Naked Prisoner Beaten to Death Inside His Cell by Belgian SWAT

Naked Prisoner Beaten to Death Inside His Cell by Belgian SWAT

In January 2010, Belgian SWAT team beat a prisoner with apparent mental health problems to death while he was naked inside his jail cell. 26 year old Jonathan Jacob died from severe internal bleeding and had several internal organs, including liver ripped.

Native of Affligem, Jonathan Jacob was apprehended on January 6, 2010 because he was behaving strangely at a busy intersection in Mortsel, province of Antwerp, Belgium. He was taken to the Mortsel police station where he demonstrated aggressive behavior, apparently induced by being high on amphetamines.

After being examined, the judicial authorities concluded that Jonathan Jacob needed to undertake psychiatric treatment, but the director of the psychiatric ward refused to accept him as a patient. That meant Jonathan Jacob had to go back to the jail cell.

Because he was visibly aggravated, the authorities decided to dope him with a calming injection. In order to administer the injection, they called in the SWAT team.

On February 22, 2013 three years after his death, Belgian TV program VRT Panorama broadcast a CCTV footage which showed eight officers belonging to BBT – Special Intervention Unit of Antwerp’s police force (local version of SWAT) bursting into Jonathan Jacob’s cell, maiming him with a flare, zapping him with a cattle prod and beating him to no end while he was naked and helpless against heavily armed officers. Hours after the beating, while the blood stain was still on the cell’s wall, Jonathan Jacob was pronounced dead.

Police say that they conducted themselves professionally and within their authority, claiming they “acted carefully, respecting the necessary precautions.” Yeah right – eight of them taking on a naked man locked up in a miniature cell with anti riot gear. Necessary precautions?


Slightly more elaborate video of the same incident:

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94 thoughts on “Naked Prisoner Beaten to Death Inside His Cell by Belgian SWAT

    • Hmmm, interesting….
      He died in a place called Mortsel….
      In Latin, this means “blocked death” or “death block ”
      Also Pronounced Mort cell? “Death cell”?
      Thoughts please…….

  1. The police in most countries tend to suffer from GSIS, (get stuck in syndrome), they see a chance for some action and by Crom atop his mountain do they get stuck in.

    Otherwise known as SCS (small cock syndrome) and ICBTPMFTSS (I cant believe they pay me for this shit syndrome).

  2. I don’t think law enforcement folks have too much regard for people with mental health problems or even care that they have a condition they can’t help. It’s pretty common where I live in Florida for the police to beat the hell out of mentally ill people. The state supreme court here actually issued an order for the state prison guards to stop spraying huge amounts of pepper spray into the small, unventilated confinement cells where mentally ill people are kept because so many of them were suffering huge burns all over their body. I guess some officers think it’s fun to torture the mentally ill, like they aren’t suffering enough already.

  3. All these comments regarding one of my fav subjects “Cock” and I didn’t see anything worth mentioning,perhaps a magnifying glass and tweezers would help?

        • @mrosef- it is actually. I’m in one of my “moods” today. Lol. Figured if i looked at it all day, it would prevent me from sitting on it too much!! So far its working! I was able to get my [almost] 4 miles in AND enjoy BG at the same time! Granted i was almost hit by an SUV because Sonique was blaring in my ears- and my eyes were buried in my phone- but all is well that ends well- i guess! Lol

          • Oh shit get it girl. Glad to see you’re still with us and not a post on BG. Moar bewty pics.

          • Great news on the run and being missed by the SUV. Of course had you been hit we would have wanted pictures.

          • @CD- if i would’ve been hit, i would’ve snappedthe pics before calling for help. Promise!! =)

  4. It looks like they thru a tear gas canister instead of using OC spray which would explain all that damn smoke…you really can’t seeing anything but black in that video, the victims is covered by a bunch hacks who most likely killed him by sitting on him.

  5. poor bastard let down by the fucking health professionals no surprise really happeneds all over the world, but fuck i do feel for him. police all over the world are spineless a-holes and 8 on to 1 with riot gear is fucking taking the piss seriously WTF. cowards nothing but cowards the police were probably worried they might break a nail fucking pricks

  6. worst of all: not one got punished yet, this happend 3 years ago, now a week ago the images came above water. thx to the father of the victim
    policefiles have been manipulated trying to cover this.
    one got ordered to present himself before court, not even happend yet, and they all still work as swat
    ashamed to be a belgian right now

  7. First of all why must they need 8 swat team to take down a defenseless man… The other thing is why must they tied him up when he is all beaten and dying??? WHY?

  8. I wonder how the cop in the back feels? He is holding on to the shoulders of the cop in front of him, and is like a weak animal trying to get a bite of the dead animal food. He is left with the scraps. That is why these cops are so brutal, they have to watch for the first 50 times then they get all jacked up and beat the shit out of these guys.

  9. Hmmm, interesting….
    He died in a place called Mortsel….
    In Latin, this means “blocked death” or “death block ”
    Also Pronounced Mort cell? “Death cell”?
    Thoughts please…….

  10. Co…ups…PIGS are trained to do violent stuff. Like professional legal thugs they need to exercise violence on someone from time to time, to “make them feel alive”.
    It’s like drug. PIGS then proving to each other they “tough”. It’s a PIG thing.

  11. Swat 1We need to neutralize him with overwhelming force so we can give him the tranquilizer

    hours later…

    Swat 1: Subject neutralized, administer the tranquilizer.

    Swat 2: Sir subject is dead.

    Swat 1: Well we won’t be needing the tranquilizer then

    Swat 2: …..

    Swat 1: Tranquilized, dead same shit.

    On a more serious note the only difference between these guys and thugs/gangstas and cartels, they have a badge.

  12. so… SWAT doesn’t get CPR training let alone the med examiner? Not even a couple of pumps timed to “Stayin’ Alive?” Look… I once transported a dude hopped out on drugs while in the hospital and it took me and four others to hold him down when he freaked. But this vid shows absolutely no attempt to revive.

  13. The chick on the stick is indeed fantastic artwork.

    Sadly for us freaks it’s a fake.

    After years of being here I still have no idea who made it, can someone enlighten me ?

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