Murder Victim Stuffed in Plastic Barrel and Left in Gutter

Murder Victim Stuffed in Plastic Barrel and Left in Gutter

Murder victim who had been beaten, tortured and stabbed multiple times before being stuffed inside a 200 liters plastic barrel and left in a stormwater gutter shocked the residents of the Venustiano Carranza colony in the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico. The gruesome discovery was made alongside Tuxtla Chico road, about 80 meters from the Cahoacán River Bridge.

Victim’s body bore more than 20 stab and slash wounds from a knife and a machete, mostly to the back of his head, face and chest. The victim had several tattoos. One on his back read: “Por Siempre y Para Siempre“. Jewgle Translate says it means “Forever and For Always“.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Murder Victim Stuffed in Plastic Barrel and Left in Gutter”

        1. Not always but alot of them are getting aztec tattoo’s. dont forget the aztecs were a hardcore warrior civilization that was all about kidnapping there neighbors and sacrificing them. I dont think much is different.

  1. No wonder the residents of the Venustiano Carranza colony were shocked at the discovery, plastic is not biodegradable, I mean really, would it have hurt them to have used an oak barrel instead.

    A more sophisticated killer would have placed the body in an oak barrel and left it to age for a few years before putting it out to the public, like any good L A Cetto Reserva.

  2. I’m surprised people in Mexico were shocked to find a dead body in the gutter. Anyway, he looks to be in decent condition for a guy whose been shoved in a barrel. I wonder how long the body was sitting there.

  3. Ah, Mexico. Your lovely resorts.. your women.. Your lovely country.. All corrupted by fucking dip shits who’d sell their own family for $100. Sad to see such a nice country go down in shreds. They say money can’t buy happiness but in Mexico it’s different. Sometimes I wonder if these people don’t have another choice.

  4. Jewgle??? I wonder what this dude did to deserve that? He probably tried robbing somebody. Or maybe someone tried robbing him for what? $50.00? What scumbags! Money isn’t that important . I have seen too many friends, change for the worse because of all of a sudden wealth! It sickens me that people would kill over a few dollars. Bla.

  5. I’ve just come back to this post to look at the additional comments; what is extraordinary is that there is not a single pointer or pair of flip flops, although, the woman on the road appears to be wearing some kind of low rise shoe ( are they ‘mules’; I don’t purchase ladies things other than lingerie for my girlfriend) and we have no idea if Mr creepy eye (@juicy, ‘Out!, hard cheese!’) was stuffed in the barrel with his flip flops on, or, not?

    Can this really be Mexico?

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