Murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King by John Gardner

Murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King by John Gardner

Have you noticed that simple, modest girls never seem to become victims of rape or murder? It’s always the “hey look at me, everybody must look at me cause I’m oh so hawt and I demand everyone to drool over me” types that this happens to. Denial by themselves or their family members doesn’t necessarily make it not so.

Video below is a segment by 48 Hours Mystery series on the disappearance of 14 year old Amber Leeanne Dubois who went missing while on her way to Escondido High School, and a connected disappearance of 17 year old Chelsea King who disappeared while jogging near Lake Hodges just 10 miles from where Amber Dubois went missing.

Amber Dubois disappeared in February 2009 but her skeletal remains were not recovered until March 2010, following the February 28, 2010 arrest of John Albert Gardner whose DNA matched the DNA sample taken from the discarded underwear and socks of Chelsea King, senior from Poway High School. 30 year old John Gardner was a convicted sex offender on parole, with criminal record dating back 10 years.

While it was the rape and murder of Chelsea King that got John Gardner arrested, prosecutors made a plea deal with his defence that they would not pursue the death penalty in exchange for him disclosing where the remains of Amber Dubois, who had been missing for a year and a month at the time could be found. The moral of the story, I guess is – if you’re gonna abduct someone, don’t settle with just one victim. Turns out, the more you kill, the more bargaining power you have. Just how fucked up is that?

Of the people featured in the documentary, there is only one I have an obvious beef with – single mother Carrie McGonigle. She’s a proof that no man should ever want to get involved with a single mother ever. They are incredibly unstable and experts at ruining an honest man’s life. There is always a reason why a woman becomes a single mother (note that there is a difference between a single mother and a widow – they are not the same thing). If watching Carrie McGonigle doesn’t put you off single mothers forever, then you deserve what’s coming to you.

On April 16, 2010 as per his plea bargain, John Albert Gardner pleaded guilty to the kidnapping, raping, and stabbing of Amber Dubois and raping and strangling of Chelsea King. He also pleaded guilty to attempting to rape Candice Moncayo in December 2009. In exchange, prosecutors did not seek the death penalty. On May 14, 2010 Judge David Danielsen sentenced John Gardner to two terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “Murders of Amber Dubois and Chelsea King by John Gardner”

  1. An indoctrinated, anti-white sheep would read this post and think, “See? White people murder, too!”

    Fucking idiots don’t realize that that’s not the point. The Zionist-controlled media makes it look like there are more white murderers by exaggerating and sensationalizing white murderers, while Negro murderers are kept low-key and underreported by the media. One look at murder statistics by race shows that there are far more Negro murderers. They should be sent back to Africa, and the Zionists should die.

    To which a sheep would say, “Guess what, racist? The President is black!”

    Yeah, and the Presidents are puppets of Zionists.

    1. The thing is people like to “think” we are all the same and they pretend race doesn’t matter. I don’t know what the statistics are but if what you are saying is true then that points to the fact that black people are more violent, that of course does not mean every black person is going to commit a murder though.

      But whatever the case is its hard to find a solution, sending all black people to africa is not really a solution which is fair nor possible really. At the end of the day “bad” people will always exist.

      1. Also, look at Africa today and then look at Europe. Africa is full of infant rape (the only reason Europe is becoming shit is because of Negro and Muslim extremist immigrants), goat rape, retarded civil wars, destruction, AIDS, lawlessness, and disorder. They’d be fighting their stupid civil wars with spears and living in mud huts if the white man didn’t bring them technology. Then, when presented with this fact, they say, “wull, ges wut, raciss, da wyte man be enslavin us.” Anyone who isn’t totally blind knows that the media is controlled by Zionists, and they placed the blame for the transatlantic slave trade on whites. Ashkenazi Jews controlled the slave trade, Negroes sold slaves, and less than 5% of Americans in pre-Civil War America owned slaves. If you want Jewish sources that state they controlled the slave trade, watch “The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery” by David Duke on YouTube.

        1. So… one type of murder, by gun, which is also probably against another person of their race / social class, and thats ‘all black people are criminals?’ And you dont think a history of systemic racism, damaging foreign policy/military intervention and colonialism not to mention the hideously recent racist policies of the USA, and the current policies that exist to ensure black people (and others) are kept subjugated… perhaps that may play a part in localised gun crime which is usually drug related? As opposed to white killers who shoot up schools of kids, murder women, ruin the entire world’s economy, shoot up schools, theatres, kill presidents, kill their families, rape women at home, at work, at parties…. hmmm… I fear a white person with a gun in America more than any black person.

          1. I love the peanut gallery. I feel better when see the ignorance and xenophobia of monkeys. Home sweet home.

            That is why we need the death penalty. It is a bargaining tool with seriously deranged killers.

        2. “Believe me, I have no interest in reading more racist diatribes. I just want some gore. You live in a fantasy land. Reality has no such devils.”

          No, you live in a propaganda-filled fantasy land. Maybe you should watch all of David Duke’s videos on YouTube, the “Open Post” category on this site, and the posts about Zionists. There is nothing more infuriating than a sheep who happily eats up Zionist propaganda saying that I live in a fantasy land. But then again, you’re a fucking liberal sheep, so it’s impossible to get anything through your thick skull. Anyone who thinks there are more white criminals than black is an idiot.

        3. “…and the current policies that exist to ensure black people (and others) are kept subjugated…”

          Whites are clearly discriminated against far more today, you fucking moron. You’re a real fucking sheep. What fucking policies? Affirmative action is just anti-white racism in which minorities are hired even if there’s a better-qualified white that wants a job.

        4. *snigger* oh you are on the affirmative action anger bandwagon. Can I join in? *shakes fist* ohhhh those selfish black people, look at everything they is taking from me, ooohhhhh, me and my fellow whities, we aint even running the world and banks and education and hospitals and law firms and universities and major government corporations and fortune 500’s no more ooohhhh *drools*

        5. The Zionists, who control mass media, politics, and banking, demonize whites, you ignorant fuck. THEY have power. And it isn’t about whites not having power, you piece of shit. It’s about racism towards whites being allowed through propaganda. Why the fuck are you even here? There’s other gore sites that focus on primarily gore instead of exposing truth about matters such as this. Hopefully you will stop polluting this site with your infuriating ignorance after reading posts about Zionists, the Holohoax, and multiculturalism.

          Europe before mass immigration (due to the Jews introducing multiculturalism to Europeans such as Barbara Spectre) = Peaceful (of course crime EXISTS, you moron, but it isn’t a rampant problem)

          Europe after mass immigration = Rampant looting, rape, and riots due to Negroes (like I said, it doesn’t fucking matter if not ALL of them are violent; just look at the fucking riot videos from Stockholm) and Muslim extremists

          Anyone who doesn’t see this is fucking retarded.

        6. You have a really narrow grasp on history, social movements, emigration, immigration, and race. I am sorry I dont conform to your sheeple expectations. I come here for the BEST GORE, not BEST ZIONIST LIZARD NEWS.

        7. A thought.. Show me 1, ONE.. country with a black majority population that does not exist in miserable, shit-stained perpetuity. Nigeria is a good case in point… The morons are dancing in oil wealth yet the only thing they can do is set themselves ablaze as they hack into gasoline filled pressurized pipe with machetes.. South Africa… Now Black Majority… Capetown and Johannesburg have the highest crime and murder rates in the world.. or at least they did a few years back. There has to be an acknowledgment at some point as to the scope of the problem in the black world… That takes strength and honesty… traits not seen in Washington DC in a long time.

          Take it another step, show me a black majority city in the U.S. That is not a whore infested, crack-crazed shit hole… You can’t, they do not exist.

          At some point, black america must acknowledge the problem lies with them.

          You don’t see the Asians whining… They work and succeed. I may not like’m.. And the treat each other like vermin, but I respect them for their ass-busting hard work (in most cases).

        8. llfordlsk said she doesn’t have time for racist diatribes, yet she goes on a racist rant about whites.

          She said she just wants to view gore, yet she scrolls down looking for comments that make her offended. Typical feminist scum.

          1. Your ignorant posts are great. I don’t mind. I just know that the corporations like Chevron,BP and Shell and other fucking tyrannts love them. They rape and murder and kill anyone who gets in their way to steal away the loot from third world countries.

            They call it the curse of mineral rich countries.

        1. Read “Open Post #12 – Jews, Multiculturalism and Rape” and “Ongoing Muslim and Black Riots in Husby Area of Stockholm, Sweden”. Because of the massive amounts of immigrant scum, Europe is being transformed into this.

      2. Well, not necessarily. This would be a sensible interpretation of murder statistics if genetic differences (i.e. skin color and other physical features) were the only variables – but they’re not. There are socioeconomic and cultural factors as well. As a quick, simple example, imagine going to back to the days before the slaves were freed. Now, imagine some organization decided to conduct a study on literacy between various ethnic groups. You can rest assured that almost no blacks would be found to be literate – if ANY of them were, it would be an extraordinarily tiny number. So…blacks are genetically incapable of learning to read, right? I mean it’s simple. The study shows very clearly that almost no blacks are able to read, while a relatively large percentage of whites CAN. Right??? Wrong.

        If you wanted to do a study on whether or not a person’s race influences his personality traits (in this case, violence and/or the tendency to commit murder.) You would have to ensure that the study’s volunteers were as similar as possible in every way EXCEPT race. So, suppose you chose to narrow your pool to include only subjects whose income is in the top 10%. This study probably will never be done (because it’s inherently racist, and would probably not be funded), but if it were, I think the result would be that there is no substantial difference. Blacks with an income over $200,000 a year probably don’t commit any more murders than whites in the same tax bracket.

        Same with other races. An Indian who grows up in a suburban middle class neighborhood is going to be very different from one who lives on the streets in India. But, it’s not because the air in the US changes a person’s DNA over time, it’s because they grew up in two drastically different cultures.

      1. “you dont think a history of systemic racism, damaging foreign policy/military intervention and colonialism not to mention the hideously recent racist policies of the USA, and the current policies that exist to ensure black people (and others) are kept subjugated… ”

        1 ) the kkk was formed to stop blacks from raping, looting and doing things blacks love to do throughout the south.Fact.

        Even Abraham Lincoln, as a young man, was a victim of an attack by multiple Blacks and this was during the time of slavery!

        “In the autobiography, he also spoke of a previous trip to New Orleans. With regard to this trip, he said nothing about slaves but did refer to *egroes, recalling that he and his own companion ‘were attacked by seven *egroes with intent to kill and rob them’ and were ‘hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the *egroes from the boat.’”

        This is precisely why they had segregation in the Southern States, exactly why they had and NEEDED the good ol’ boys of the KKK to ‘take care of business’ etc.

        When is the last time the KKK did anything to a negro?

        Serious, question, I hear negro’s going out killing white peoples every freaking day of the week.

        Some of these whites are children that don’t deserve it…

        The Black Panthers put a ten grand target on Zimmerman and threaten race war just a few weeks ago.
        Yet, you’re targing the clan?

        Before you say that poverty causes crime, let me remind you of some more facts. In 2010, West Virginia was the 3rd poorest US state. During that year, the murder rate in West Virginia was 3.3 per 100,000 people – lower than the US average in that category and every other crime category. West Virginia was 93.2% white in 2010.
        Therefore, the assertion that poverty causes crime is demonstrably false. Demonizing the poor as criminals is shameful.

        2 ) Lynching most of the time had nothing to do with racism. Whites, Blacks, Jews, Men and Women were all lynched, if you committed crime that outraged the local community you were lynched, simple as that really.

        Only the Blacks and Liberals turn lynching into a race issue.

        In the State of Arizona, for example, in the period 1882 to 1968 31 whites were lynched and no one black

        3 ) Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
        Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
        They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

        4 ) subjugated ?! Like black on white murder not being reported as a hate crime even the when they use racial slurs? Like all white countries being targeted for genocide? Yup, I’m just soaking up my white privilege. I can’t help the fact that mother nature was kinder to the white race, right now though we have a tough love relationship.

        5 )All races as a group outperform blacks academically regardless of income.
        Poor whites were revealed in one little mentioned study by academics that poor whites scored higher and did better than wealthy blacks, and these brilliant educators just couldn’t understand why..

        I wonder why poor norther asians do so well in academics?

    2. You are correct. So one piece of shit wigger Gardner kills two pretty white girls. This is an unusual but tragic case. This fucking wigger learned his rapist ways from being incarcerated in the zi0nist n1gger sp1ck hellhole called the californigga penal system

    3. I don’t know where some of these responders are getting their statistics. There are more white people in this country than black, so it’s logical that crimes committed by whites will be more common than those committed by blacks. As for convictions…that’s a different matter, as justice isn’t exactly color-blind.

  2. Why do you speak so poorly of single mothers? It isn’t always their fault. What if they are single because of a pos? Luckily I am not a single mother but I know a few. Sometimes the father can’t handle the pressure.

  3. Fuck single mothers. Fuck my mother. No, I mean not literally. I mean gang rape and leave her to the dogs. She is 60 now, I´ll give the address, if someone is interested. This whore destroyed the lives of 4 fairly decent men, 2 of them killed themselves. She stole all their money, cheated on them, and she neglected the children that came from those relationships. I´ve never met a more deceitful woman in my life again. I still cant believe, that some of my siblings made a successful living though, I wouldnt consider me as one of them, but I´ve escaped this hell with 15, so I could recover early enough. Plus I´m happy, that I didnt turn completely distrustful towards ladies because of that bitch.
    She should be lying in a grave instead of this girls.

      1. She is very callous, and will never change for herself, but I know she is suffering, because of her current pimp and his psycho games. Well shit deserves shit, so its kinda satisfaction for me, but I´ll never get her out of my head, thats her legacy.

      1. Yeah, we have them. There’s one not far from my place. I haven’t tried it, though. I usually just go to Subway.

        Of course blacks don’t go to a sub shop. Those places put stuff like vegetables on their food, and it’s generally healthy. Well, compared to other forms of fast food. They can’t be havin’ that shit! Niggaz in the South usually have a very poor diet. (Soul Food. Very fried.)

  4. “Have you noticed that simple, modest girls never seem to become victims of rape or murder?”

    Without wanting to be seen as a liberal cock polisher I believe that the above statement needs expanding otherwise in it’s original form it’s wrong.

    Lets separate the notion of rape that comprises of sex with scantily clad drunken girls with dragging some random woman of the streets and raping her.

    Any woman who is dragged from the streets raped and beaten and even murdered does not or in the very least should not have her personality made out to be responsible for the perpetrators actions.

    If we go down that route then pornography, computer games and loud energetic music are also responsible for peoples criminal actions, you could even say that the slave trade, poverty and the “evil white man” is responsible for crime in the black community.

    Therefore women who get drunk and walk down the street half dressed are certainly making themselves a target for those looking for easy sex and should take some responsibility for their own safety and the consequences of their own behaviour however those women who are dragged off the streets whilst sober and fully dressed are not responsible for what happens.

    I apologise for being pedantic, I am just in a pedantic mood today.

    1. “Therefore women who get drunk and walk down the street half dressed are certainly making themselves a target for those looking for easy sex and should take some responsibility for their own safety and the consequences of their own behaviour.”

      What you wear and what you drink has no bearing. It is the rapist and rapist only who commits the crime and is responsible. Also most people who are raped are raped by someone they know, so your idea of ‘dragged off the street’ is such an antiquated notion of rape and demonstrates how unqualified you are to speak on this topic.

      I apologise for being pedantic, I just can’t let lies like this slide.

      1. You take the walk down the street half naked too literally. He means women who dress to attract male attention on purpose. Which is not to say that bad but when males approach them they act like that is not the case and they act as if its weird to approach a woman and you are some kind of “weirdo” talking to them. Its not about being dragged from the street. Also getting drunk and passing out on a party full of stranger is bound to get you in trouble. World is not black and white, yes the rapist is responsible for his actions but same way you are. If you dress like a slut, act like slut then shutdown male attempts you are gonna anger people and 1 of those people is going to be a sick maniac and he is going to rape you.

        1. So what, sometimes i dress nice, no excuse to rape me. Sometimes my friend he dresses nice, no excuse for anyone to rape him either.

          Are you talking about rape intelligently? Rape which is a crime which only the criminal is responsible for? Cos it sounds a lot more like ‘nice guys can’t get a break and girls are all manipulative sluts who dress like sluts and they won’t talk to me no wonder they get raped, sluts’ cos if thats the quantum leap you are making, I can’t even. Has it been raining fedoras?

          1. I never said its an excuse. I said the rapists is responsible for his actions. I think its pretty obvious that I never said that rape is excusable. You like dressing nice, because you like feeling pretty, and that is not a problem, but when you dress nice men will approach you and that is just how it is. Maybe my thoughts didn’t flow the right way in my first post, but in short bad people exists, and if you put yourself in a vulnerable position those people will take advantage of it. e.g. Drinking until you pass out on a party full with strangers. That does not sound like a good idea right? Its just people need to learn to take care of themself and put down those rose tinted glasses and stop thinking that its a perfect world and you can do whatever you want.

          2. Either rape is 100% the rapists fault or it is not. I am sorry if i am being blunt, but anyone, men or women, should not have to constantly check themselves and be in anyway responsible for preventing their rape. It seems trite, but it is true that the only person who can prevent rape is the rapist. The only thing getting too drunk would leave you responsible for is an action *you committed yourself* – from drinking and driving to having a bad hangover. Dressing like a ‘slut’ (whatever that is??), I dunno, you would get cold, or maybe get a bruise easier if you knocked into a table etc?

      2. @IlfordISK,

        Does one need to be qualified to comment on a gore site?, I will have to ask Mark for my Best Gore diploma in that case.

        “What you wear and what you drink has no bearing”

        I never said it did, I however did say that a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions and safety, We live in a shitty world full of filth it makes sense then to take certain precautions such as not to walk home drunk, for women the ramifications are rape and for men it is to be beaten and mugged.

        ” so your idea of ‘dragged off the street’ is such an antiquated notion of rape”

        So what you are telling me is that women no longer get dragged off the streets and raped anymore?, I merely used this example to make a point otherwise I would have had to talk about every possibility of rape and it would have took too long.

        It is no wonder you are getting insulted quite a bit on this post, you truly do bring it on yourself because you come across as a complete and utter asshole.

      3. I agree; rape and murder are always the fault of the rapist/murderer. However, there is something to be said for making yourself an easy target. Let’s turn this around and say I go to Pattaya for some drunken fun, and end up a concrete stain after being launched from a high rise by my new Thai friends. Sure, it isn’t my fault. Being farang, drunk, horny and alone in Thailand with a lot of money should not equal a death sentence, or even a beating or robbery for that matter. But how stupid am I for putting myself in that position?

        1. if she is asking for it or she is just in the wrong part of town, she should not live in fear just because some doosh can’t tame his rocket. I see slutty whores daily, but I won’t be triggered to rape them just because her clit is hanging out her skirt. A rapist would fuck a chicken if it had a nice ass

          1. That’s the key, we’re more likely to get into trouble if we’re “asking for it” while technically doing nothing wrong. To use another male victim example, if you’re young and go into a gang-infested part of town wearing your favorite team’s jersey (or cap or whatever), there’s a good chance you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention. A guy shouldn’t have to live in fear over supporting his team in public, but he’d be stupid to pretend it’s sometimes not the safest thing to do. It isn’t right or fair, but it’s reality.

      4. @IlfordISK,

        Does one need to be qualified to comment on a gore site?, I will have to ask Mark for my Best Gore diploma in that case.

        “What you wear and what you drink has no bearing”

        I never said it did, I however did say that a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions and safety, We live in a shitty world full of filth it makes sense then to take certain precautions such as not to walk home drunk, for women the ramifications are rape and for men it is to be beaten and mugged.

        ” so your idea of ‘dragged off the street’ is such an antiquated notion of rape”

        So what you are telling me is that women no longer get dragged off the streets and raped anymore?, I merely used this example to make a point otherwise I would have had to talk about every possibility of rape and it would have took too long.

        It is no wonder you are getting insulted quite a bit on this post, you truly do bring it on yourself because you come across as a complete and utter asshole.

      5. He’s talking about victim proneness. A concept where the victim places themself or their property in a vulnerable position. I agree that the rapist is responsible
        for his actions.

        It doesn’t matter if you think he’s ‘qualified’ to speak on this topic or not. He can speak on whatever the hell he wants, it’s his opinion.

        1. “He’s talking about victim proneness. A concept where the victim places themself or their property in a vulnerable position.”

          victim proneness = blaming the victim.

          victim places themself or their property in a vulnerable position = blaming the victim.

          It is a poor argument. If a rapist is 100% responsible, as you say, then there is no room for victim blaming. And These views are victim blaming. You may not have realised it. And a rapist can be a man or a woman.

          1. So you’re denying that a drunk girl in a short skirt is a lot easier to rape than a sober girl in jeans? That’s what he means. If you walk home at night alone and drunk, that’s just stupid. You know to call a cab because it’s just not safe enough. You don’t know if you’ll run into a murderer or a rapist. That’s the world we live in and you can try to deny it all you want but that won’t make the bad people go away. For example, if I walk into bloods territory wearing blue, I’ll get shot. Not because I’m doing anything wrong but because that’s how those people are. So what do I do? I don’t wear blue in their territory to keep myself safe. Just like how I never walk home alone and drunk after going out. Either people come with, I call a cab or someone picks me up. Seems like more than enough choice before walking off alone expecting to make it cause I’m not doing anything wrong. Another example, if a girl wears a shirt where her tits almost fall out, she has no right to yell at guys for looking at them, that’s what you ask for wearing a shirt so low even your bra is visible as alot of girls do. Or see through shirts which show their bra and then complain when guys stare? Then don’t dress like a cheap hooker which they obviously do for the attention.

    1. “The rare white-on-black attack is always ‘front page’ and featured coverage by most news media”

      Fucking Zionists make this happen.

      “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” – Joel Stein

      The Zionists mock sheep like IlfordISK who confidently believe they know what the fuck is going on in the world and aren’t aware that all their beliefs are based on propaganda.

      1. I know a lot more than you think. In fact I would argue most people do. Perhaps you are the sheep… too blind by your own prejudice to face reality, easier to blame some horrible racial other. I feel sorry for you. Lucky we can both have some fun and watch some gore. But shhhh! The Zionists want you to watch the gore, here little angry sheep, have the gore, mmmm.

        1. No, you just haven’t SEEN the true reality. A lifetime of being spoon-fed propaganda is not easy to reverse, but I did it. I was just like you until I took the time to examine why “those racist bastards” believe what they believe. It’s far more logical than what you believe, and what I used to believe. What I implore you to do is watch all of David Duke’s YouTube videos (which provide primarily Zionist sources), read the “Open Post” category, and read the “Holohoax” category open-mindedly. And if you want just gore, then this isn’t the right gore site for you.

        2. No, you haven’t SEEN true reality. A lifetime of being fed propaganda isn’t easy to reverse. What I implore you to do is watch David Duke’s YouTube videos (which provide primarily Jewish sources), read the “Holohoax” category, and the “Open Post” category open-mindedly.

        3. I implore you to watch David Duke’s YouTube videos, read the “Holohoax” category, and the “Open Post” category. It’s hard to reverse a lifetime of being fed propaganda, but I did. You think I wasn’t a cocky idiot like you once?

        4. IlfordISK. You really are one of the most dumbest people I’ve seen on here and in real life. It’s just like what you are being told, that you think you are so right about the things you’ve learned that you will never let go of it. “I know a lot more than you think.” That’s so dumb I don’t even wanted to make this comment at all. You can’t just say “that you know more than others think you do”; we can’t read your mind. I have one question for you: Where are you from? I would appreciate it.

          1. There’s millions like him. Every single argument I made against him was just the tip of the iceberg. If he watched all of the David Duke videos (he is anti-Zionist/Israel and uses primarily Jewish sources to support his videos), he’d probably still choose to deny it despite irrefutable proof of what I’m saying. He criticizes “racism” while blatantly making anti-white comments (very, VERY typical of a liberal sheep). The indoctrinated sheep are the backbone of the Zionists. If people like IlfordISK learned to get their heads out of their asses, we could take down the people responsible for the worst genocides in history (Zionists) in a fortnight. As David Duke said, the Zionists are extremely powerful, but the man “behind the curtain” is really quite pathetic.

          2. I am a woman douche bro. (That’s to @Christiansen). How is anything i said anti-white? I don’t have any problems with white people generally.

  5. Anyway, leaping over the “Negroes/Zionist/Liberals/Feminists caused this” blackhole of inanity, where is the GORE??? This lady needs to learn how to protect her vagina in case she accidentally offers it up by being too ‘easy to target.’

    Plus, I am sorry these young women had to die because of this disgusting shitstain of a human being. I hope he rots in hell.

  6. fucking sick of hearing about ‘rape’ . funny how these traumatised women go on to lead normal fulfilling lives giving birth . anyway how can a cock that enters you a tad more rougher than normal be so devastating when its a natural act ? and why is rape in the top 3 of womens fantasy’s ? go suck a dick bitches give your mouths something useful to do im so sick of women whining.

    1. @worzel
      apparently you have never been raped…..a cock that enters a tad more rougher?!? are you kidding me here?!? a natural act???? rape??? man you are a sick fuck if you believe that. Your comment is so effing offensive …im so tired of feeling like shit about what some fuckers did to me when I was like 3yrs old cause its a natural act right?!? Yeah so effing natural it has fucked up my life..why don’t you try thinking before you post such vile horseshit.

      fuuuck there goes my happy mood.. 🙁

      1. Hey @AC, I was refraining from commenting on this thread but now feel obligated to. Some men just don’t get it, and will never get it, no matter what logic you use to change their opinions. If its any consolation, not all men think this way, and some of us are just as repulsed by the ones who do. I’m sorry for what happened to you, and I’m sorry there wasn’t a real man around to straighten out whatever that pathetic excuse of a man did.

      2. no worries, Ali. this guy clearly doesn’t understand that there is more about rape than getting you rocks off. its got psychological implications. control, mainly. turning a woman into nothing but an object against her will. plus the threat of violence.
        and while I detest many of today’s slutty-ass, easy-ass females, there is simply no excuse for rape. responsibility for the crime rests soley on the rapist, no matter what the woman did to “invite” such action.

      1. sorry folks for the rant. I always let the trolls get me!! I feel kinda toolish now…lol…..

        Thanks to amnyc and obli for their kind words – angels in disguise I always say 😉

        I will now try not to be so goofy …. well…emotional goofy …plain old goofy I cant promise anything 😛

        1. I aint no fucking troll . and other people have been through worse than rape so don’t make out like your the ultimate victims in life . like mark the owner of the site says there are more people who suffer worse violence yet receive no counselling but rape victims can cry all their life and it might not even be true . im not saying youre lying but a lot of women do.

        2. @Ali Just ignore idiots like that. Some guys will never be grown ass real men. You know what you went through and how it affected you. Dumb ass people have no clue until they’ve been through it. I love reading your comments. You seem like you’re such a strong person. So don’t let anybody get to you.

          1. I see your point – of course – so that’s your excuse for posting such vile bs? Cmon dude..i understand a lot of people are cheezed off with women and we are bad and we shouldn’t drive nor should we have opinions or should we complain if some guy sticks his stud rod into our little hole cos that’s what it is there for and that’s why we exist…and I know some women like to encourage this by posting titty pics or constantly running around after guys on here looking for attention and its annoying – I get it, really I do. But when we start talking about serious issues can we maybe shelf the hate speech for a bit and actually have decent comments instead of the insults? BG is made up of a lot of cool people who have been through a lot of unique shit – we really are past the general internet type personas on here…so we don’t need to be constantly dredging up the old stereotypes…I truly believe we are too intelligent and we have been through too much crap in our lives to have to justify stuff like that with a comment. I mean if you are stating you feel that rape isn’t really an issue as you don’t understand why it causes such harm because isn’t it a natural function – then fine one would say, no actually, it does cause a lot of internal damage actually…a lot of bruised and torn organs, hemorrhaging, often times the damage is not fixable and the girl lives with the damage the rest of her life causing intense pain and a life of no sexual activity whatsoever. It is a very serious assault. And it pisses me off too when women cry rape or pretend to be raped when they have not been because then this is the result.

            Geez I hope this all makes sense…im never good at writing huge posts cos I ramble on.


      2. This right here shows how it’s possible to hold a conflicting view from someone else and still be adult enough to respect them, even appreciate them. Obliterator, you know ive contrasted some things in the past but we still stayed civil, and….first thought that came to mind reading your comments today–> I love this guy, FTW!

    2. Well….. That’s possibly the dumbest stance on the rape “topic” I have ever seen, but then again it makes sense coming from you. Up there you said your mom was mean to you, a lot of “power” driven rapist have mommy issues. You felt emasculated by your mom so you think of women in a negative way, sad really, mate. Hope you never get your ass split by a couple of “tough” guys like you.

        1. exactly @worzel
          don’t comment on something you know nothing about……for starters its blatantly apparent you know nothing about vaginas…perhaps start to read a little, maybe even try to experience touching some first before you start to comment on how they work…while your at it…piss off – thanks dollface 🙂

          1. @worzel , don’t you know by now that personal attacks are not allowed on this site? Also, everyone but you seems to know that only weak characters who have already lost the discussion, resort to the lowness of personal attacks. Since you clearly are not well-versed on the topic of rape, here’s an invitation: get yourself raped , preferably numerous times, first, or alternatively have a few meetings face-to-face with rape victims of either sex, then we can talk on the same level, OK?

    3. @Worzel The comment you made is a common sociopathic view that most people that rape have in their mindset which both gives them a sense of control and of course, a sense or feeling (or both) that their actions are OK and even allowed. Some even think society would accept their actions. Even in court, once these types of people are caught, they hold fast to their notion that their victims were the real culprits and somehow lead the rape to happen, in some cases, even asked for a rape to happen.

      It’s a very dangerous mindset to have not for yourself, but for future people (mainly women apparently), that may come into contact with you in person in the future; assuming you are not just typing these views in hopes of getting shock value.

      On that same topic though:

      Many priests that raped little boys came out and said that the boys asked to be raped when changing clothes in the presence of a grown man. Or the joking around boys do when around other boys. This is the same exact thinking you posted above.

      Your thinking would also justify the rape of a 3-year-old baby girl because obviously the human vagina is made for penetration by a mans penis right? Just a little tighter, a little rougher correct? It’s a natural act to force a mans cock onto any females vagina a little rougher, so a 3-year-old is open game right?

      1. alicatt ,thanx for the insight ,maybe its just the world that’s twisted my views on women and the fact that porn is overflowing with women who are getting smashed by 3 4 5 even 20 men at the same time and seem to love it ,and even though its good to watch I cant help thinking do all women like it like that ,even my exes were into rougher type sex and we had a burglar fantasy where I would grab her on the stairs and she escaped and I chased her to the bedroom with my penis erect and she loved it . you see my mum was devuios and cruel and she also ruined lives with no remorse and she was a liar so that’s the female role model I had but I don’t even see her as a role model ,I see her just as someone who is getting old and will have nobody soon and there will be nobody at her funeral so fuck her what goes around comes around ,and also where im from the women have the same attitudes as men they are nasty and aggressive and not to be trusted and actually enjoy their status as loose and slutty and openly talk of sexual encounters and act slutty 24 7

        1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I had a really awful upbringing with an abusive stepmother and an absentee biological mother and it screwed me up pretty badly. It also warped my view of other women. I have very few female friends and have a hard time relating to other girls.

          While what you said was totally uncool on all levels, it seems like you are just a product of your upbringing. That doesn’t make it okay for you to say those things, but I guess I can understand WHY you would say them. I hope you in time you can find peace over the situation with your mother.

          I promise you that not all women are sluts and whores….and the ones in porn DON’T like it, they are paid to act like they do. The scenario with your girlfriend is a lot different from rape because it is consensual. If a random dude burst into her house and chased her around with an erect penis, I highly doubt she would be welcoming to it.

  7. “Have you noticed that simple, modest girls never seem to become victims of rape or murder?”

    That’s the same thing muslim clerics in my country say. That’s the same thing muslim rape gangs in my country say. Maybe all women should start wearing a hijab.

    1. It is just another mind game. How do you control the victims. You play this game that they are a victim because they did not listen to Daddy.

      Then again there is some truth but most of it is just Bullshit spin. It is the same thing about plans. They seem like a good idea until you implement them.

    1. Well part of the purpose of this site is to expose the truth around the world, to show atrocities from the side of the true victim(s) instead of what everyone is told on the major news networks. The discussions were a once in a while tangent but are more common now. Nothing wrong with discussing sensitive topics with people who have polar beliefs and thought processes. The only thing I don’t understand is why anyone would resort to name calling and pure anger when trying to explain a point of view to someone else. I for one think the point is lost if one has to shit talk their way through a response. One thing we all need to understand is we don’t know shit about what we’re talking about. It’s all information passed along unknown sources. We have opinions about what we’ve heard, assuming the info is accurate. The only things we can say for sure are the things that happen first hand. Truth is relative in this world. No need to get pissy with anyone else because in the end we all rot the same and all that so called knowledge melts away. By the way, everything I just said is false, and not exactly a relevant response to your comment but that’s how tangents work.

      1. I don’t mind the xenophobia. It is the truth how folk see the world. Yup sure is myopic in here but it is why so many make so many bad decisions.

        I heard stories about how minorities through out history welcomed foreign armies just to be murdered by them. They just changed Tyrants.

    2. I wouldn’t really call the exchange of ideas rubbish. everyone is different and it’s silly to think that all the thousands of members of this website community would get along. the only rubbish i’m seeing right now is the fucking complaining about how this site is operated….you want a “better” one? why don’t you hop off on a quest to find one? i’m sure there are a handful out there that would be glad to flood your computer with pop-ups and viruses and rid us of your whining.

      1. Oh yeah, deadhand, since, you know, your asking, have something to say about the post instead.

        On the other hand, sometimes I do it(attack someone) but not berate a person. Killm’ softly. I don’t want to be deemed a COWARD because I talk shit in front of a glass screen.

  8. I am sorry Mark, but Amber Dubois is not a “look at me, im hot” girl. From the pictures and videos of her, she never has on make-up and I never saw tits hanging out like most 14 year old these days. I think you are right most the time, but this little girl did not put herself out there like you say.

    1. You’re right. I knew both of these girls. Amber was very shy, soft-spoken, and if anything avoided attention. Chelsea was extremely religious and had a very strict family. She dressed modestly in comparison to other girls our age. Amber also came from a religious family….but that’s the case with most Escondido families.

    2. It’s a mind game. Maybe a mind war. You tell everyone that they are in their lot because it is their fault.

      There is some truth in that. When we are cynical about politics. We get shit. When we let special interests promote candidates and we don’t care. You get shit.

      When the US has 17T debt. It is because the rich fuckers did not pay tax. War or not war. There is the problem. Sure it is spending. It is a mind war about trying to get their way. They will tell you anything and everything.

      Excuses are like ass holes, everyone has got one.

  9. My daughter is 14-years old. She is a very-bright student and the only thing she does to stand out is excel at academics and competitive-swimming.

    My daughter is a little bigger-built than Amber Dubois was, but the facial-similarities are a bit disturbing for me. AFAIK, my daughter really is just a great student, great athlete, and great young-gal. I hope nothing like this ever happens to her or her brother.

    But I have to agree with you about Carrie McGonigle. She turned on her replacement-man faster than Obama turned on his second-term election promises. Crazy-ass bitch there. :S

  10. I’m confused. I shared my views in a few comments on here, and they never showed up (well, one of them showed up – and hopefully this one does too ha). They didn’t contain any offensive stuff like threats or name calling or anything. Do comments sometimes get thrown out even if they don’t break the rules? Or did my browser just never actually submit them for whatever reason?

  11. As someone who knew John (I thought) very well, every so often I still think ” I need to tell him this” and pick up the phone to call him. I feel a deep sympathy for the victims families, I also feel sorry for his Mom. Most of the public has made it seem like she just didn’t give a shit, but she was a very devoted Mom and was always trying to figure out a way to get him help. So days like this when I mourn the loss of a friend, I know I still have CathyMom.

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