Photos of Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings

Photos of Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings

Here are the photos of each of three victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. The victims names are:

  • Krystle Campbell
  • Lu Lingzi
  • Martin Richards

Also, I was waiting for the response to the bombings by the Kenyan and his ilk, cause their response would be the most solid indication of whether this was a false flag attack or an act of terrorism by some lone wolf domestic terrorist as they call them. My take was that if Kenyan responds by calling for TSA on the streets of America to “keep everybody safe“, then there was no doubt Mossad, backed by up the American higher ups were behind it.

By the looks of it, I was only incorrect about TSA. Everything else seems to fit the speculation. The only difference is the involvement of Jew controlled DHS (Department of Homeland Security). Check out the video by ex Jew Brother Nathanael who explains it really well:

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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100 thoughts on “Photos of Victims of Boston Marathon Bombings”

      1. They haven’t made an official arrest yet, they have 2 people of interest. Get your facts straight Brokeback! Jk, they’ve been saying they have and haven’t arrested someone all day. 😉

    1. The sand pit bully pisses enough kids then their going to though sand when your not ready?face it America you?re the words melanoma it was always going to be a matter of time until the results came back. Long live the rest of the world. Oh and don’t forget the only way to stop a bad man with a bomb is a good man with a bomb…WTF is wrong with you !!

    2. Nothing but respect for a comment like the above, (Brokeback’s) because its most probably true. The longer no one takes responsibility, i think the more likely it be domestic. Maybe am taking bollocks.

  1. I couldnt even finish the video. After Wolf Blitzer says it could be someone who is associated with Patriots day and somehow a domestic terrorist is ridiculous. So the patriot who is upset at all the govt intrusion will blow up a bunch of regular people, and the bombing will lead to more and more govt intrusion. I thought the Patriot Act was designed to stop things like this? They must have been too busy using warrantless taps on the bad weed dealer in Boston.

  2. I’m not one that points fingers but The Jews did it the Jews did it Dx those dirty back stabbing Jews !!! ;O well the government wouldnt do it what are they 12 years old the bomb was home made and it was filled with nails and other crap..’m pretty sure the government can afford to make more powerful bombs its either that or the government is on a budge, and another thing blowing bombs in the middle of a race .. Wtf did those runners even do..? o.o this here Job was caused by a pissed off Diaper wearing arab or a North Korean who knows everyone wants to take a giant shit on America.. I blame the Jews -.-

    1. I’m not saying the government did or didn’t do it but your statement caught my eye. Sure the government can blow our tax dollars on a bigger-better bomb but why? Making an ied out of random shit and whatever shrapnel is around is exactly how “terrorists” do it. So why wouldn’t they just throw something together that any idiot can find directions for on the good old interweb and start pointing fingers? Again, not saying thats the case here, but it’s plausible. Also an attack like this could have been pulled off by anyone, hell even just for fun (yes, some people are that fucked up), I’ve spent a lot of time in the bean, I remember when the bruins won the cup a couple years ago. The streets were overflowing with fans. Cops had zero chance of knowing everything that was going on.

  3. Idk seemed like he had someone telling him what to say…pretty good sentence structure but all still I already thought about…next they’re gonna try to take our BG saying we can’t see reality…wouldnt be surprised if government buildings start handing out rose colored shades lol

      1. @xmurakawax the U.S government doesn’t give a shit about best gore or mark he isn’t doing anything wrong hes just expressing his mind and another thing in the u.s they have what one calls a *freedom of speech* which is*you can say whatever the fuck you want it doesn’t matter how stupid and unimportant it is as long as you don’t threaten anyone or get into a figh it’s ok * best gore isn’t a threat to homeland security like I said they could care less as long as the bg community isn’t doing the murders and posting them up -.- there is this cult-religion group that picket signs in front of the funerals of the men and women who die in the military and I’m not going to lie they talk alot of shit but still the government does do anything to them because they are protected by their freedom of speech o.o plus the u.s government has more important shit to worry about they aren’t going to waste their time on a shock website -.- there are other shock websites in the u.s I don’t see them getting taken down or fucked with by the u.s government.

        1. @misfit Well maybe I went a bit overboard…i was just freaking out thinking about what new bs laws that are prolly being made as we speak to “protect” us…it was said before terrorist acts happen doesn’t matter where you are shit happens

  4. My take is that FBI, CIA and wahatever agency with responsabilities on the national security are absoluteley incompetent.
    Any thing they will do, it will be done too late.

  5. I wonder when that pic of Krystle Campbell and her friend was taken coz in the link to the bombings you can see them both , the pic’s titled “People Wounded in Boston Marathon Explosions Lay in a Pool of Blood As Medics Attend to Them” & “Check Out Twisted Foot of the Girl in Blue Top2 are thhose 2 girls.

    In the Blue top pic a paramedic is checking her neck for a pulse

    1. She was alive for a bit after the blast. There were pictures of her and her friend sitting up.

      She died of rapid blood loss.. here whole lower body seemed to have been blown off (above the knees).

      I’m not sure what’s more tragic – the ones who died, or the ones who lived with permanent physical disability (loss of limbs).

      1. That dude with no feet will be ok. He can be a blade runner like that Pistorias murderer or Maybe hit the Elementary School circuit as a motivational speaker. Probably have dinner with Big Ears at the White House.
        Those dead people are done…

  6. I find it strange that they only recovered the lid of the pressure cooker, I guess the rest of it was blown to smitherines. I’m also curious to know exactly how it was all put together, all I know so far is that a pressure cooker full of ball bearings and nails were used and it must have been pretty heavy. Somebody must have been filming or taking pictures at the finish line and there’s a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the guilty person…personaly I’d hold out for a hundred grand.

  7. I quite like Brother Nathanael, his acting skills could give William Shatner a run for his money and he collects and views all the evidence before drawing his own conclusions, a conclusion I also share.

  8. “Likely to be a false flag”, or else it was some nuts’ job.

    Bombs inside pressure cooker doesn’t seem the job of Al Qaida.

    My best guess is that the government knew about it already but let it happen so that people can be kept at bay, frightened and brainwashed as usual.

  9. What I always find ‘amusing’ is the fact that people refuse to accept that Americans have a particular Pysche. Look at all the US serial killers, you have a weirdly disportiante amount, now, and historically. We haven’t even got a clue how many there are due to the enormous amount of disposed people you have. People that can just disapear and would never be recorded as a victim of crime. If your smart in the US, choose the right victims and make sure thier bodies aren’t accidently stumbled on then no official is ever even aware that a crime has taken place. Even the amount of children you have disapearing, to us it’s absoloutly shocking. If one of our children disapear while out playing it’s headline news for weeks, the whole nation is in uproar. Over there you seem to choose particular children to focus on but enormous amounts of children disapear and hardly cause a stir in the media because the numbers are simply too great. Yes we have serial killers in western Europe and we have smaller popluations but the US can’t even be compared to us. Is it such a leap to think that those crazies you have might choose to go a different route? To habour all those fantasies but on act on it when they decided to commit suicide so took a whole bunch of people out in one go, in a blaze of glory and then made sure they were offed? I don’t know why every time one of your crazies kicks off you have deny that American citizens would ever act that way. It has to be a goverment conspiracy to you.

    1. Hi Wicked Mama,

      The reason why people, including myself, seem to think that it was a government conspiracy was because the bombs were placed in an area covered my many security cameras and manned by lots of security, that’s an awfully big risk for what was just a pressure cooker bomb, a device designed to maim and not kill.

      The increased security and search operations that will now arise does not benefit anyone but the police state itself, first they wish to take everyone’s guns away and now they wish to search everybody all the time.

      The targets themselves were not the targets that a disgruntled American citizen would have chose, they would have chosen a political target.

      The reason why we can rule out the Muslims on this one is because the bombs actually went off, the Muslims are known for constantly failing but all these bombs went off without a failure.

      It could have been the work of a crazy person but you have to ask the question, if people distrust their own governments so much that they believe that it is quite possible that their government would do these things then that government has only itself to blame for being untrustworthy so often in the past.

      If a government cannot be trusted to tell the truth and act in a transparent and open way then everything that government does and says is suspect.

      The conclusion, there is no way to know for sure but if they, the government, introduce new legislation that further strips the citizens of their rights you can bet it was an inside job.

      1. @ empty,
        I was refering more in a general way when a random loon shoots up a place and people want to think it’s a conspicy theory.

        I have to point out though, if you’ve been a spectator for a marathon they have areas were people are situated that have big banners and stuff for particular charities and they cheer really loudy when anyone running for thier charities run past. You do see people with large bags carrying all the charities parapanalia. Me and my son were coopted onto one, both wearing rucksucks with no security checks, why would you do security checks, its just another bunch of people who find a good place to stand. You simply can’t stop and search everyone, A marathon is 26 miles or so, all along the route there are roads that take you to route where the marathon is being run, how on earth can you ever make that safe?
        when your city is used to that kind of threat the general public are the biggest resource by being vigilant and watching people for suspicious behaviour.

        1. @Wicked Mama,

          Thanks for the info, I’ve never been anywhere near a marathon before, in fact the only marathon that I have ever been a part of was a drinking marathon.

          I suppose it would be quite easy then to set up a bomb at one, people though should keep a close eye on what government legislation they try to put through, it can be an eye opener.

    1. Hmmmmm, first of all you said you’d hold out for a hundred grand on the reward, then you say you’d put money on the guy eating Doritos, drinking beer, and watching news…brokeback, I’m gonna ask you straight, was it your neighbour?

          1. I’m enjoying Fritos Scoops and hot salsa. Had a couple of beers after work in the hot sun, but ice water is hitting the spot with the treats and replenishing things.

  10. I heard the majority of Bostonians were a$$holes. We don’t know if that guy that lost his legs cut off three people in traffic and gave them the finger while driving there, is a year late on his child support payments, and beats his girlfriend every night.

  11. @ crazy mama , as americans we do kno quite often that it is in fact “one of our crazies” that could do such a thing. for one example lool at the “unibomber” he was a american nut job that took his fucked up vengence on inocent victoms any american that has a brain and isnt infulenced by the jewish media would think that is probabpy was one of our crazies, look at the bombs they were shit low grade bombs, of this was a terrorist attack it would be on a much larger scale with many more deaths. with any significare avent in this manner there are always those that believe that its a conspricy t

  12. Ya know, come the NY City marathon, if you really want to fuck with people minds, then get as many people as you can to show up carry gym bags (preferably black, but any would do). Throw some legit shit in it. A couple of books or dirty laundry or a camcorder, etc.

  13. “Kenyan: By the this Declaration a of April 17,2014… Bestgore and all it’s Affiliates, are now ENEMIES OF THE STATE! No one must dissent from our authority, we must have unity we must have peace… at last…”

  14. the more i think about it the more i understand the benefits of taking over america. if they succeed theyll have a country thats hated by the east, china, north korea and russia all dislike america, but are resistant to the jews and their ‘multiculturism’. by taking america they can attack any of those countries in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘multiculturism’ and an attempt to get rid of fascism. but before any of that, they need to get rid of the people who would resist them within the country, this attack is clearly the first step to do just that

  15. I would have preferred to have just a “No” option and not the one you gave. The government most definitely does false flag operations but I doubt this was one. Damn that picture of the kid just makes me sad. He wanted peace and he gets blown up.

  16. “right-winged extremists” Shit, give me a break. The Left didn’t waste a second to turn this into political ammunition in their attempts to take over the country and force us to be slaves to the government. I like how they said this has “all the elements of a typical right-winged extremist attack,” yet, I am not familiar with any such incident in American history.

    I’d be more than happy to say, Yes, this is some sick and twisted government scheme to further advance the liberal agenda, but I won’t play into their games. I’ll wait for the investigations to continue and see where the evidence leads us….Patriot bombing my ass. [of course it’s the government who will be doing the investigations, so can we really trust what they conclude? Or will they just use the Patriot Act and round up all of us conservatives to undergo “non torture interrogation” by Obama’s High Value Interrogation Group just before he uses an executive order to override the US Constitution and establish conservative cleansing throughout America?]

  17. Meanwhile in Syria. Sorry but these things happen on a daily basis in other countries. So excuse me if I don’t particularly care about this incident. Don’t get me wrong its sad but it pisses me off, reading so many comments how this is wrong and shouldn’t happen and the poor people that suffered this. Meanwhile this happens every day in Syria and yet nobody “feels” for those people and nobody “prayers” for those people. Its sick.

    1. Meanwhile your ass. i’m sorry but I am really sick and fucking tired of seeing people constantly say “Well it happens everyday in this country and that country” .. SO WHAT? Contrary to what you or anyone else may think, us AMERICANS (or most anyways) do care when INNOCENT civilians and children are hurt and killed.

      What the fuck should we do? Just sit back, get attacked and do nothing.. because it’s the “way of life” in other countries? We don’t want that way of life..

    2. I get what you mean. But that’s how it works. People identify themselves with people who are from the same nation/culture or have the same values/way of life as themselves. In the west, countries like Syria are viewed as far away and very different, thus people don’t give a effin fuck.

      1. @Helvetesild – Ivan is speaking of Syria, not as if he lives there or personally experiences that way of life. I mean my comment towards people who keep throwing out “that’s how it is in other countries” just to be dicks. They probably don’t really give a fuck about what just happened on Monday or any attack on the US for that matter and that’s their prerogative, but we also don’t have to keep hearing the “oh well, that’s how it is here/there” as if it shouldn’t be angry or vent frustration.

  18. Starting to look like an Anti-Government American did it.

    No doubt they got the guy and during the interrogation he blurted something about a bomb at the Courthouse (which is why they evacuated).

    Probably wasn’t solo – so they are searching for the accomplice(s).

    If it does turn out to be the case (‘Right-wing’ White American) then way to fucking go. On-top of bombing civilians and killing a young child, you maimed a bunch of people and in the process you just gave them more poisonous ammo to use against White non-Leftists.

  19. Glad I live in the reddest state that has some of the least amount of government intrusion above all others. Just went to a gun show the other day and was twirling around two desert eagles and playing with fancy barrett rifles. It must suck to live in a place ran by pussies for pussies aka most of the northern eastcoast.

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