Pregnant Woman Sliced Wide Open Revealing the Baby

Pregnant Woman Sliced Wide Open Revealing the Baby

Obviously a well executed murder than would make even the likes of Jack the Ripper proud. Pregnant woman had her torso sliced wide open revealing the baby she was bearing. I’m not an expert on pregnant women, but this looks like quite a baby to me. Perhaps a late term pregnancy (maybe mere days from delivery)?

Not much info came with the picture, other than the woman was a prostitute and paid for her sins. Inappropriate c-section jokes come to mind…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Sliced Wide Open Revealing the Baby”

      1. this is a russian woman from the japanese human experiments ordered by and on occasions horrific surgery done by general shiro ishii, unit 731, they were testing syphilis on a number of test subjects and trying to find information on infecting pregnant women some were raped just so they could experiment on pregnant women and seeing what it would do to the child, they were callous in giving it a title of Epidemic Prevention and Water Purification Department, my fucking ass was it, it was a living hell quite literally.

  1. I agree. That wound doesn’t look like something your run-off-the-mill murderer would do…..whatever that means…Ha! But, the woman looks like she is lying on the ground. Also, this pic looks like something from a few years ago. Maybe not. I don’t know anything about it except the Grim Reaper was on duty that day. Big time! Just plain miserable:(

  2. This wasn’t a murder. I’ve seen this photo before. It’s of a captured Australian woman who was sent to Japanese Unit 731 for experimentation. She was one of the vivisection subjects. This pregnant young woman was infected with syphilis to study terramycin (which as a new antibiotic the Japanese were experimenting with) on the infected fetus.

  3. i too must agree on the autopsy verdict. Also note the woman’s complacent, yet normal vacant, expression. Even if she was going through experimentation as blackhand previously stated, it looks as if she wasn’t in much, if any, pain when she died.

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