing worse. They shot him down in a well trained style and even being wounded the chick cop was on the ball calling for backup etc. Good job cops! Fuck that guy!

  17. “picture white people as domestic terrorists?” Are you kidding me? This isn’t about race! The fact of the matter is that some poon climbed out of his car with an AK and fired on officers. The fucker had to go down either way. White, black, brown, purple, who gives a shit?! A crime is a crime.

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