Mother and Daughter Hacked to Death with Machete in Honduras

Mother and Daughter Hacked to Death with Machete in Honduras

Mother and Daughter Hacked to Death with Machete in Honduras

Dude who later claimed to have been possessed by the devil killed his wife and daughter in an apparent fit of rage fuelled by drug abuse. Milton Pérez hacked his daughter and wife with a machete. 30 year old Odalis Griselda Matute died on the way to a hospital, 9 year old Perez Ñorquin shortly after being admitted.

The incident took place in the Brisas community of the Zambrano municipality, department of Francisco Morazan, about 30 kilometers from Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras.

The father and husband was a former convict and a known drug addict. You can see him in the second video – he looks like the type of guy every girl would jump on instead of wasting her time with a decent guy.

Props to my Honduran gore connection Vladimir aka Zarqawi.

Second video shows images of the attacker. Look on his face is priceless:

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39 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Hacked to Death with Machete in Honduras”

  1. That expression on the attackers face is saying “Umm.. Yeah, so, I just met Lucifer. He said he’s going to take good care of me. I’m not quite convinced, though. He told me this while jerking off with sandpaper.”

    1. Being nice is often associated with being spineless. So called bad boys walk around like young bucks who can handle anything. Girls are turned on by men’s bad behavior. Just like men are turned on by slutty women. It’s just part of our trashy human nature.

      1. not all, I used to go for bad boys until I relised it got me know where but pregnant, jobless and single, I beleive as you get older you learn what you want, ok so my profile picture might make me look slutty but beleive me in real life I’m not..Not all girls are attracted to bad boys, I prefer cool relaxed guys that not scared of speaking their mind, but knows how to treat a woman..just saying..

        1. Yeah, I probably should’ve put in there that this is a young people thing. Except for men my age and older who go to strip clubs… Yuck! My point was good enough, though. 😀

          1. Hey a mans gotta do what a mans got a do, just like me and my rabbit friend, but still doesn’t make me a slut, hehe!!

  2. First off, off never fuck with that guy his teeth are brown and nasty ugh.

    I noticed the defense wounds on her hands and arms, but I couldn’t see what blow finally ended her. Their wasn’t allot of blood on the ground either, possibly she was moved from the scene? Also perhaps the cloth under her head was white at some point? Tho I doubt it because the color is soooooo consistent. Another thing I can’t tell is if that us a cloth on her head or white gleaming skull? Tho surely a skull scalped isn’t that clean?

    1. Amanda, you may have missed it but in a previous post I asked you what you were studying in school and what career you had in mind afterwards. I’m just curious.

  3. Its not as bloody as i expected.
    And the guys hair just makes me laugh haha.
    Plus i dont believe he was possessed, does anybody else believe he was? hes looks like hes tweaking hard lol

  4. It’s seems a real pity that the death sentence was abolished in Honduras in 1956; Milton might have been an ideal candidate if he’s found guilty of the alleged crimes.

  5. Man that sure looked less brutal then I thought when reading “machete”… anyway the look on the guys face is truely awesome just like “Da… fuq I am doing here? o.o”

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