Oklahoma Female Bail Bond Agent Shoots Client Dead in Cold Blood, Gets Away Scot Free

Oklahoma Female Bail Bond Agent Shoots Client Dead in Cold Blood, Gets Away Scot Free

Oklahoma Female Bail Bond Agent Shoots Client Dead in Cold Blood, Gets Away Scot Free

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, a female bail bond agent was filmed on her own hidden camera shooting dead in cold blood a client. 41 year old Chasity Carey of Signature Bail Bonds in Stillwater was found not guilty of first degree murder of 38 year old Brandon James Williams.

Brandon James Williams was out on $35,000 bail posted by Chasity Carey after being arrested and charged with three counts of second-degree burglary and possession of marijuana.

Carey had called Williams to her office with the intent of taking him into custody to revoke his bond. During the attempt to arrest the man with the help of her son, she decide to shoot him.

After reviewing the evidence, including the video, investigators concluded the shooting was not a justifiable act of self-defense, but instead a first degree murder. However the jury let her off scot free. That’s why as long as the state has the power to profile the citizens and select who gets to sit on which jury, jury trial are but a fluke creating a false sense of justice and democracy in totalitarian regimes.

Can you tell how that privileged bitch was getting off on abusing men and watching their lives get ruined?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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294 thoughts on “Oklahoma Female Bail Bond Agent Shoots Client Dead in Cold Blood, Gets Away Scot Free”

    1. Cold blooded cunt. Fucking hillbilly bailbonds. Actually, he deserved execution for kicking his stank ass shoes off and picking his feet. Good riddance. The cunt will have a special place in hell. Ave Lucifer..

      I did enjoy the tough guy on the floor sniveling and keening in agony. He knew.

      Tough guys: when a cunt tries to arrest you, then starts digging in a desk drawer, take her fucking head off, ISis style. .

    2. God damn man I can’t fucking stand it when these people get away with this kind of shit pisses me off.. I get a public intox and get incarcerated when these people kill in cold blood and don’t see a day in jail wtf makes me want to just beat the shit out all these people getting away with murder like this they are clearly the bad guys not the ones they are shooting I could go on for hours man

      1. The video is public now.
        You’re right, and it’s unfortunate that her unwilling bystander of a son may share the crosshairs she’s drawn.
        Somebody out there feels 100x the emotion you do because they knew the victim.
        In her line of work, there’s Nowhere To Hide

    3. The USA is just a shit stain on this beautiful blue planet of ours. What a shit hole. Would never go there for any $ amount or any reason at all. Poor bastards that have to live there………

      1. But then again those ‘poor bastards’ made that shit hole of a squat what it is today so……when you make your bed you gotta lye in it. They’ll never wake up to how the rest of the world sees them til some champ nukes em of the face of the earth, along with middle east. Can you imagine how much more fucking relaxing this lil rock in space would be without Murica & Middle East carrying on with all their fucking bullshit? Couldn’t happen soon enough………what a bunch o wankers and him sitting there picking his feet – not even us Aussies are that uncouth…..ppppfffttt

          1. Come on @carnage, you can do better than that. American I’m assuming? Go and buy another dozen fully automatic assault weapons so you can protect yourself and ‘your God given rights’ from the aliens who are currently travelling 10 billion light years just to your place (UFOs and aliens must only get granted visas for ‘Murica coz no other country ever sees them) to abduct you and rape your gaping poop shute…..PS. Rayf, iluvmygramps, itwasme and amnyc are the only Americans on here (or used to be here before they got kidnapped by those pesky meth fuelled sex pest aliens) that have a bit of nouce and respect for countries/cultures other than their own morbid obesity and insanity inducing McDonalds and celebrity infatuated non-culture……..

          2. Of course I could do better than that, numbnuts. I just do to people like you, what I do when I step in dogshit. It’s annoying, yes but you gotta quickly rub that shit off in the grass or on the gravel n’ leave it behind. But since your so infatuated with me, yes I’m American, fuckin’ proud of it too, bitch. I don’t buy guns, I’m a knife n’ archery sort of guy n’ I don’t believe in fairy tales, like “God”, so go try that dumb shit with someone else.

            P.S. I won’t speak for those other people you mentioned, they can wreck you, themselves.
            Cheers, clown.

          1. I misunderstood your stance, but do you think she did not know what she was doing? I mean seriously, I am sure he is trying to say that the bitch killed him in cold blood. I thought you agreed with some fat cuck being the judge, jury, and executioner. I just get upset because we all deserve due process. Too often do I see wrong being commited without correction.

          2. Of course the fuckin’ dumb cunt knew what she was doing, that shit’s obvious. Don’t assume shit n’ dont speak for other people, hinduwarrior can speak for himself if he wants to oppose my comment… Just sayin’.

        1. @ Blue Widow… Exactly.
          Carnie’s personalites are at odds with each other.
          Just let him respond and sit there thinking we care to see what he replies.
          The message will sink in when no one responds

          1. Aaaand another one. What’s the matter, nobody wanted to back you up on your stupidity? What the fuck gives? I thought these were your homies? Oh, well. Nobody gives a fuck, so sorry.

          1. Thank you for the info, Breaker. That’s what I figured. She hated that he shook her son’s hand with a firm grasp and looked him in the eyes. Fuckin’ worthless cunt.

    1. I’m guessing that you have never thought of typing names and locations into a search engine, and checking the results before you type an inane comment?

      The search engine will also be your friend and assist you in finding the meaning of words such as ‘inane’.


      1. My first thought; unless there was something else going on, I can’t see how a Jury could come to that decision.

        I’d also suggest that the taking the recording device off the wall, after the event, didn’t have the authenticity of ‘securing the evidence’ about it.


  1. I think her sons reaction says it all. He knew what she did was wrong. I wonder what goes through someone’s mind when they decide to exert power over someone else and end their life. Dude was being non violent and walking away to avoid being handcuffed. In no way was he confrontational. Once again we see the bullshit pussy pass at play here in good ol Murica. The big, scary man must have frightened her in the same way victims of police homicides do when they put their hands in the air.

      1. Double jeapordy prevents a retrial for 1st degree but hopefully prosecutors press for another trial with charges of 2nd degree homicide or manslaughter. I can see how the jury acquitted her based on the fact that it was not premeditated murder (I feel like it could have been), but no way can they deny the fact that she wrongfully acted in the moment based on her emotions. We need to regress a couple of centuries and have some old fashioned justice. Wild West style, it is only fair. I do not know if Karma exists, but if it does then she has a speeding freight train heading right towards her.

        1. NOT pre-meditated?? You must be watching a different video than me, because there is clearly a point when she stops trying to get him into the cuffs, and calmly proceeds to her desk drawer to get her gun, and then calmly shoots the poor guy in the BACK! If there is any clearer case of pre-meditation, it must be locked up in the time-life building or something LMFAO!

      1. Rural and remote northern California, the sheriffs department doesn’t come up here unless they are serving a warrant or if some one is killed. This cunts trial sure worked out in her favor right? Shoots the guy in the back as he was climbing out a window and gets off scott free. As for the little script, it only means what the supreme court wants it to mean. There is little justice left here in this country.

    1. These stupid sjw cunts go off about getting women in authoritative roles, then when the shit goes off they’re the ones standing there while the other guard/cop is trying not to get his arm broken. A woman like this shooting a guy is normal, fucking capitalist pig society teaching women to be men when they should be at home cooking, watching the kids, curating the gang bang. Even the adult workers I notice act like children. Stupid fat cunt, the guy looked like he worked decades longer then she did and he was younger lol

  2. The attorney probably wanted a Murder One conviction on his resume. If I were on the jury, I’d say this was Murder Two and fuck it, we deserve a better county sheriff or prosecutor. Sorry about the hit job on the redneck.

  3. Could she not have just shot to stun instead of kill him?

    Just shoot him in the butt or the leg or the arm. Avoid any major organs, its not hard.
    I’m amazed she got away with it.

    The fella was a bit of retard. If someone is pointing a gun at you ordering you to do something, it’s best not to argue too much.

    1. My mistake sorry. I watched the video again. She didn’t give him a chance in frigging hell. She went to the drawer, reached out for a loaded pistol and shot him in one movement without giving him a chance to comply. And she didn’t even consider which part of his body to shoot him in. It was over in 2 seconds. She wanted him dead. This was not self defence.

        1. Actually his carcass is worth the $.
          Not a problem with him not showing up in court…as long as he’s dead or locked up someplace else…nobody lets 35 large crawl out the window.
          Dosen’t mean I agree with her shooting him…but fuck em both I could give two shits about either one of em.

      1. You’re absolutely correct Mr Spock. The video speaks 1000 words of truth against her few words of BULLSHIT.
        How that can’t be anything less than murder, can only point to that jury being rigged!

      2. Spock, it was a clear cut case of murder but only in the second degree. The local idiots went for the first degree specification.

        Once found not guilty of Murder 1, she’s Scot free, drinks all around. Double jeopardy disallows a new trial on the same or similar charges, and Murder 2 is legally classified as similar. Plus, any evidence brought forth in a verdict cannot be used in another trial.

        It gets worse. If the jury had found her guilty, her lawyer immediately would have appealed, and in this case the evidence could be used to exonerate her as the verdict would have been open.

        A similar case occurred when I was still living in New York. Some big thinking peewee lawyer running for peewee county prosecutor got the green light for Murder 1. It was the locally famous “hair trigger” case. The old man was as dead as a cold mackerel, the bitch was off the hook, and the lawyer dropped out.

        1. @Casual Observer. Thanks for that. Douple Jeopardy is indeed a shit concept.
          So if you’re guilty, it makes more sense to come across extremely guilty, so the Prosecution goes for the higher charge (because they really want to nail you) and then hope they fail to prove that, so you can go home scot free.

  4. Fox News:

    Just days after an Oklahoma bail agent was acquitted on charges of first-degree murder, prosecutors released video of the 2017 shooting death of one of her clients, The Oklahoman reported.

    Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, was found not guilty on Friday in the Aug. 9 death of 38-year-old client Brandon James Williams.

    It was a tense trial.

    The state medical examiner reportedly said the bullet entered Williams’ lower back and exited his upper chest, which is consistent with being shot while bending out a window.

    The paper reported that at the end of the trial, Carey’s defense attorney argued, “What’s not on the video is your reasonable doubt.”

    Carey testified she shot Williams in self-defense as she and her son attempted to take Williams back into custody. She told jurors she was afraid Williams was going to shoot her son and that he tried to grab her gun before fleeing out her office window.

    Carey said she beat Williams — who was accused in a burglary case — to the gun.

    “I was afraid he was going to shoot my son,” Carey told the Payne County jury, The Oklahoman reported. “I felt like we were going to be killed. … I’ve never been that scared before.”

    Prosecutors said Carey shot Williams after he was “no longer a threat.”

    The video appears to show Carey grab the gun while Williams was out of the view of the GoPro her son reportedly set up for the meeting.

    Prior to the shooting, Williams was seen in the video talking to her son about cars, the paper reported. After Williams refused to be handcuffed, he reportedly moved toward a window. Carey grabbed the gun and fired.

    “Mom, you just shot him,” Justin Henderson, her 19-year-old son, said. She reportedly replied, “I did.”

    1. To be fair, its Oklahoma. A state full of god loving people, regardless of the fact that god hates them.

      Tornados, meth labs, blizzards, earthquakes, OU fans, biblical flooding, fire ants, and Toby Keith

  5. If she hadn’t pulled the fucking gun on him then there would be no gun available for him to shoot her.
    I seriously wonder about the USA. Have you guys actually come out of the Wild Wild West days yet?
    Wtf is this thing with “bond” agents? You have private citizens armed with guns who can shoot you if you don’t comply to their demands?? I don’t think High school shootings or other mass shootings are the problem. They’re symptoms of a deeper issue running through the core of how things are.

    From a news report: Carey told the jury it was self defense because she believed Williams would have killed her and her son if he got a hold of the gun.


    1. Yeah Doc. There is definitely a bigger issue at work here in America. Guns aren’t the problem. Canada has a shit load of guns, and very few shootings. Americans are victims of a vicious fear campaign. The owners of America, have seized control of all media, and used it to keep the public in a constant state of fear. When a person is afraid, they loose the ability to think critically. Some mass shootings are orchestrated by the powers that be. Some are just frustrated citizens lashing out due to the fact that state-created false reality, has totally mind fucked them.

  6. WTF! It’s not like he was out on bond for fuckin’ a barn full of chickens or some other serious offense.
    I’m pretty sure that this is but one of the reasons that handguns and tampons are not sold side by side at the supermarket.

  7. The guy does look suspiciously like one of those hillbillies from the Deliverance movie. All that was missing was the banjo soundtrack. That can always be added in post-production though. Squeal piggy.

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