Murder Victim Turns Stiff in One Day

Murder Victim Turns Stiff in One Day

On January 23, 2013 residents from the Geraldo Melo area of Mossoró, a town in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil reported to the authorities that they’d heard gunfire. Police searched the area but found nothing. The following day, on January 24, 2013 someone found a bullet riddled cadaver of a man with 4 unfired bullets in his hand. What’s a proper name for an unfired bullet?

This was the 12th homicide victim of the year in the town of Mossoró. Given that we’re only 24 days into the year, there is on average one person murdered every other day in this town alone. Go Brazil!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. To answer your question, an unfired bullet is called a ?round? by LE people and the industry. Those look like hollow point .38 special rounds, a typical PDA (personal defense ammunition.) Nowadays the .38 special is almost exclusively a civilian round, so the bullet type is usually going to be PDA of some sort. It used to be a cop gun back in the day, as well as a revolver some elements of the military police & security would carry on stateside bases. I knew somebody who had a pretty ?U.S. Government property? marked revolver he would take when we went camping/drinking/shooting.
    On another topic, while working at the local forensic center, I have noticed lean, muscular people who ran from or fought their attackers and lost seem to go into rigor much faster. I attribute this to the huge dump of adrenaline that takes place. I got one guy in the morgue who literally died minutes earlier in the ER. He fought to the death against his attacker and lost when he had his occipital bone smashed in by a 20 lb. hand held dumbbell. He was already so stiff I had a hard time putting the X-ray plates under his upper body and head area. They wasted a lot of whole blood on that dude?

    1. Wtf are you guys talking about 1 day?… rigor usually starts to take place around 3 hours after death with full rigor occurring 12 hours after death.. after the twelve hour mark rigor slowly ceases and at about 72 hours rigor disappears …
      **Source** :
      Myself & wiki.answers (plus wikis version) to make sure…

        1. Odgoso you are correct, the correct term is “cartridge” anything else is just a generalized term, a cartridge consist of a projectile, casing, gunpowder, and primer, once the cartridge has been fired what remains is called a “casing”

    1. The general term I’d use would be “unspent round”. The bullet is simply the top part of the round (the bit that gets fired down the barrel) and the thing as a whole; case, charge, and bullet, is a round of ammunition.

  2. The correct term and definition for an unfired bullet is called a “cartridge”…a cartridge consist of a bullet in its entirety which is projectile, case, gunpowder, and primer, a cartridge would describe a bullet that has not been fired yet, once a the cartridge has been fired the remaining empty shell is called a “casing” the part that enters the human body and causes death is called a projectile the terms “bullet”, “round”, or “shell” are just generalized terms for ammunition that can have diffrent meanings which is where all the confusion sets in.

    As far as what type of cartridge they are what I can tell you for a fact is that they are manufactured by Winchester and are HP (high powered) rounds which are either 145g 357mag +P or 125g 38spl +P and I know this because I’ve shot both of these types myself and they both came in silver casings and silvertip hollow points, now the real question is are they 38 special or 357 magnum and I’m not really able to tell since both are very similar in size and shapethe 38spl being just a tad shorter than the 357mag in fact both are so similar that they both can be fired from a revolver chamberd in 357mag although the same cannot be said for a revolver chambered in 38spl since the 357mag is just a bit to large for it. Personally I think they might be 357mag since the 38spl projectile tends to “pop out” just a bit more than the 357mag although without getting a closer look it can just as easily be a 38spl round.

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