Murder by Sword Caught on CCTV in Iran

Murder by Sword Caught on CCTV in Iran

It’s like watching a scene from Pulp Fiction only this is for real. Caught on CCTV in Iran – store owner was murdered with a single blow of a sword. His limp body fell on the floor as blood from the wound splattered around. The murderer was arrested a few days after the attack. I do not have any info on what prompted him to murder the shop owner. They don’t have gun snackbarists in Iran so murders are rare, but when they do occur, they’re without a doubt brutal.

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48 thoughts on “Murder by Sword Caught on CCTV in Iran

  1. I think he got knocked out also by the blow to the kneck … He was probably on his way to death no doubt but he was all stiff like someone who got knocked out from a shot to the nerves in your kneck or jaw area. Pretty sweet

  2. [email protected] on said:

    If you just had your neck slash, and death was inevitable, would you cry for yourself or for your family? Would you be sad at the though of you going or of you never seeing them?

  3. holy fuck haha! i’ve never seen someone with a sword to kill someone. damn, and he went down instantly, i wish their was blood though, but still tight

  4. Mark I’m pretty sure there’s A LOT of violence that occurs in Iran. My ex girlfriends father was Persian and some of the stories he had about seeing people beat each others heads in with stones were pretty brutal.

  5. If this happened in America, once he got sent to prison he’d probably be given a cool nickname like Lancelot, or The Samurai.

    Also, Pulp Fiction! Great movie. I saw it in the theater with my Dad when it came out. That was one of the best movie experiences of my life. The audience was going nuts during the whole gimp scene! Hahaha.

      • I’m going to use that the next time I’m in McDonald’s. I want to see if the person behind the counter will get it, or if I’ll just get stared back at like a cow looking at a gawking human from the other side of the fence.

  6. “They don’t have gun snackbarists in Iran so murders are rare, but when they do occur, they’re without a doubt brutal.”

    LMFAO, murders in Iran rare? because they don’t have “gunsnackbarists”? Haha, I hope you are kidding.

  7. Oh, damn dude…Why to oppose armed man when you have no chance against him and his weapon?
    He was “smart ass” and now – dead. Damn destiny.
    Rest in peace man.

  8. vietmese beheading still shot of perfect artiral double helix blood spout like three feet in the air is the shit. wanna see a katana through torso vid though would be sweet.

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