Naked Man with Knife Shot and Killed by Police in Berlin, Germany

Naked Man with Knife Shot and Killed by Police in Berlin, Germany

A mentally challenged man sat naked in the “Neptunbrunnen” (a fountain) in Berlin, Germany brandishing a knife that was about 20cm long with which he cut himself. Police were called and tried to calm him down to get him help but instead they got him death.

The naked man stood up and went towards a cop who said “Messer weg” (drop the knife) a few times but he didn’t so the cop shot him in the lung. Strangely enough, the man didn’t go down immediately after being shot. Meanwhile the shooter cop almost lost balance and fell into the fountain having reached the edge of it. Good he hasn’t accidentally fired into somebody else while he was at it.

The victim was taken by medics but died in an ambulance en route to a hospital. Best Gore member Benutzername says that German sheep politicians Michael Kretschmer (“Media-Expert”, CDU) and Ilse Aigner (CSU) are now blaming Facebook for not taking the video of the shooting down. Like pretending that it didn’t happen by preventing people from seeing what really went down would have any positive effect on anyone.

Props to Benutzername for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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53 thoughts on “Naked Man with Knife Shot and Killed by Police in Berlin, Germany”

    1. Agree, totally; that seemed very much over the top. At such close range, it’s possible to fire to disable; you may run the risk of perforating a major artery but taking a chest shot? Far to many essential organs in there and very major blood vessels.

      1. nasty you have NO idea what you are talking about. A crazy person comes at you with a knoife you are not going to think “let me ignore all my training to shoot at the body mass and instead try for a shoulder or leg”. If German cops don’t have pepper spray or tasers, then the cop did the right thing.

    2. Actually, not all police carry tasers or pepper spray.

      Secondly, police never try to disable… it’s shoot to stop the threat ASAP (which usually means kill.)

      The thing I found most strange about this was the fact that:
      -Cop shooting 1 handed (like James Bond or some shit)
      -Cop almost tripping and waving gun all over the place
      -Cop only firing a single shot; the cop should have unloaded his pistol until he dropped. The nude dude could easily have lunged at the cop and finished him off in the several seconds that followed the shot. The cop is actually very lucky.

    3. Nope! This is Germany not America! 🙂 The german law allows you to shoot in defence! The man wanna attack the policemen with the knife and so he shoot him in the chest. Sure a disable shot was possible but maybe not effectifly enough to safe the policemen.

  1. Hmm he did have a knife, but seemed harsh. Don’t they got fire hoses? or like the above peperspray? or tazers. Jesus there where 9 of them. they guy looked 100lbs soaking wet. i could of put this guy down with a broom.
    But then again. Dealing with a knife. You never know. I guess better safe then sorry.

    1. It’s a misconception that knives aren’t that dangerous.

      A 20cm long blade is no joke as it could easily reach any of the vital organs.

      Believe it or not most murders are still done with knives and the chance of surviving a knife attack is very low (again, as long as the blade is long enough.)

      Even if there were 50 cops, no one wants to get stabbed, hence the shooting.

    2. random cop: I wonder why this naked man was waving a chocolate bar at you.

      cop who shot the man: I dont know. Quick plant a knife on him before th chief gets here!

      Hahhah! just kidding im sure he had a knife but I do agrre that shooting him was a bit unnecessary. I mean, he was naked so he obviously didnt have any other weapons unless he hid them in his rectum… that would be a good reason to check the autopsy section on this site later XD

  2. i guess it would be justified considering, they don’t know if he’s on something or mental people sometimes have unusual strength. This one is tricky to judge. Because knifes can be extremely dangerous. i mean on slash of the throat and its over very quick. you can bleed out in a few seconds, we’ll you’ve all seen the decapitation videos.
    i am up in the air on this one, but i think i am leaning more toward the cops being justified.
    again better safe the sorry.

  3. if i had been there i would of disabled this guy with a big stick. Shouldn’t cops have martial arts training? i mean they did choose to protect and serve. as a profession, Oh wait, protect the system and serve the high $$. thats right.

    1. I’m 100% with It was me. Cop supposedly tried to talk and calm down the victim prior to the beginning of the recording.

      Victim acted irate started to cut and stab himself (so I heard – at least it looks like he is bleeding already).

      Cop was already inside the fountain when the victim started to move on towards the cop.

      Forget the tazer in this situation. Pepper spray often does not stop people who are in an exceptional mental state.

      It’s a few factors that came together:

      I think the cop was too close to the victim to begin with. That got him into trouble walking backwards in water and not able to see what he is stepping on.

      I would like to see most of us handling a situation with a person coming at you with a big knife and you with a gun walking backwards in a situation like this acting like all boss. Not likely to happen.

      The cop will claim self defense. Any of us would.

      Not everyone of us or the cop is a trained martial arts master that can do a double flip flop onto the fountain statue and slingshot back down onto the victim with such speed and grace that we all would sit here watching the video: “Well done copper, impressive work.”

      On a side note, I’m not too sad about what happened to the victim. I kind of don’t agree that we should have naked, knife wielding psychos running around in public anyway.

  4. Death Is A Pleasant Experience – Enjoy The Ride Sir where you have worries no more.
    That police man will be tried internally if the system works but i doubt it does, I also know how it feels to have a Gun while someone comes at you – chances are he could have bricked at that very moment and attacked and PoliceMan. I blame lack of training and fear of reprisal should he have acted otherwise and sustained bodily harm.

  5. Yeah… another justified homicide.

    I would agree if he was alone and unprepared, but that didnt seem to be the case. Don’t they have tasers, pepper spray and shit like that? Could have at least the decency to aim at the shoulder or leg/knee for a first shot.

  6. I’m sure had they pointed the gun at his balls he would have complied. Even a complete moron knows what kind of pain a bullet there would cause. I’ve had pointy chins there that knocked the air right out of me.

  7. Yeah… dude was advancing step for step and the cop didn’t do a head shot and, while he held aim, did not fire another round.

    I have some crazy shits in my family. Legit Certified. I get what mental illness can be, both acute and long term.

    I also have a great cousin who responds to crap like this and risks his life as an EMT who says every call out is an unknown event that unfolds sometimes way too fast.

    Fuck. We can’t get calls right in pro sports with booth reviews and slow mo. So… as much as I hate to give a power tripping cop too much leeway… again, psyched out dude with knife is chasing you backwards.

    Wish one of the other guys on the scene would have stepped up and side swiped him. But… a crazed man with a knife willing to advance on an officer with a gun who issued a warning… one bullet is probably justifiable.

    I worked in a hospital and transported a patient that went psycho (his family had brought drugs into the hospital for his rec use while he was being treated for other issues) and it took four of us to restrain him. If you think some junked out punk with a blade is going to lunge at you anytime soon and you have your finger on the trigger… … he might have a great personality when calm and not strung out… i want to see my son at the end of shift here.

    po po gets my pass on this one. restrained to one shot only after being pursued with a knife.

    pew pew guns engage.

      1. No worries :). I never relaised how fucked up Sweden was. It’s probably the worst Country in Western Europe. I didn’t realize just how prevalent rape, gang-rape, beatings etc. by Muslims/Africans was there.

        I read one case where they gang-raped a female (15 year old, I think?) and literally got pretty much nothing for it. Or the two who attacked a dog and then the dogs owner and put him in a coma, and got pretty much nothing.

        A Hockey player (Tobias Enstrom) was just attacked there by 3 guys – I wonder if they were ethnic Swedes, or filthy savage immigrants?

  8. A bullet in the foot , or lower leg would have been enough to subdue this SICK man. How come we all know this but the cops always go for the kill shot ? Now, if he had a gun that would have been justified. But a knife, C,mon fuck give me a break.

      1. Yea but upset, or not, what would he do then ? Hop around like Monty Python, and say c,mon you bastards,,, i,ll bite your ear off ? 😉 If so, shoot him in the other leg, they have enough bullets, with their latest purchase of, what was it, like 5 billion rounds, or something ?

  9. the man with the knife, told the police, that he’s infected with hep-b. And in germany we learn first “self-protection” before we operate. Before the police man give up a shot, he told to the mentally disturbed man that he will drop down the knife. NO KNIFE, NO SHOT. The chance to survive the opportunity by drop down the knife its 100%.

    The man with the white T-Shirt and red pants was the emergency doctor.

  10. Yeah, that was indefensibly harsh. Maybe they could have surrounded him if they’de all been issued a can of silly-string, and squirted like a great big spidey-man net, and subdued him that way?

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