Murder Attempt on Businessmen in Virar, India Fails as Gun Misfires

Murder Attempt on Businessmen in Virar, India Fails as Gun Misfires

It would seem that being a businessman in India comes with about as long a lifespan as being a drug dealer in Brazil. Only recently builder Sunil Kumar Loharia from Navi Mumbai was shot dead outside his office and now there’s a CCTV video of a similar bid to assassinate two businessmen in Manvelpada area of Virar, on the outskirts of Mumbai in India.

Local builder Kuldeep Chowdhury went to see a movie and returned home with friend Hari Dubey. Upon arrival, the two were approached by a duo of masked gunmen who attempted to kill them both, but their weapons misfired, rendering the murder attempt an epic fucking failure.

Surveillance camera footage shows one of the gunmen attempting to fire a shot, but the gun jams and nothing happens. He fiddles around with it and managed to shoot Hari Dubey in the foot. The assailant then tries to shoot Kuldeep Chowdhury but all attempts end up with misfires so he eventually gives up and flees the scene with an accomplice on a motorcycle.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Murder Attempt on Businessmen in Virar, India Fails as Gun Misfires”

    1. Then starts a little ” St. Paddy’s Day” dance right there on the spot. In regards to all the dogs, He was calling his wife”Honey, the movie took longer than i thought. How about i bring some “carry out “so you don’t have to cook tonight?

          1. It really doesn’t take a census. India is flanked by Islam on both sides. To it’s West, you have Pakistan, a home for Sunni Islam everywhere (The other being Saudi Arabia) and the Middle-East in all it’s Islamic glory. To the East, Bangladesh, another Sunni Islamic country.

            It’s the same reason the Xinjing ‘province’ in China is majority Islamic.

            All three Countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) were at one point a single Country.

            Also – India has one of the worst Female to Male ratios in the world.

            But there is an exception: Christianity. Christian Indians have more women than men.

  1. Wtf, dont these simpletons test their guns out before they use them? I would, I’d take that bitch apart, clean it, practice with it Taxi Driver style. I’d also carry a knife just in case the gun misfired or I needed things extra quite. Hell if I was those two idiots I would’ve took hit him inside the movie theater, its dark, its loud what else could you ask for. I’d wait till he sat down then I’d sit right behind him wait till it got extra loud then I’d take an icepick to his skull and neck.

      1. Hey if your gunna do something do it right put some effort into it…i mean your killing a human being for god sakes the most dangerous “animal” on this planet. If your not going put some thought into it then you have no business doing that kinda work, not only are you going to let the target walk but your most likely gunna end up killing an innocent or worse get yourself killed all because of your own stupidity. You know how much time and planning goes into hunting and killing a deer? You just don’t walk out into the woods with a rifle and say I’m going to kill a deer, it doesn’t work that way. I can only imagine how much more planning it would take to hunt and kill a human. and more importantly get away with it. Even the Brazilian drive by bikers have to put some planning into their hits which is why they’re always so successful.

  2. A Swiss woman was just gang-raped in India, and her husband was beaten (Probably had to watch).

    I’m going to have to revise my opinion on the Indians – Nothing but savages like their compatriots in Pakistan.

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