Murdered Chubby Man Dies with Strangely Twisted Arms

No, You Can't Mate a Human with Praying Mantis

Murdered Chubby Man Dies with Strangely Twisted Arms

Body of dead, chubby male was discovered on Vacaria Street, near the Macumba intersection, by the bridge over the Tamandua River in the Dasilvaland. At least 10 casings from a 9mm handgun were found in the vicinity of the victim and at least 8 bullet wounds identified in his body.

Victim was identified as 32 year old Othniel de Moura. The police have ruled out the possibility of an armed robbery because all of the victim’s possessions, including his money were still on his person. I wonder whether he was thrown off that bridge to end up with arms twisted like that.

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46 thoughts on “Murdered Chubby Man Dies with Strangely Twisted Arms”

    1. I don’t think so. There’s no marks on his wrists, wich is the most common place to tie a person when hanged by the arms. Probably he broke his arms because of a fall like Mark said, landing with his arms. His mouth it’s bleeding, so is his nose and his chin (wich has a cut), and I think that he broke his forehead too.
      But hey, it’s just my humble opinion.

  1. ah, fresh gore! just woke up and checking this website is the FIRST thing i do after taking morning dump/piss and some coffee. later i will fap, fap, fap and my day will be complete. how about you guys in goreland? Mark’s not going anywhere. he’s as addicted to posting this shit as we are to watching it. rest assured. as for praying mantis man above………..fuck em! i’m sure he was up to something to end up like that. now onto more GORE. it’s beautiful.

  2. this dude was at a negro dance competition and got up on the stage and started doing the funky chicken,well needless too say he pissed a few people off and they killed him,obviously none of them had a BBQ big enough to cook him so they threw him off the bridge…

  3. I think they broke his arms then shot him then threw him of the bridge that makes more sense than anything, I remember they found this guy tortured here in Texas by one of the cartels…they twisted his arms and legs till his hands and feet were facing the opposite way then they did the same to his head, the news didn’t show any pictures but imagine he would’ve looked something like this poor fool

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