Newborn Baby Still Inside Placenta Thrown Out with Garbage

Newborn Baby Still Inside Placenta Thrown Out with Garbage

You can test how big a fan of Best Gore you are by answering the question: “More newborns are killed in this one country, than in any other anywhere in the world. Which country is it?

Real S.O.B.’s will know without looking it up or getting the answer from later in this articles. Phonys and six-monthers will pretend they of course knew it so they can continue with “OMGWTFBBQ, Best Gore, the best site evah!” And no, it’s not China. Get your hints from HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

A newborn still inside the placenta was found in a garbage pile wrapped in a white t-shirt and stuffed in a plastic bag with other garbage. The baby was premature so it is possible its mother somehow induced the late term abortion and discarded what came out of her without giving it a second thought.

The unsightly dumpage was discovered in a park in South Pattaya where both locals and tourists come for a morning jog. Human life has little value in Thailand.

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      1. Buzzfeed is just another thing for sheeple to collect false information.

        The people at Buzzfeed suck the Governments dick as well as the other money making whores (i.e Terrible Music Celebrities, Terrible Movie Makers and so on).

          1. Haha. Too easy to get motherfuckers panties twisted round here its comical. But I too am guilty of a joke whooshing over my head like a barn swallow and getting “mad bro” hehe

          2. That’s what i want to know obli…and now now reality..zion and i tell jokes here all the time..I’ve never noticed pantie twistings…of course that could be because i could give a fuckless if i offend anyone and i never wear panties…haha…it’s all in fun in games here!!!… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          3. Different stages of jokes exists and you can’t do same for everyone. If you say to someone who don’t know you at all that you like BG but after BuzzFeed first, what can i do then to believe your thoughts right? I don’t know YOU ok?

            And yes, buzzfeed is horrible leftist shitty brainwashing site where all unessential is represent as important.

  1. “6 monthers” lol, you say that as if we can snap our fingers and suddenly be a “regular of 2+ years” .. Gotta start somewhere & at least your site is getting noticed. I’ll be expecting an award of some type after my 6 month probation period, since it’s such a big deal and all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Bestgore is like the cycle of life in that the young (six monthers) will feel like everything is amazing all the time, the middle aged (year and a half) will feel married and committed to performing their, ahem, “marital duties” even when they would rather just watch tv and drink beer and the old timers (two years plus) will go on and on about the good old days and how all the young whippersnappers these days lack respect and morals.

      In that sense Bestgore is almost a world of its own, a ghost in the machine, a collective, in that many minds come together and merge and if they all come away with new ideas and understanding then the individual persons actions will change too as a direct result of that exchange in thought and knowledge.

      So, to answer your question, whereas the young and the old do tend to have differing views and expectations, no, length of time served does not matter here but it is important to have both new and old blood so that neither group becomes stagnated, and I will conclude my rant by saying, shut it noob, I’ve been here longer than you, na, na, na naa, naa.

      1. so i’m going to be “middle age” soon? ๐Ÿ™„ oh, great – and i haven’t a bg wife and kids yet!
        โ“ next thing: my avatar will be a can of spray hair, denture adhesive, a script for erectile disfunction and writing a post on acid reflux – with photos of my esophageal lesions for all to see!
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    2. Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of whom we call six monthers. They are all the same – they come like big water, post comments one after another, act like “BG forever” and within 6 months, not a fart smell is left of them here. It never fails.

        1. I’ve been here for a year and a couple months now but I didn’t start commenting as often as I do now within the last 6-7 months. Before then I posted speratticly and mostly on older posts that I’d be catching up on. I adore this website so very much! I’ve hardly visited any other site since before I became a member and was just a lurker! Hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

          Xoxoxx ♥

      1. @acneska
        i cant see why they’d migrate. its a good collective of personalites on these threads…
        …or maybe they’er lured to the shiny lights of gore sites with flashier forum interface ..
        i’ve been here not even a month ..dont need a flashy forum to enjoy this place either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. A baby isn’t inside a placenta. Both the Placenta and the Fetus are in an Amniotic sac. The placenta is what feeds the baby while within the mother’s womb.

    It’s extremely rare to have a baby still within the Amniotic Sac, usually the sac breaks which is what we call “water breaking” . My guess here is the baby was removed from the mother’s womb intact. A possible form of abortion?

      1. wait…where is this? can anyone just walk into a delivery room and request the placenta? i’m…just curious, yeah. i would never do something like that….just wanted to know where someone who WAS interested in something like that would go to do it?

          1. No Obli, I am not a mother and probably wouldn’t eat my placenta.
            In the animal kingdom the mother usually eats the placenta… so who knows.

          2. Good job Fiend, you nailed it! Also, instead of cooking your placenta and eating it like a steak (which is fairly common) a woman can also send her placenta to a special lab who will then let it dry out, crumble it up and then put the crumbled placenta into pill capsules so the mother can take them like a vitamin. Also, besides helping with P.D it is also very good for your over all health, skin, hair, nails and cuticles

        1. It has to be the mother’s own placenta. It’s supposed to be very good for you. Some women eat it ‘raw’ or steamed. Some have it dried and put into capsules and take it in pill form. It’s gross either way, in my opinion.

          1. I actually find it rather typical that in this day and age, people find that which is very beneficial for their health gross, but will stay in line for processed, antibiotics and pesticides stuffed, nothing short of poisonous food that clogs up their arteries and makes them fat.

          2. I’m a nurse. I’m all for healthy things. But as a female and a mother.. when you see that bloody mess in front of you.. Pulling out a knife and fork is the last thing I wanna do.

          3. Not just that ex don’t forget the smell of one of those thing..ooh blaaaaaah!!!!…fork and knife..fuck that..trash bucket and fabreeze comes to my mind when i hear placenta….yuck!!

  3. here in my country ppl are against abortion
    they say abortion its a crime against life
    but if you ask, nobody ever have educated or even helped a poor child, never donate anything to help a poor family, and all i see daily is more and more scenes like this
    livin in a world with hipocrites is sad

  4. many many years huge BG fan – rarely post – always see and support Mark in his endeavors – 18 years trying for a child – read these posts and more like these – BG gone from a community of a collective into the realities and now into the realities of vulgarism

    1. @bygon
      i hope someday your dream comes true…children are blessings thats to be sure!!
      you get two birthdays in your life too…the day your born, and the day your children are born, you come to life again. and every old and staid becomes new again. and you you see life and the world thru new eyes..

      ***hugs and hopes for the best to you!!!!

    2. Shit happens to all meatpuppets..big and small..and we’re lucky bg brings it to us raw and uncut….I’m sorry you can’t reproduce though i know it’s hard..but it’s not yours or our faults..nor is it bgs..if you can’t handle death in any and all the puppy next time instead…save the criticism for the Huffingtonpost fucktard sheeps…they’ll probably give more of a fuck then any of us…

  5. Just like to point out that you could be a 2 monther and have seen entire back catalogue of vids and pics that BG has to view. ( except of course the ones that have been taken down) so dedicated gore lovers don’t have to be long in the tooth.
    Just saying.:-P

        1. just by being out here day after day spreading ideas and experience. sure some get along better than others but you eventually become a staple of the site. people look forward to reading your shit and interacting with you. you gotta put yourself out there with other death-gore -obssessed individuals idk…speaking just for myself this is pretty much my social life other than work. i am very fond of this site and enjoy being a part of something where i have a say.

          1. Forsure..i was hoping for sacrificing a virgin or something…but i guess i could very well earn some stripes here…i know a few that have already earned stripes in my books… =)

          2. I second this place being my social outlet as well…I’m pathetic yes i know..but atleast i know here i can find others who think alike…i lost my wool years ago and I’m taking others wool with me now as well…i doubt they will ever join..but i share the posts here and vids with em as well…share the wealth is what i believe in… <3

  6. if someone would light me what goes through asian womens head, how are they capable of doing that. i would appreciate this
    Every person seems to be twisted, sick their own way. Some are more extreme, than others like we see in here and life.
    Some like pepper, some salt. Some like to offend verbally, others physically. Some like aggressive sex fantasies some only watch.
    People think of killing some actually are doing it.
    World is beautiful art

  7. That’s just sad. I don’t understand how someone is capable of ‘throwing away’ (literally here) your own child. I always thought that I perhaps would be capable to do an abortion (if I would get pregnant, unwished) but when a biology teacher I had showed a documentairy about it I promised myself to never do it. It’s a living being after all, and they deserve to be cared for and loved and not dumped like this. Horrible Thais.

    1. Landa that’s what separates us whites from monkeys genetics girl. But of course shit like that happens in “white” countries too like russia or ukraine and so on…It’s sad really that there are people like that walking on Earth and still being considered a human.

  8. I have the “Planned Parenthood” which has nothing to do with parents since they murder children that are born alive. There are videos of infants in the dumpster still moving. Since then, they have cameras to protect themselves but everyone that pays attention to the news in the US knows what they are all about.

  9. not read any of the above posts as its just such a long slog for fuck all. However, any one who can do this is among the most disgusting vile little shit fuckers this side of the universal molecular structure and God should puke in their mouths while having a lovely white hot rod rammed up their asses deep into their intestines – after or indeed while, their raped, abused, tortured, mutilated, beaten, fucked over, kicked, stomped, piled, stoned, butted, body blowed, stuck in cement up to their mouth opening and dumped in the sea for 48 seconds pulled out dragged by a lorry for 2 miles, met and have a horrible little get together with a sadistic minded chap just like the great kowlinski and then forced to apologise profusely until their oh so timely death to this beautiful little child.

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