Photo of the Same Street in Homs, Syria in 2011 and 2014

Photo of the Same Street in Homs, Syria in 2011 and 2014

The saddest part about this photo is the realization that when a Jew sees it, he rubs his hands together and laughs to himself with: “Yes, yes… another country that did not voluntarily submit to our enslavement is getting destroyed from within thanks to our doing…

How do you fight a war against an opponent who does not share your country’s heritage and has thus no desire to preserve your country’s past? That is the question brave soldiers of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad are faced with. How do you protect your people from onslaught of foreign mercenaries financed and armed by Zionist war mongers who want to see you and your country in ruin?

The process of country de-stabilization is generally pretty simple:

  • Identify troublemakers and offer them financial compensation they’d never dreamed off in exchange for continuing to stir trouble, only unified and organzied
  • Use propaganda to “Manufacture a Protest Movement”
  • Arm your agents who act as protesters and have them open fire at police and government officials and continue doing it until the pot spills over and reaction is provoked
  • Jew media and Jew sock puppets known as western government will scream outrage
  • Sheeple fall for it and start demanding action against oppressive foreign government that cracks down on peaceful protesters
  • Money and weapons flow in to fund more protests, recruit more trouble makers and before you know it. The country is thrown into a full-blown Civil War
  • Jew rubs his hands together and laughs: “vey, stupid goyim will never figure it out…

Entire battalions of Al-Nusra and ISIS operating in Syria are composed of foreign mercenaries. While the Assad Government is trying to protect everyone, including Secular Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Alawites, Kurds, Druze and other groups from being genocided by the homicidal evil “Rebels”, the latter stop at nothing to genocide anyone and everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their reign of terror and fear.

The outcome of their reign of terror and fear, sponsored by yours and my tax dollars can be seen in the photo above. In just a few years, the “rebels” managed to transform Syria from a peaceful, secular country with incredible history into a wrecked wasteland. These were once homes. This was once a pretty neighborhood. And then mercenaries came and look what happened.

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  1. Slightly different topic, but I wonder if a lot of this fascination with death, destruction, terrorism, beheadings, suicide bombings, halal style meat preparation, anger, etc. is a result of inbreeding to some degree. I don’t know what percentage of Muslims marry and breed with their cousins and whatnot, but maybe that changes their brain chemistry which somehow rewards them when they see pain and torture. For example, when there is a public execution, hundreds of them gather around and are fascinated by it. It just seems like a death cult and I wonder what the root of the problem is.

  2. Holy fuck it was pretty before……… that speaks 1000+ words to me…looked at my street block then I looked at that shit..oooof……..I’m sorta speechless bout this post…that’s strange..I’m being silenced on my own…the fuck is going on…..fucking jiminy….sigh…

    …poor people..ugh…. =/

    1. Hitler wasn’ trying to kill Jews. He was protecting and serving his own people. He wanted Germany for Germans – like it should be. But allowed Jews time and space to move out of the country and take all their wealth with them. It’s a historical inaccuracy that Hitler wanted to kill Jews. Actually, more than inaccuracy, it’s a fabrication by the Jew to be used as leverage for racketeering and justification for 5,000 years and counting of war crimes.

    1. @Empty-
      I share you’re grief.
      I live in a tiny village in Cheshire which is very rural , old fashioned , and as British as they come.
      So picture the scene when our local petrol station re-opened only to be greeted by what the shocked locals described as a ………
      “Floating black bedsheet with eyes that spoke in strange tongues” serving behind the counter.

      Now that this family / herd, with a litter of SEVEN has managed to bleet they’re way into such a place as this is the final nail in the coffin containing the shattered remains of a Kingdom that was once United .

  3. Shit, Fuck Jews and these Arabic muslim animals. I am glad the arabs are being eradicated from this planet. Next the world should start the removal of the Jewish filth as well as the Islamic arab filth. The arabs are vicious animals that have no value for life and even they will agree the culture needs to die. I do like this post but I also hate the arabs and muslims. Destroy both jews and arabs, and this world will be a much better place, but we will never erase the greed and suffering brought about by human greed and lust for control over others. Every race has those traits within them.

  4. This will be the scene in England soon ….. Jews and Muslims have divided much of the country and they will conquer this country if the indigenous English born and bred people don’t wake up NOW and see that our country is being destroyed from within, the Jews and Muslims hate our culture they hate our heritage and they hate what we stand for. look at the way the Jews and Muslims live they do not integrate they take all the resources from the host country the like the parasites they are they destroy from within just like a disease slowly breaking down all the defenses. all you yellow belly liberal sheeple can bleat all you want saying we are racists when we are patriots who love our country and our heritage hate us all you want but you cannot deny the facts…. look at the above picture once a clean and quiet street ….now a bombed out shell …. all the politicians in this country are selling England out and the English are being bred out of existence if we say anything against the Jews or Muslims we are racist, but it’s OK for them to stand in our streets and rage war against us chanted death to us and that England will soon be under Islamic rule my god if we did that we would be dragged off the streets and put in jail but again it’s one rule for the extremists in this country and one law for patriotic Brits . white genocide is going on weather the sheeple want to believe it or not it’s the truth you only have to look at the whites in south Africa who are being murdered when are people going to wake up ….the sad truth never i can’t see things changing for the better in this country. it’s only going to get worse … i think too many people feel defeated it’s hard to keep fighting when you are born and bred in a country yet you have less rights than the immigrants that only come to spit on it. we were once a mighty and powerful nation and thanks to all the yellow lefty do good-er sheeple and politicians England is a joke Immigrants come here and laugh at us because we are a soft touch and one day when these politicians and the ruling elite realize what they have done it will be too late….the song will no longer rule Britannia it will be R.I.P. Britannia

      1. yes trexmaster, you are correct. it is the wall my mind hits everytime that i go over the situation in my mind….

        …but what? you think we should just “call it cultural blowback” then lie down and accept it?

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