Police Shoot and Kill Two Young Burglars in Cuiaba, Brazil

Police Shoot and Kill Two Young Burglars in Cuiaba, Brazil

This happened in Cuiabá, state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. Two young men were shot dead by police. Policemen say the youths were burglars. While in this particular case everything seems to be the way the cops are said it was, the whole video raised a few questions in my mind:

We all know Brazil is plagued by crime so the police cracking down hard on criminals seems like the only way to break the cycle. But if police get enough freedom to crack down hard on criminals, where will they draw the line? Will they crack down hard on everyone whom they don’t tend to like and just label them “a burglar” to justify the killings? The police state is only a small step away from a dictatorship.

It’s another one of those “you’re fucked if you do, you’re fucked if you don’t” situations. If there was such thing as an incorruptible man, then giving police freedom to crack down hard on criminals would most certainly be the way to deal with crime. But there isn’t. Our species is filth that puts self interest before anything else. The only difference is that some are better at masking their self interest with public service than others.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Police Shoot and Kill Two Young Burglars in Cuiaba, Brazil”

  1. I ish the meteorite that hit russia was 100 times bigger and faster than it was, why I say that on THIS post, I do not know, but goddamn, let’s it over with already. (even though there’s quite a few women here I would like to make love to (to be nice) or fuck really hard) before I go.

  2. Mark, your words are very thoughtful on this matter. As per the usual you make many great points. Your last sentence, “some are better at masking their self interest with public interest than others” is not a great thing. I hope that one day I am not on the side of someone serving themselves. It is a scary thought…

  3. Unless you were an eye witness, you’d never really know for certain if it were justified or not. If you spoke up about what you saw, and it went against the “official” version, you’d could end up like those two, with the Brazilian cops claiming you were just another “burglar”.

  4. Yes, they are scum for stealing, they are kids that need good old beating but c’mon, killing them? Wtf is wrong with this freaking world..
    Why killing those kids? Except if they shooting at pigz, that’s another case but, i don’t see guns near them and i checked Mark’s text to see if i missed something. They were unarmed right? Fucking police thugs.

  5. I can say to the website owner that it is EXACTLY what happens here: there’s way too much “collateral” damage as the specialists tend to call them. There are honest cops, sure, but they are minority. It’s easy to tell just by the way he behaves if he’s a corrupt cop or not. Too much corporativism, too much corruption, as long as money exists crime won’t stop and it’s always the innocent that pays the higher price at the end.

    1. Anyway, I won’t type it all again, but to sum it up: yes, too many corrupt cops in here, they will do anything to get their asses out of problems even if they have to lie, at the end it all goes to their reports as “resistance to arrest followed by death”

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