Policeman Shot Dead While Helping Woman Across Busy Road

Policeman Shot Dead While Helping Woman Across Busy Road

Policeman Shot Dead While Helping Woman Across Busy Road

A policeman was shot dead in broad daylight after helping an elderly woman across a busy boulevard in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The brave policeman ducked first bullet and went immediately for the double leg take down but was overpowered after a close range shot.

The killers were caught a few minutes after the murder and received severe beating from murdered policeman’s mates. The guy in black later died from sustained injuries, the one in blue pulled through and is in jail. Both of them were minors under the age of 18.

Honduras is ravaged with crime so it’s illegal for two people to ride on one motorcycle – the favourite way for hitmen to kill their victims. The policeman noticed the two were illegally on one bike and went to deal with them as per his duty as a police officer.

Props and RIP to the brave officer who fought like a man but was executed by cowards.

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158 thoughts on “Policeman Shot Dead While Helping Woman Across Busy Road”

          1. Looks like someone is fucking lost on what is really going on in our fucked up ‘American’ Law Enforcement Society. These Pigs who claims themselves the ‘Law’ would even shoot you to death if you are running towards them FOR FUCKING HELP. (This really did happened)

      1. Probably some backwards ass place where only the liberal media is in control. Just last week California cops shot a man wielding a machete at them with a BEAN BAG??? There’s your American cop dumb ass.

          1. pretty sure USA is in debt man lol poor as fuck, china owns u yanks and jews run ur shit. wake up god fearing morons!

        1. wow, I wasn’t even being serious. you’re right, I guess I’ve just been brainwashed by all the video evidence of police brutality in America featured on this site.

          1. People seem to be misconstruing what you you are saying. An American cop wouldn’t just shoot at him no questions asked. But it is true the cops would fire first out here in America. An American cop would have his gun drawn as he approached and even if he didn’t as soon as he saw the opposing gun would’ve drawn his gun and started firing. There would be no fight for control of the opposing gun because the cop would have his own gun for protection.

      2. Probably not, an American cop would have called for back up before engaging the cowards on the motorcycle.
        I like how the cop lit that little fucker up, and was kicking his ass before he was murdered.

        1. @Spiderman I’m a big fan of yours but damn D: have you not seen what the cops did when the black vigilante seamen-cop *chris dorner* did when he went off his meds and went on a killing spree personally killing his fellow law enforcement Colleagues because he *claimed* that most of those cops were full of shit and he personally witness *police brutality* being committed and the cops would always get away with it, When the crazy bitch was on the run the cops were very paranoid and where told that the suspect was heavily armed and dangerous and if confronted to *shoot on sight* ,so while the cops are patrolling the streets they see a car that matches the suspects vehicle description and instead of calling back up or trying to stop it they do what LA cops do best *shot on sight* so they fill the car full with lead and instead of dead black male in the front seat its two middle aged women they both lived… O.o so now I hear those two old ladies are either suing the *LAPD* or the state of California .. yeah they Dunn fucked up :B

          1. The two ladies, (remember this is semi local for us) who were just out trying to deliver newspapers, settled with LAPD without filing a suit, I think. They received a new truck, all taxes and other technicals taken care of, and a decent sum of money for their trouble.

            The cops were so on edge they didn’t know who Dorner would go after next, cops or their families. So yeah, they were after a fruit loop. If they had a chance to have filled him with lead they would have done it. But Dorner killed himself when he knew he was cornered.
            Also, those who owned the cabin Dorner holed up in were compensated for their cabin which burned down, possibly from the smoke bombs that were used to get Dorner to come out.

        1. There can be no recovery! It’s as if the mighty Thor had put down his hammer and taken up a day job – His mane is but a figment of memory now.

          I will mourn for thee Obli.

    1. I’d much rather be beaten to death than be sent to a Honduras prison. They will rape you then beat you to death. So the jokes on that guy for clinging to life. But at least the cop got it a little easier with a quick bullet to the head.

      1. @anomalyze, Thank you for that information, I guess the joke is on him then.
        Maybe you know the answer to this, do Honduran cops even carry weapons? I was wondering if the officer had a gun because it seems like he’d have drawn it, at least after that kid shot at him and missed the first time.

  1. You can tell the guy uploading the videos now is with law enforcement. Upload our videos, tell us it’s all ok because the good brave police men served justice in the end. Thank god for our great protective governments. Protect me government.

    1. It does make me wonder how videos like these ‘escape’ for whatever reason.

      After all, it does look like a standard red light camera.

      Australia is so conservative I like it hence BG.

  2. Passenger immediately and sneakily reached for a pistola while concealing behind other dude with only one intention.

    How’s the fucking traffic zooming around :lol:…… I was waiting for one of them to get run over.

      1. That better be intended Allicat. πŸ˜†

        What I got was BG member ‘Hung Like A Mouse’ being a trooper but the actual BG member ‘Trooper72’ was filming.

        Clearly I need help :mrgreen:

          1. Lol you ain’t alone @ali, I usually have to read his posts like 5 times before I can deciphereeven half of it! But that dude cracks me up though :)

      1. geez @broke..get with the program! where have you been? You used to be on top of these things…now just random fly by comments…
        so disappointing…you have been reduced to fly-bys

  3. YAY!! a new post :)

    well give her props…she was kicking the dude in black ass!! She would have lived if the dude in blue didn’t assassinate her with one to the head!

    BAH! isn’t that the way….you are busy being a good person, just doing your job and blammo! Your number is up Pedro…..tis is life….what happened to her karma?

    1. What the fuck………

      I’m now home and trashed but hey, am I reading shit wrong…….

      Where is ‘she’ mentioned……. It’s all swinging dicks from what I can see but who knows these days with she-males and lady-boys :mrgreen:

      Actually………. Now that I look at Allicat’s post, I reckon you’ve been on something recently πŸ˜›

      Please explain :lol:………. Where is that retard Pauline Hanson ?

      I’d have a go for a blow job but only to swallow to shut the idiot up πŸ˜†

      Who remembers the video she put out that said…….. ” If you are watching this video I have been murdered ” πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

      1. oh fuck im a crackhead! I thought it said policewoman….I thought she looked a bit manish!!lololol
        ahh well…that’s what I get for posting at 4am…
        thx spidey doll for pointing out the error of my ways

  4. on a side note…whats with that one chick in the ‘free live sex’ grabbing her ass cheek and showing us her asshole….for starters she looks like someone I have known (her face…I know what your dirty minds were thinking) and secondly I don’t want to see her stink eye! BAH! I guess im easily disturbed at 5am :/

    1. 7.30pm…….. I’m charged and heading out……. Wish me luck, staying alive that is :mrgreen:

      BTW…… That fuckstick next door can’t handle his drink and is beating on his missus again…….. Grrrrrrrrr, just as well I’m heading out because you know……..

      1. spydie,
        you need to call t he cops, if he’s beating his women he might seriously hurt her or even kill her. your not being a grass/snitch, your protecting a vulnerable person, how would you feel if she was badly hurt and you didn’t anything? Next time he beats her call the police.

        1. Hey Wicked Mama, hope you’re well, I miss your fish? I have to disagree with calling the cops in these situations, the girl will probably side with the abuser, it’s up to her to call the cops. The guy needs a lesson that he understands, and that is violence inflicted on him by another male who makes him understand that under no uncertain terms do you hit a woman.

        2. Oh, don’t be to hasty wicked mama, she might have deserved those pimp slaps. I mean, she could have burnt his grilled cheese sandwhiches for crying out loud. Damn, I want some grilled cheese sandwhiches now.

        1. I agree that you must kick in door and go fuck that faggot up. Then if she attacks you which is very possible, happened to me, you beat that bitch with your fists too. Also fuck the cops this cop should have known better then to approach young dudes on motorcycles in a third world country.

      1. Beer coasters πŸ˜†

        Annoys me as well…….. If porn is the only way to fuel this site then management needs to rethink they’re strategy.

        Ad and ‘element’ blockers etc soon shut that shit down.

        IMO……. Porn is not a good ‘look’ for a site that’s number one and Mark deserves more/better.

        Remember, there are millions of people looking at this site on a weekly basis so there has to be a better way to go.

        Yeah, righto, let me have it πŸ˜›

      2. If mark was around he’d probably leave a comment right here, reminding everyone that those annoying ads as you guys speak of help pay to keep our beloved site up & running.

        1. He doesn’t leave a comment and I’m sure if there was a better way it would be happening.

          Heeelllllllooooo advertisers, where are you ?………. Jewgle BG πŸ˜‰

          1. @ali Which kinda crack are we talkin’ about?lol And my perversions are far worse than crack. I mean.. xnxx stories corrupted the hell out of me.

  5. Wow they actually banned “two guys on a motorcycle” Well was about time to be honest, that was getting old. Props to the cop though. He knew those guys were up to no good and still confronted them.

  6. Even after 8 years in Thailand I still get nervous when 2 guys with full face helmets dressed in black are over taking me. The cop put a good fight and if one of those got slammed by the passing car would have made the differenece. Whacked in the back of the head is pretty damn low. At least it was quick and painless

    1. Yeah, best to not get into arguments with the locals in Thailand. The place is corrupt and lots of Thais hate westerners. Probably from banging all of their women.

    1. What’s the difference if you get shot in the head, choke on a meatball, killed by sarin, or have a 2000 pound bomb dropped on your head? Either way, your dead. The US is talking about chemical warfare because they need to come up with some sort of excuse that makes them look like the morally superior party, so they can launch a bunch of cruise missels into Syria and kill thousands of Syrians. The real deal is that Jews totally control the US government and Israel wants to destroy all remaining Arab power in the middle east.

      1. That’s the sort of comment I was looking for.

        I’d rather be bombed with instant death than sarin gas that slowly destroys organs.

        Chemical warfare is just not on so WHO steps in to say so ????

        1. In the end, it all comes down to who can be the most violent. Right now, the US has the most powerful violence machine so they can do what they want and nobody can stop them.

  7. The cop is in a country where it illegal to have passengers on a bike and hitmen often use the style to carryout hits. That being said cop was careless as hell. His ignorance costed him his life.

    1. Yup, people sign up to be cops knowing that their job is to confront and harrass people with the ultimate threat of violence or death on their hip. He wanted to walk around with a gun and boss other humans around. It’s a risk that’s part of his job. Cops need to remember that they are just men in halloween costumes.

    1. he kinda shoved that old lady off during mid help….did you catch that? it was like, ok chickipoo done with you!

      this video makes so much sense now that I realise it wasn’t a policewoman….lolol…such a knob I am!

  8. I love how the white car just goes around the dying cop like opp nada to see here..lemme just scoot on by..smfh don’t everyonetry to help the poor guy out all at once y’all…

  9. im sorry guys but when police are sat round eating donuts and a member of the public is shit down do they show sympathy ? most probably not ,in fact they will probably chuckle and say one less rat to cause us trouble ,so im not a sympathiser with this policemans death.

  10. About tie there is new videos. I would like to see an updated videos of the ongoing Narco war in Mexico. I am going on vacation there in December. I would to see what to expect.

    1. Whatever you do, do not buy or do any drugs down there. If you do, there is a chance you could come in contact with on of those sicarios and get yourself cut into pieces, seeing as you will probably be carrying lots of tourist dollars. Stay in the tourist areas, don’t flash anything expensive or get in any arguments with mexicans.

    2. It’s a joke right……… Your going WHERE ?

      Don’t be daft so come to the northern rivers on the east side of Australia for some of the best beaches / babes in the world.

  11. all douche bag fucktards, that decide to put on the uniform of the zionist corporation that enslaves us. deserve to die in horrific pain and humiliation.

    thanks for the video.

  12. many things are are wrong in this video.im not sure but the officer cant check the drivers in the middle of the traffick,putting his life and theirs in danger.i didnt know its forbidden to drive in two on mc in honduras,there s much similar crime by teens even here in naples,but there s no such law.however they dont give a fuck about street security,the first priority is to collect money.in fact we are living in the most taxing state in the world.wtf.there s even a shadow tax ,yephappy to be here

    1. I agree. Also why would the cop take the keys of the ignition himself in the middle of the street. Totally wrong in my opinion. No excuse for the murders but it could have been handled veeeeeeeery differently.

  13. The more I visit this site the more relief I feel that I don’t live in a violent shithole. All I have to worry about is the non-stop Irish rain. And a few Roma gypsies. But that’s nothing my dog can’t sort out. No guns around here, so if you wanna act the hard man, you better be prepared to back it up with your fists.

  14. Hey everybody…….

    I do apologize……..

    As wasted as I usually am it is a good time to say that I do read all comments but too bent to respond to all questions and points of view and will try harder in future :mrgreen:

    Not to mention our fearless webmaster is due in court tomorrow……….. AEST πŸ˜‰

  15. Can I say that I do read all posts and sorry for not responding to ALL posts individually but will try harder πŸ˜‰

    Like some here, I’m a relatively functional drunk who likes to smoke a bit of weed.

  16. Spare the shit under 18 is a minor…..this is putting lots of pressure on the police….killed the 2 minors on the spot and the rest of the under 18 will behave. Fuck the stupid law and send those judges to the streets and let them judge for themselves what has become of today.

  17. Wow truly horrible way to die. He was a nice person to help someone cross the streets, then tried to stop a motorcycle only to be executed in the worst way possible. What disturbs me even more about this video is that people just kept driving away. Nobody even got out to see if he was okay or anything. I guess people really feared it or maybe they fear the police will think they did it and beat them to a bloody pulp like they did with the actual criminals.

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