Prisoners Break Free, Cause a Riot, Kill Two People in Caruaru, Brazil

Victim of the Riot - Youth Had His Skull Bashed In

Prisoners Break Free, Cause a Riot, Kill Two People in Caruaru, Brazil

Da Silva overload in this post.

Jail guards will have some explaining to do. They were transporting a group of prisoners but failed to keep them contained, the prisoners broke free and caused a riot. Ensuing violence lead to the deaths of two people and several injured, including four guards. Military police and fire fighters had to be called in to contain the situation. It happened in the most dangerous city in Brazil – Caruaru in the state of Pernambuco.

Both victims were 17 year old and were both inmates. Marcelo Cícero da Silva, born in Agrestina was imprisoned for rape. Rioters set him on fire and burned him to a crisp. Wellington Manoel de Souza was in for traffic related violation. Rioters smashed his head with rocks and sticks. They tried to set him on fire too, but that was prevented by the police.

Five of seven rioters were minors from FUNASE (an institution for minors where they are sent to be rehabilitated, instead of being jailed) – one was 15, one 16 and three were 17 year old. The other two were 18 year old Eduardo Jansaro da Silva nicknamed “Dudú” and likewise 18 year old Luiz Carlos da Silva nicknamed “Indio”. The former has been serving time for drug trafficking, robbery, assault and murder. Not sure about the latter. They’ve all added rioting, double murder, attempted murder, bodily harm and damage to public property charges to their existing convictions.

According to agent Dominic Emerson, who’s been a prison guard for 8 years, the motive for the killings was rivalry between natives from Caruaru and those from Cabo.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Prisoners Break Free, Cause a Riot, Kill Two People in Caruaru, Brazil”

    1. @filth. Creative they were. Burning and bashing skulls. I was surprised that the rapist wasn’t sodomized though, but I guess if they were only fighting because of a rivalry didn’t matter how one another went.
      Great pictures though!

      1. In the fifth pic the dude is stripped down and his boxers are tore in the ass area, so something must have happened to him. Cops probably didn’t give a shit though, what with the carnage those little monsters unleashed. But the rapist was burned alive down to ashes, so he no longer has an anus to examine, lol.

      1. If I had sex with a hairless man I’d feel like a pedophile… if my husband ever shaved I’d be tempted to smack him Lol. But hey gunk, you’re not alone, that hairless chest thing seems to be increasingly popular anymore…

      2. Thank God, I’m not the only one that likes to have some man fuzz to run her fingers through. So many girls nowadays like guys hairless, that men with natural body hair feel self conscious. If my husband shaved his chest hair, I think I would cry.

        1. my husband shaved his chest hair once after a huge fight between him and me. to punish me. i tried to burn his nipples with my lighter. from that day on, he didnt dare to shave his chest hair again. i love them hairy and dark ..grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  1. Well now….we have a da Silva involved, go figure. This da Silva was deserving of the torture he received before death, being the rapist he was. May we expect to see another da Silva bite the bullet today…odds are likely we will…

    1. We should take note the da Silva on da Silva violence in this prison attack.
      This must be more common than I’m aware of, seeing the population is saturated with them it would seem natural they end up killing someone with the same surname.

  2. I actually think the US prisons could learn a little something from Brazil- for once! If we just let them go at each other [Brazilian-style], then our overcrowded luxurious prisons, might actually not be crowded and full of leeches that are getting degrees (that they’ll never fucking use), Olympic style bodybuilders, well fed, TV watching, internet surfing bums living off of tax-prayers like myself! I much rather we build a few compounds, throw those fuckers in (no segregation of crime offenders, either) and let the problems become the solution! Of only this world were MINE!

    1. Juicy you have forgotten about the volumes of men and women who are incarcerated unjustly who don’t deserve to suffer the indignities of the prison environment, let alone have to fight to live. I have to mention these people because I’m one of them. I’ve been on the wrong end unjustly so it sucks being there.
      As far as the idea of having an all out fight to the death (for the hardcore killers perhaps), I’m thinking something in line with the Jason Statham movie Death Race (something or other) would be an entertaining approach. Hey, the state could make bank and everyone’s happy, except for the prisoner on the losing end. But then again you find this sort of behavior exists in some U.S. prison’s already.

      1. Please don’t get me wrong @kill, I should’ve been more clear. I’m talking the big time offenders that have either confessed or have been proven guilty through concrete means. I feel for those wrongly convicted. I once watched a special on a guy that was accused by a 7 year old girl for killing her Grandma and then raping the child. The child pointed him out and he was actually her Uncle through marriage. He was put in prison, etc. but his Wife knew he didn’t do it. Many years passed and a dude that happened to live right next door to the little girl that was raped, happened to be locked up in the same prison as the innocent man. There must’ve been some suspicion because he thought quick and picked up a cigarette butt that the neighbor guy and thrown down and sent it to his Wife. The Wife sent it out for DNA testing and sure enough it matched! That innocent man spent like 20 years in there innocently and for the worst crime because you know what they think of child predators in this country! So, it’s a tough one I guess, but still.. I don’t think people like “the speedfreak killers”, that nasty Richard Allen Davis (who my Mom actually knew! Crazy shit!), Curtis Dean Anderson, etc. should have the right to live. They are a waste of space and fresh air imo. I’m very big on kidnappings and child predators. I follow many cases and am intrigued and baffled at what goes on in the perpetrators minds. I’d love to be a criminal profiler, but I’m getting old. Lol. I hope that in my lifetime, they find the remains of little Michaela Garecht who was taken in broad daylight a few blocks away from my house. That was 1988. She was 9 and I was about to be 9, so it hit really close to home. Sorry to get off topic, but you know me! =)

        1. The American prison system and the laws that put people in there are something that definitely need to be looked at again and changed. To many first time non violent offenders are being sent to overcrowded prisons and serving out long sentences which do nothing but turn that non violent offender into a violent repeat offender. The problem is prisons aren’t places where offenders go to be rehabilitated then prepared to be reintroduce into society as functional members of, prisons are places where first time offenders and hardened career criminals are stored and packed tightly together all mixed up preying upon eachother and trading bad habits which in turn are then used against society by released convicts.

          1. @iwm good thank you for asking. I actually have gathered all the pics already, only im just waiting for Mark to be able to receive emails again so I can send him the pics and how it happend. I will say however that the pics are very brutal and I’m sure you guys are going to like them, also you guys will be able to see my face for the first time which I never really intended to show but with the wounds I have theres no way I cant. I crashed my bike going 75 and landed on my head without a helmet my bike landed on top of me, I ended up with a concussion, a dislocated shoulder a broken traverse process of my L3, real bad road rash, and two large nasty gashes on my head one on my forehead and one In the back…14 stiches and 28 staples later I’m feeling very lucky to be alive. I really cant wait to send In the pics but I just want to make sure Mark gets them and they don’t go to waste.

          2. Ooh my gosh @PaleRider, I know we haven’t talked much on here yet, but I hope you feel better!!! It’s very obvious it wasn’t your time to go!!! At least you get to become a BG celebrityout of it though!

          3. @Pale Rider, Damn Man! 75mph and no helmet?…you ARE lucky to be alive! I can’t wait to see the pics and read your description!! I’m so glad your still with us Rider, and Best Wishes for a full, speedy recovery !!!

          4. Thanks girls I appreciate that, I Wah I could submit them now but with everything that’s going on with Marks comp I don’t know if he’ll be able to get them..and even if and when he does he still has to approve posting them but I don’t think he’ll be disappointed they’re definitely deep gnarly gashes.

          5. That’s what happens when we sell our jails and privatize them so they operate “for profit”. Then judges and others get big fat pay checks for when they keep those facilities full or above capacity.

    1. @empty,
      you might have a point there. From what I gather Brazilian men are more open to a bit of shirt lifting then European men. I mean men that consider themselves 100% hetrosexual but still go in for a bit of chocolate stabbing if there’s nothing else on the menu.

        1. @joe,
          It’s funny that men don’t seem to do any of that in British prisons but there is tons of it going on in US prison. Screaming queens running around shacking up with really tough looking gangbangers. I remember one guy saying outside he never wore makeup or acted like a women but in prison the more feminine he made himself the better the inmates treated him, like a women.

      1. Someone duplicates your nick name among other thousands of words he can choose, in such cases older one keeps the nickname and the newcomer chooses another one, your are the one and only “Notdasilva” for me bro 🙂

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