Mother Kills Her Children with Angle Grinder – WARNING!

Mother Kills Her Children with Angle Grinder

Dead children are never a nice sight, but when the little ones get murdered by their own parent, it gets beyond horrific. However, this case is far more shocking – two children, a 6 year old boy named Vinicius and his little sister Thaís who was only 1 year and 7 months old were butchered by their own mother. By the very person who gave them birth.

On November 7, 2006, 25 year old Rosa Camacho Elisangela grabbed an angle grinder, started it up and walked up to the room where her two children were. It’s hard to imagine what it must have been like for the siblings – who were just playing together – to listen to the sound of the power tool come closer and closer to the room and when the door burst opened, to see their mother, a person whom you naturally expect to always be there for you and to always protect you, come at you with that fast spinning disc that can cut through metal.

What happened to that instinctive love that a mother naturally feels for her children? Killing little children is an act that raises many questions on its own, but how could a woman kill children who came out of her own body? How could you possibly deal with the pictures of your own kids crying while you’re cutting them up with an angle grinder popping up in your mind for the rest of your life?

Rosa Camacho Elisangela allegedly suffered from Post Natal Depression (doctors will find a name for anything – if you like farting in water and tell your doc about it, he’ll come up with a diagnosis for a previously unspecified condition he’d cleverly name The Irresistible Water Farting Urge Syndrome). That Tuesday, the day when she killed her own kids with an angle grinder started as your average day:

A mother of two took her children to school in the morning, run her own errands during the day, picked up the kids from school in early afternoon, headed home with them, put them in the bedroom, opened her husband’s toolbox, picked up an angle grinder, revved it up, walked up to the bedroom, grabbed at 6 year old Vinicius and beheaded him right there, with that angle grinder all the while little one and a half year old Thaís was watching in horror. Her turn at being killed with the angle grinder came next.

Gilmar de Paula Oliveira, the father of killed children was the first to witness the grisly scene. Can you imagine a better picture returning home after a whole day at the job than finding your own kids lying dead in a pool of blood?

Rosa Camacho Elisangela didn’t resist the arrest and confessed to killing her own children. I don’t think she’s having any more of them anytime soon. And to ease your curiosity – yes, it did happen exactly where you thought it did. There is only one country in the world where something this horrific could take place. It’s the same country where a teenage boy would not hesitate to murder and mutilate his friend over a video game dispute, where dead bodies are all over the streets, where jealous boyfriends shoot their ex-girlfriends to death in broad daylight, where justice is in the hands of lynching mobs, where drug dealers walk through the streets armed with military grade fire arms, where… you get the memo. It’s Brazilthe most dangerous and violent country in the world.

The town of Bauru where the killings took place is located some 345 km from Sao Paulo – Brazilian capital city, in Almerinda Keys district, municipality of Jundiaí, in the state of São Paulo.

Gallery of photos of two kids killed with an angle grinder by their own mother is below. Hope you heeded my warning in the title. Gallery contains disturbing images of butchered children:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Mother Kills Her Children with Angle Grinder – WARNING!”

  1. “The town of Bauru where the killings took place is located some 345 km from Sao Paulo ? Brazilian capital city, in Almerinda Keys district, municipality of Jundia?, in the state of S?o Paulo.”
    Sao Paulo is the capital of Brazil? I thought it was Brazilia.
    Anyways, the story is really weird. I’m very sorry for those little brazilian kids; I can’t imagine me with family, but I guess that is a really, really strange syndrome.

  2. I have one question: WHY?

    I realize she wasn’t sane (although… postpartum-anything a year and half after childbirth? huh?), but even in there all those lunatics usually have “The voices were telling me to do it…” reasons.

    Poor kiddos. And the boy that tried to hide under the bed… :'(

  3. She first went after the 6 year old. If she went after the 1 and a half year old first, the older would have the ability to flee. If she knew this, then there is some form of premeditation involved. In any mass murder, the killer usually eliminates the strongest first, then moves on to the weakest.

  4. Wow. I’d really like to see what she was thinking and feeling during these killings. I have no idea how anyone would be able to kill their own children.

    You see, its women like this that get to me.

    Some kids are getting murdered,kidnapped and raped and the parents have to deal with the pain and suffering of knowing their own child is in danger. But yet this woman has the nerve to kill two kids and haven’t a care in the world? I hate life sometimes but we’ll never be able to get rid of scum like this.

  5. That’s really fucked up, I feel sorry for the little girl *sigh* if I was the father I would have killed the bitch right away with my own hands, Brazil sounds more dangerous than the Middle East does it? either ways I don’t wanna live there never! 🙁

  6. having lived in brazil for 5 years this doesnt suprise me and i always know straight away which vids are brazilian on here, you can literaaly get away with murder there- i saw one murdered tourist in rio and a few road accident fatalities….

  7. This mother is a real sadistic bitch. Hopefully the inmates will take care of her in prison if they haven’t already. I feel so bad for the kids. The innocent kids. Guess this bitch couldn’t go after somebody that could have defended themselves rather than some defenseless kids : (

  8. In all seriousness this is actually pretty vile, it does beg the question regarding the mothers sanity though, but it’s such an awfully selfish deed, to think of your children as burdens to be disposed of for some sense of personal relief, what a monster.

  9. This is WAAAAAAAY worse than the TIBIA Murder. I understand she might have had issues (that is why I’m not judging her). Nonetheless, idk how justice works in Brazil but she needs some serious mental hygiene before they could set her up for trial

  10. I just cannot get into my head how it must have felt for Licinius to be the first to be cut and how Thais must have been reacting to her impending death. I wanna know the moments between the time the mom entered the room and the time father got home and saw his kids dead

  11. ya i know i can be vicious but when it comes to kids,its not allowed. i mean i was pregnant with my baby just like a month ago and i knew it had a heart beat and everything, and then i had a misscarrige and that was the worst pain my boyfriend and i ever felt. i could never imaging doing that to my chil EVER we should go find the bitch and torturter so much she scream for her mercy and then i would just laugh, haha sorry honey your life is in my hands now. i have the control over you now how do like it now! 😉

  12. Postpartum……WTF? After almost 2 years of having your baby, I don’t think so! These kids are playing happily together where they left off in heaven. As for the shitty excuse for a mother, I hope she get’s tortured in every way possible!!

  13. This…god. I mean….just..fuck. It’s a tragedy when someone any when…when a kid dies…when they’re murdered, by thier own mother. This make me sick and these pictures are..probably the worst images ever taken. I had a daughter.. and wife, who..are no longer here. And as someone who has lost thier child..I cannot begin to describe the pain of it. Unless you loose one can’t imagine it. It’s a pain that’s beyond words. How she could do this..I..nothing ever makes me speechless or offends me, but this…turns my stomach, makes me sick and sparks the most unbelivable anger.

    The fact that a mother..could do this to her kids is..just, the sickest, most evil, unfathomable thing that can ever be done. I live with the pain of losing my family every second of every day, and it’s something I wouldn’t wish on Hitler himself. This woman…god.there is no amount of pain or punishment for what she deserves. That FUCKING WORTHLESS CUNT!!! I swear…if I ever got my hands on her..this is just fucking sick.

  14. hence why I cease to date women.these days they give psychotic a whole new level,and work every day to out do themselves.hah,I’m not saying every chicks psychotic,and most girls are just pushed to the edge,but shit I’ve seen plenty of girls like this one straight jacket psychotic,but it’s always the psychotic that give the best pussy >:/

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