Off Duty Female Police Officer Kills a Robber in DF, Brazil

Off Duty Female Police Officer Kills a Robber in DF, Brazil

And I thought they only had hot female cops in movies. Brazil must be like a movie. The robber that she killed has earned himself some bad ass bragging rights. He can pounce around in hell with his nose up high and tell everyone a story about how he died in the hands of the hottest cop in Brazil. He may have even got to feel her breasts before he died.

The video is from Gama in Distrito Federal, Brazil. Two guys were robbing a store, the off duty female cop managed to shot one and when she was about to kill the other robber, the wounded guy who fell on the floor took a hold of her to feel her tits as the last thing he’s done on Earth and by doing that, he saved his partner’s life. His partner, whenever he dies, will not have the same bragging rights in hell.

Props to Best Gore member Brazilian_NOTDASILVA for the video. Don’t fuck with hot Brazilian bitches. They will shoot you:

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60 thoughts on “Off Duty Female Police Officer Kills a Robber in DF, Brazil

  1. at least he got one last grope…and that clerk that ran over to her is lucky he didn’t get his brains accidently blown out, idiot…1 girl beat 2 men kudos to you, Brazilian_NOTDASILVA

  2. For the icing on the cake, she should have tripped and accidently shot herself afterwords. That would’ve been True Brazilian justice. As many people as possible have to die in any given situation down there. Got to hold on to that daily death rep. 😉

  3. The bitch cop was wrong, there is no way she can fire shots at a defenseless pet robber. The other robber is a puppet, he was suppose to grab the pistol after the bitch was brought down and instantly shoot her in the ass! She must be very careful ‘cos that bastard will get back to her.

      • Depends on what part of the First World you’re talking about.
        In the United States, I think you have the right to kill anyone who tries to rob your house or your store.

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